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Car Collector Chronicles 02-11

Car Collector Chronicles 02-11

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Published by Dave Yaros
Feb 2011 edition (02/2011, 5 pps.) of Car Collector Chronicles; a free, monthly, online, ad free newsletter for the classic/collector car enthusiast.

ARTICLES: Us vs. Them: Protecting Your Ride, Car Collectors, Who are They?, The Nethercutt

PICS: 1912 Olds Limitied MotoMeter, Oldsmobile Legion of Honor Badge, Nethercutt Museum Grand Salon, Vintage auto light
Feb 2011 edition (02/2011, 5 pps.) of Car Collector Chronicles; a free, monthly, online, ad free newsletter for the classic/collector car enthusiast.

ARTICLES: Us vs. Them: Protecting Your Ride, Car Collectors, Who are They?, The Nethercutt

PICS: 1912 Olds Limitied MotoMeter, Oldsmobile Legion of Honor Badge, Nethercutt Museum Grand Salon, Vintage auto light

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Published by: Dave Yaros on Jan 31, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume IV, Issue 2
So, how does one protect theirride from the bad guys? Obviously,having a Lo-Jack™ device would beinvaluable in tracking the car once itis gone. If my garage overhead doorhad windows in it (which it does not)I would be covering them, pronto! Isit time to buy wheel locks/boots?A large number of theft re-ports have been surfacing lately.
Hemmings Motor News
and theLos Angeles news media areamong those covering thisstory. It seems the San Fer-nando Valley in particular isbeing targeted?The thieves are more thanbrazen, doing their dirty work inbroad daylight, after disablingsecurity video and alarm sys-tems. The thieves have theheist process down to a science.They arrive with a truck to useboth as a battering ram tobreach gated properties, and asa push vehicle. Once the rideis off the owner’s property, it ispushed to a waiting trailerwhere it is loaded.As these vehicles are readilyidentifiable, being multipleaward winners well known inthe car community or so uniqueas to be 1-2-3 of a kind, it is notlikely they shall be seen again onU.S. streets. I suspect they godirectly from the waiting trailerto a waiting container for ship-ment overseas?Another disturbing piece of info I ran across a while back was a You Tube
video show-ing how easy it is to breach anoverhead door closed via anelectric garage opener. All ittakes is a coat hangar. The timeneeded to open the door is lessthan a minute! The task is ren-dered far simpler, and quicker, if the overhead door has win-dows in it. This is because thethief can see where the wireneeds to go to unhook thecatch, instead of having to fishfor it.All that is required is to usethe wire to release the catchthat engages the drive mecha-nism. That would be the partwith the rope/handle on it.Once the catch is released, thedoor is able to be openedmanually.
Us vs. Them: Protecting Your RideGDYNets
on the Web
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-THE FORUM http://ccc.activeboard.comCar Collector Chronicles-scribdSaved 62 -1962 Olds web sitehttp://www.freewebs.com/ jeandaveyarosThe Gray Lady -
1955 CadillacCoup
de Ville web site
A website devotedto our 1962 Oldsmobile Dy-namic 88 convertible. The sitealso has a lot of information onOldsmobiles and its founder,Ransom Eli Olds.
This web-site features our 1955 CadillacCoupé de Ville and Caddy in-formation.
A website de-voted to a myriad of interests.Foremost is extensive informa-tion on the “Steel City” of Gary,IN. There are also offerings onsteel making, U.S. Steel-GaryWorks, U.S. Marine Corps, M14assault rifle, of course Oldsmo-bile, and the tragic story of themurder of Gary, IN Police Lt.George Yaros.
February 2011Car Collector Chronicles
Car Collector Chronicles 
Car Collecting Today
Classic Rides
Reports From the Field
(1902- )
é (1987-1993)
Us vs. Them:Protecting YourRide
GDYNetsOn the Web
Car Collectors,Who are They?
The Nethercutt
Coming NextIssue
Forum EMail:
I am a member of the Historical Vehicle Association, or HVA (
). Recently, this body commissioned a survey to de-termine who collects cars. It queried 13,000 individuals in both the U.S.and Canada. The picture revealed by the survey is of interest. Here arethe highlights:
Of the estimated 2.75 million historic vehicle owners in the United States andCanada, 95% are male.The mean (average) age of enthusiasts is 54.8 years old. 65% are between theages of 45 and 65.There are 5.5 million historic vehicles in Canada and the United States, of whichthe number in Canada is 0.5 million and the number in the U.S. is 5.0 million.The 2.75 million historic vehicle owners in Canada and the United States spentnearly $35 billion in 2009.Historic vehicle owners own an average of 2.0 vehicles worth close to $25,000each, for a total value of nearly $50,000. This is quite large considering medianannual income of between $75,000 and $99,999 per year.The average enthusiast is likely to have been involved in this movement for 10years or more.They attended one or more historic vehicle events in 2009.The vast majority (92%) of historic vehicle owners do at least some hands-onwork on their vehicles, everything from cleaning and polishing to completingfull restorations. The average historic vehicle owner spends 11.1 hours per month on this kind of hands-on work.A large percentage (56%) of enthusiasts have college degrees, which is greater than the U.S. average of 35%, or 50% of the Canadians with college or tradecertifications or university degrees.The most common reason (84%) for ownership is a sense of personal nostalgia.The most common types of historic vehicles owned by enthusiasts are “Post-war Classics”Fewer than 2% of respondents indicate they purchased their vehicle throughlive auctions.Instead, these vehicles were most often (57%) purchased directly from a friend,family member or other historic vehicle owner, while 16.9% were purchasedthrough eBay
or other online auction, 7% from a specialty vehicle dealer, and5% through a used car/vehicle dealer.
Car Collector Chronicles
Page 2
There are 5.5 million historic vehicles inCanada and the United States, … and 2.75 millionhistoric vehicleowners.” 
 The average historic vehicle owner spent the following in 2009 -$8,770 Restoration, repair and maintenance, including parts,materials and payment for services rendered atrestoration and repair shops$1,600 Purchase of actual historic vehicles$1,005 Magazines, books, DVDs, models, museums, posters, seminars,tools, clothes, and automotive memorabilia$698 Travel to historic vehicle shows and events$557 Registration and insurance$35 Club/Association dues and fees
$12,665 TOTAL
The average historic vehicle owner drives his historic vehicle(s) 30 times per year, or roughly 2-3 times per month. Since owners own an average (mean) of2.0 historic vehicles, this equates to 15 times per year per vehicle, or just over once per month.The majority (60.8%) of historic vehicles were driven 300 miles or less in 2009,and only 3.2% of historic vehicles were driven more than 2,100 miles in this sameperiod. The average historic vehicle was driven 484 miles in 2009. Historic vehi-cles traveled 2.7 billion miles in 2009.Close to one-half of respondents (48%) report belonging to at least one historicvehicle club or association.There are 15 thousand historic vehicle clubs and associations in the UnitedStates.The average historic vehicle enthusiast spent the following number of hours per month engaged in the indicated activities related to historic vehicles -6.3 hours On the web/internet related to interest in historic vehicles(not including social networking)1.9 hours Social networking4.9 hours Watching television programs related to historic vehicles4.9 hours Reading books or magazines related to historic vehicles
18.0 hours TOTAL
Data © 2011 Historic Vehicle Association
Of particular note is the fact that over 79% of car collecting folk domake it a point to vote. What this means is, we intend to make our voices heard on matters of concern to us.It is not my intent to get on a soapbox here. Suffice it to say there aremany pending issues in state and federal legislatures of which we needto be aware, and be heard (E-15, emissions testing, registration require-ments, etc.).
There are15,000 historic vehicle clubsand associations inthe United States.
Car Collector Chronicles
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