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Published by nicole_mason1179

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Published by: nicole_mason1179 on Jan 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Main image ±
The mainimage on this magazinecover is Ciara. Ciara¶starget audience isnormally females, but thepose on the front of thismagazine is aimed moreat males as the way sheis posed shows of her body in a very sexual wayand makes her appear asa sex object. Also whatshe is wearing believed tobe sexy this againappeals to males.
Sale Lines ±
This particular sale line seems to be aimedas the male audience. Theword µ Girlfriend¶ tells us this. Also again Ciara is once againlooked as a sex symbol as thesell line says µ hot like me¶. Itassumes the reader is aheterosexual male and it alsoreaffirms that women shouldlook a certain way to attract amale.
Colour of Fonts , sell lines,mast head and magazineover all - 
The colour of themasthead is yellow. Thiscolour is very typically for themale gender as thismagazines aimed towardsthe male gender more thenfemale. The over all colour of the magazine is blue, thisalso aims the magazine atmales. The sale lines are amixture of yellow, green andred this again is aimed atmales and would appeal tothem to buy it. The font usedin this magazine is veryblock like this representsmales.
Main Image - 
The mainimage on this magazinecover is Keyshia Cole.Keyshia Cole targetaudience is normallyfemales, but the way she isposed on the front of thismagazine is aimed more atmales. A main factor of thereason this is aimed atmales is that she is believedto be naked or topless thismakes Keyshia Cole appear as a sex object to males.
Colour of Fonts , sell lines, mast head and magazine over all - 
The colour of themasthead is red. Thiscolour is very strongcolour for the malegender as thismagazines aimedtowards the malegender more thenfemale. The over allcolour of the magazineis a washed out blueishcolour. This may beused to give theimpression of the sky.The sale lines are amixture of red and apurple colour. Thepurple is more of afeminine touch on astrongly aimed malemagazine. The fontused in this magazine isvery block like thisrepresents males.
Sale Lines ±
This particular sale line seems to be aimedat a male or femaleaudience. The line µCelebSecret Santa¶ gives theaudience a impression thatCelebrities can be down toearth and sociable. It alsocreates a chance for theaudience to relate tocelebrities and have aconnection.

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