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Table Of Contents

1.1 What this course is about
1.2 Problems
2.1 Bits, nibbles, bytes and words
2.3 Binary arithmetic
2.4.1 Whole numbers
2.7 Problems
3.6 Sequencing, branching and looping
3.7 A mini-summary before the examples
3.8 Some examples
3.8.3 Iteration: A summing loop
3.8.4 Iteration: A product loop
3.9 An aside on computer architecture
3.9.1 What does S = S + 1 mean?
3.10 Problems
3.11 Projects
Getting started in C++
4.1 Simple input/output(I/O): A first program in C++
4.2 Compiling, linking, loading and running
4.3 Declaring and initializing variables
4.4 Integer math in C++
4.5 Floating point math in C++
4.6 The if/else if/else construct
4.7 Logical expressions
4.7.1 Logical expressions with AND or OR
4.7.2 Mixed arithmetic and logical expressions
4.8 Problems
4.9 Projects
5.2 The do/while loop
5.3 The for loop
5.4 Problems
5.5 Projects
Early Abstraction—Functions
6.1 Motivation for functions
6.2 User-defined functions
6.3 Example: A problem tackled with teamwork
6.4 Call by value, call by reference, reference parame-
6.4.1 The address of a variable
6.4.2 Call-by-value vs. call-by-reference
6.5 The rules of scope
6.6 Problems
6.7 Projects
7.1 Representation of floating-point numbers
7.1.1 When is one not one? Floating point anomalies
7.2 char: the character variable
7.2.1 Character strings; the string class
7.3 The vector class
7.3.1 Introduction to vectors
7.3.2 Declaring and using vectors
7.3.3 Vector syntax and rules:
7.3.4 Vectors and functions
7.4 Problems
8.1 Arrays
8.1.1 Declaring a 2-dimensional array
8.1.2 Initializing a 2-dimensional array
8.1.3 Passing a two-dimensional array to a function
8.2 Character arrays
8.2.1 One dimensional character arrays
8.2.2 Two dimensional character arrays
8.3 Structures
8.3.1 The structure definition
8.3.2 Where can structures be defined?
8.3.3 The members of a structure
8.3.4 Declaring structure variables
8.3.5 Assigning values to structure members
8.3.6 Re-assigning values of structure members
8.3.7 Function call-by-value of a structure
8.3.8 Function call-by-reference to a structure
8.3.9 Structure arrays
8.3.10 Example using structures and arrays: Ion transport
8.4 Problems
8.5 Projects
Miscellaneous Topics
9.1 Generating random numbers
9.1.1 Example: Integrating functions by random sampling
9.2 Simple Sorting: The bubble or sinking sort
9.3 Recursion—A function calling itself
9.4 Input and Output using files
9.4.1 File and stream handling in C++
9.4.2 Creating sequential access files and writing to them
9.4.3 Reading from sequential access files
9.5 Command line arguments
9.6 Problems
A Potpourri of Applications
10.1 Finding a zero using the “binary chop”
Programming in MATLAB
11.1 A taste of MATLAB
11.2 Arrays in Matlab
11.3 Loops
11.3.1 The for loop
11.3.2 The while loop
11.4 The if/else construct
11.5 Some Matlab terminology
11.6 Operators in MATLAB
11.6.1 Math operators in Matlab
11.7 Pointwise operators in MATLAB
11.7.1 Logical Operators in Matlab
11.8 M-files
11.8.1 Script M-files
11.8.2 Function M-files
11.9 Problems
11.10 Projects
11.10.1 Supplementary material: Trajectories without air re-
11.10.2 Supplementary material: Trajectories with air resis-
11.10.3 Supplementary material: Stepping algorithms
11.10.4 Supplementary material: Trajectories of objects in
11.10.5 Supplementary material: Stepping algorithms
12.1 Two Dimensional Plots
12.1.1 A basic plot
12.1.2 Using different line colors
12.1.3 Making titles
12.1.4 Axis labels
12.1.5 Different line styles
12.1.8 Subplots
12.2 Three dimensional graphics
12.2.1 Plot3 plots
12.2.2 Mesh plots
12.2.3 Axis labelling
12.2.4 meshc and meshz plots
12.2.5 Surface plots using surf
12.2.6 Surface plots using surfc
12.2.7 Surface plots using surfl
12.2.8 Contour plots using contour
12.2.9 Contour plots using contour3
12.2.10 Contour plots using pcolor
12.2.11 Contour plots using contourf
12.2.12 Contour plots with labels
13.1 Pitfall review
13.1.1 Review of for loops
13.1.2 Review of functions
13.2 The MATLAB way
13.3 Selected Applications
13.3.1 Free fall with air resistance
13.3.2 Diffusion of charged ions in an electric field
13.3.3 Calculation of Electric fields
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