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The Foreskin Rennaissance

The Foreskin Rennaissance



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Published by GoodMenProject
Columnist Laura Novak takes us on a fascinating ride through the history of taking off men's foreskins -- and then restoring them.
Columnist Laura Novak takes us on a fascinating ride through the history of taking off men's foreskins -- and then restoring them.

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Published by: GoodMenProject on Jan 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Laura Novak
Circumcision has been on the wane for years, but a growing community of men are out to reverse the snip decision their  parents made years ago. Meet the  foreskin restoration movement.
By Laura Novak
Tally has been tugging on his penis for two years. His hand movements aremethodical and prescribed. He forms the OK symbol with the index fingers andthumbs on both hands and pulls down on the shaft, stretching it between hisspreading hands. After five minutes of tugging, Tally does what any man in apublic restroom does: tucks in his shirt, steps out of the stall, washes his hands,and returns to the desk. Tally has what he’s after: his foreskin is slacker. He’shappier because of that. And his co-workers are none the wiser.Tally is short for Tallywacker, a British nickname for penis. It is also the nom deInternet of a 55-year-old, heterosexual, happily married attorney in Tennesseewho is at the vanguard of the foreskin restoration movement. With evangelicalzest, he shares his story, and a sequential series of photographs of his penis, tothousands of private members and hundreds of daily visitors to his websites,RestoringForeskin.organdRestoringTally.com. “Foreskin restoration has changed my life, like I never imagined was possible,”he says. “At 55, I’m enjoying sex like I’m in my 20s. Having my foreskin hasmade me feel more confident and comfortable in my skin and body.”
Circumcision has been practiced for millennia, across continents andcultures. Anthropologists disagree about its origins; some think it goes back15,000 years to a single culture, some think it originated independently atdifferent times, in different places, for different reasons. We know that Australianaborigines, Native Americans, and ancient Egyptians practiced it, dating back atleast 6,000 years.Over time, circumcision took on religious significance in Judaism, Islam, andeven Christianity. Jews consider it a commandment from God; Muslims believe itto be one of five acts that “befit the natural state of man.” And then there is theHoly Foreskin (or prepuce) of Jesus, cut off in a cave on his eighth day of life,and supposedly handed down through the centuries by popes, kings, and evenCharlemagne himself. It was thought to have magical properties—and if theaccounts are to be believed it would have had to, given that during the MiddleAges, there were as many as 18 Holy Prepuces scattered across Europe.
John Harvey Kellogg prescribedcircumcision (along with, it should benoted, Corn Flakes) to preventmasturbation.
 By the mid-19th century, circumcision was medicalized. It was proposed astreatment for a range of conditions, from the mutually counterintuitive—priapismand impotence, paralysis and epilepsy—to some that are still cited today:prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and foreskin-related problems likephimosis and balanitis.By the turn of the 20th century, it was widely advocated by doctors, includingJohn Harvey Kellogg, who prescribed circumcision (along with, it should benoted, Corn Flakes) to prevent masturbation.

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Wili Angel added this note
so what's the fuss?? sexual pleasure is all in the mind dudes, not the foreskin nor nerve endings, nor prepuce.
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elfatso added this note
Great read and useful info. Active liver: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_NIkD...
DrSc Patra added this note
Either way, a win win situation for a Surgeon.
haitham added this note
good information this is really useful http://ourgreenlife.info
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