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Are You a Beggar or a Farmer

Are You a Beggar or a Farmer

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Published by adrian_caballero_3
Soulfood for Jan 31: Are You A Beggar Or A Farmer? - BO SANCHEZ
Soulfood for Jan 31: Are You A Beggar Or A Farmer? - BO SANCHEZ

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categoriesTypes, Speeches
Published by: adrian_caballero_3 on Jan 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Are You A Beggar Or A Farmer? 
This is God¶s big message for you today:
God gives seeds, not fruits.
WhenGod gives a fruit, He¶s really giving the seeds within the fruit.
I now understand why people think that God is a miser.
Because they expect God to keep on giving them fruits.
But God doesn¶t keep on giving fruits. He gives seeds. So that you¶ll alwayshave fruits anytime you want.
Little Bo
Loves To Sing
Everyday, my 5-year old Francis would sing.
In fact, he doesn¶t stop singing.
One day, we were travelling from Cubao to Alabang²an hour-longride. From the moment we left Cubao to the moment we arrived in Alabang,Francis sang out loud,
It was a loop. The moment he ended the song,he¶d begin the song again.
After we listened to the song 6 or 7 times, I told my 5-year old boy, ³That¶senough, Francis.´ But he objected. He said a line that shocked me. He said, ³ButDaddy, that¶s how I¶ll get better.´
Yes, he wants to be better.
That¶s why he sang that song 28 times in that trip.
Why? At 5 years old, he knows the importance of growing God¶s blessing.
Two T
es Of Peo
Let me repeat God¶s big message for you today:
God gives seeds, not fruits.
 But we love the fruit, not the seed. So we eat the fruit and throw away theseeds.
That¶s crazy.
Let me tell you how crazy that is.
Imagine you¶re a multi-millionaire. And you decide to give your friend amillion pesos. So you stuff a million pesos in a box and wrap it up. You walk up to
your friend and deliver your big gift. Your friend says, ³Wow, thank you somuch!´ As she opens the gift, she says, ³The wrapper is so beautiful!´ She thenthrows away the box and walks away, the gift wrapper in her hands.
That¶s what we do when we prefer the fruit over the seeds.
Here¶s a very important spiritual point: There are two kinds of people whenit comes to receiving blessings. (Actually there are three kinds, but I¶ll talk aboutthe third later«)
1. Beggar 
2. Farmer 
Question: Who are you?
Many religious people have a beggar mindset.
They want God to give them fruits. But they¶re not interested in planting andgrowing the seeds²so that they¶ll have a lifetime supply of fruits.
Please know that we all start with as beggars.
I¶m sure that when you were born, you didn¶t come out as a 35-year old guywith a moustache. Or a 42-year old woman with cellulite on her legs.
You came out as a baby.
If a baby cries because he¶s hungry, you don¶t tell him, ³Look for your ownmilk! You fat, lazy baby!´ Or if a baby cries because he¶s wet, you don¶t toss adiaper in his direction and say, ³Change yourself!´
Babies are beggars.
Here¶s the problem. Some people never grow up! They remain babies for life.
The Israelites began in the desert as beggars.
When the Israelite slaves escaped Egypt, they had to cross the desert. Whenthey got hungry, Moses prayed to God to feed them. So one morning, when theywoke up, they saw white, fluffy stuff hanging from the trees.
The Israelites looked at it, picked it up, touched it, smelled it, tasted it, andasked, ³What is this?´ That question is the literal meaning of the word,
Can you imagine? That¶s like waking up one morning, looking out your window, and seeing
 pan de sal 
hanging from the trees. Wouldn¶t that be fun?
After a few days, the Israelites began to complain. ³Wala bang palaman?´ (Our sandwiches are empty.)
So God sent low-flying, slow-moving, foolish birds called quails that said,³Catch me, catch me!´ And the Israelites grabbed the birds, put them in their  bread, and ate to their heart¶s content.
Imagine eating food falling from the sky. (My kids and I watched a cartoonmovie,
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatball.
If you watched it, you don¶t have toimagine.)
How can life be better than that? But alas, there are problems.
erience As A Beggar
When I had my spiritual conversion 30+ years ago, I remember dependingtotally on God¶s manna.
For a time, I didn¶t even accept my salary as a missionary. I wanted to betotally dependent on God.
I remember not having money for transportation.
After preaching at a prayer meeting, I¶d sometimes be the last person toleave, because I had no money to go home. I¶d wait for someone to invite me for aride or to pay for my bus fare.
There were days when I¶d be walking in EDSA, praying that someone wouldrecognize me and give me a ride. Suddenly, a car came by my side. I gotexcited. Yes, God answered my prayer! The driver lowered his window andasked, ³Puwede magtanong? Saan ang Aurora Boulevard?´ (Can I ask aquestion? Where is Aurora Boulevard?)When I gave him the direction, he thanked me and sped off. I ended upwalking a few more kilometers that night.
Finally, 13 years ago, a group of friends pooled their money together and gaveme a car!

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