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Within. Four separate types of meditation are taught in
motive. That way you will be assured that when you use
One would not meditate over a chemistry book with
The stress of a relationship can cause deep
The first approach is for those times when we have
Identifying stressors in our lives can be a complex affair
There can certainly be more subtle causes such as long-
Meditation as a tool can help in a number of these
Make time to meditate for 15 minutes per day. Find
Get yourself a space to own and a time to get rid of
If you wish to go beyond just the calming effects of
As you contemplate these things as the detached
Learning to identify and name these items without
Depending on the causes and effects of the stresses in
It is not possible to describe all possible approaches
It is also possible that a person might need help beyond
This may sound either presumptuous or ambitious
The first point of view suggests that we ve never lost
Then we are late to other responsibilities such as a
What is happening?
For me it went something like this. When I was young I
I built a hay fort out of alfalfa bales and hid in it with my
As I grew up somewhere along the way I surrendered
I found myself achieving more and more and being less
I reconnected with all I had learned in my many years of
I suspect that my experiences and the feeling I was
Sometimes this was a situation where there was just too
The details of each particular situation are confidential
Relieving pain is a common application of meditation. In
It is important to emphasize also that just as there are
One example of a possible meditation follows:
Depending on where the pain is either sit comfortably
When you are breathing very comfortably and focused
Focus on letting each out breath melt your body into
You see it in the distance and it is a soft color and fills
Soon the light engulfs you. You feel it in every part of
After this is completed then imagine a light of a
There is something different about this light. As you feel
It is attached to the pain and the pain is attached to the
Then the light disengages from your body. You see the
The light gradually recedes and gets smaller and smaller
own it. The pain is no longer yours, but it belongs in the
Every day in every store the magazines scream at us
I personally have experience in using meditation to get
Specifically I went from a blood pressure of 220 over
I give these personal examples so that you will be
I have read and studied various diet and physical
There is one more point to make with regard to this
Yet we continue to smoke and although there is a
Smoking is an addiction. There are various parts to this
Some people quit without any help from outside
The visualization skills in volume three can help you
Learning to focus your mind through the concentration
We all need to find our niche in the world of work. I
Meditation can be a powerful tool in three important
Then you can combine the powerful tool of visualization
Many people in my acquaintance have a self-esteem
This particular problem is one that I am very familiar
There is a long list of ills that come from low self-
Addiction and compulsive behaviors are a severe
better budget to manage compulsive spending, a
Remember a very important concept
This precious time gives you the opportunity to decide if
shelf and let it pass you by. Meditation provides you
Meditation also provides you the opportunity in your
Always keep the image fresh in your mind of the
Healing and recovery from illness or accident is a vast
Meditation improves heart rate and circulation. It
I am not saying that meditating all alone will heal an
What I am saying is that regular meditation that is
There is ample evidence that regular operation in the
There have been many documented cases of people
Regular meditation can and does help with our outlook
An improvement in this area will increase our desire to
In the book on meditation and personal achievement in
This process of manifesting thing in your life is very
The world we live in is more and more filled with stress
That is just the economy
The information age is changing all aspects of
The population is aging somewhat due to the baby
Climate change is affecting world food production and
This small list doesn t even begin to capture the real feel
None of this list will seem strange to anyone who reads
This can and often leads to massive anxiety about our
Meditation helps you deal with the stressors in your life
Regularly taking time to meditate can also help you
Meditate regularly to allow yourself daily quiet time to
Meditation is a great part of a healthy lifestyle. Not so
How silly such concepts seem now. With the mounting
If you choose to make meditation a regular part of your
Nearly all of us have to work. I actually feel that work is
Most people view work as something they have to do to
You have to eat and generally you also enjoy some type
You always find yourself looking for a raise to get a bit
true self. I said in the beginning of the course that
We start with grades in school and class rankings and
Grades in school or corrections on papers at work are
I must pause a moment to recognize that some mean-
If the grades are less than you wanted or the number of
Never pass up the chance to learn. Choice #2 you get
choice is not difficult. You will learn what there is to
Most people act harshly or unfairly towards others for
You can regularly notice things that are good and
This may sound like a tremendous task when someone
Let me explain. If you follow the principles and use the
You may even change you career path and decide to do
This can be attributed to many sources: too many
Meditation is a tool that will enhance the care and
Meditation by itself has physical fitness benefits. It
Counting steps is effective as well
You can use objects in nature for the concentration
If you have not yet decided to begin some type of
Personal fitness of mind is enhanced by regular reading
Meditation can help increase the effectiveness and
There are new neural pathways formed from
Personal fitness of your heart and spirit are personal
For now I will just emphasize that these are critical
Taking time to meditate every day is the fastest way to
Habits can be tremendous friends and they can be
Our natures are such that when we repeat certain
Habits may be good or bad or harmless. Good habits
The standard by which they are judged may be social
A very short list of some bad habits and risks might
and no amount of self story-telling will
We then blame the world for being unfair
Meditation is a powerful aid to accomplishing what we
When we see clearly and know which direction we
This intellectual ability is often referred to as the
Intelligence Quotient or IQ
If you choose to establish and maintain a regular
This application section seals with another essential skill
Classes in management curricula have been established
Emotional intelligence involves learning to work with
One reaction to emotional differences is to be defensive
You can assume someone is not listening to you
Learning to understand this difference is critical to
The purpose of this course is not to teach all the skills
This skill is obviously helpful in both business and
other-centered awareness
These two major differences will be helpful whether you
In the areas of personal relationships and family
If you are able to control your own emotional
Everyone wants to enjoy life. Everyone wants to feel
Everyone wants to feel needed. Everyone wants to feel
Where do these feelings come from? Where do we get
worthwhile, or any of those feelings? Is the measure
While the answer to those questions is different for
Meditation is a tool. It is a tool to help us have less
to the fullest. At any given moment, we are where we
One of the casualties of modern life is that we
We only have the present moment. What is past is
Determine today that you will live each moment as your
Meditation calms your mind and your body. It also
Meditation helps in three ways in these important
If you want to increase your reading effectiveness and
Repeatedly give yourself a relaxation instruction and let
Remember you have decided to take this time to read
I am assuming that you have already some idea of what
The third way meditation helps your reading is by using
There are a number of speed-reading courses that are
I have taken several and by combining meditation with
They all teach skills that use some of the meditation
I will not attempt to teach speed reading in this small
section but I will encourage you to immediately get one
What I will do is give you some ideas about how this
section on learning I will explain some principles that
Think about looking at a beautiful landscape scene. You
scenic view. You decide to stop and look at the
Your eye and your mind take in the entire vista at once
Your eye and your mind work the same when reading
The rapid reading courses simply train you mind to look
Your mind is fully capable of sorting out the details that
see the lake up in the sky and the clouds below your
We have agreed to write left to right (except those
When we are children we learn to read in this linear
The rapid reading techniques are a way to overcome
Meditation and learning has much in common with the
It also provides a much deeper and more pervasive
Continuous learning is the natural condition of the
It is easy to see that in the physical realm. If we never
Our minds are the same. If we quit learning when we
The body/mind mechanism is amazing. If we have
This is good news if we haven t been learning for
We start our learning from the instant we are born. We
Young children have a much higher incidence of alpha
slowdown state, or returning to our learning high
The first way that meditation helps in the learning
You have all experienced trying to do something when
I have heard this expressed in many different ways in
A second important way that meditation will help you in
Nothing gets things going better than a clear headed
Meditation can also help you organize and prioritize
With a self-structured meditation approach I was able
This is obviously only a small and recent example that I
Art and music are two of the many creative arts that we
There is considerable research that shows the benefits
Nearly everyone enjoys listening to music of one type or
Music can elevate our moods or comfort us when we
Art is also a powerful medium of expression which
If you study art works of sculpture or painting or other
You should exercise some degree of caution in this area
If you choose to listen to music or view art that contains
I would therefore recommend that you are selective
If you adopt a practice of regularly meditating before
This is particularly true when you already have some
I am acquainted with many artists who meditate often
While the previous section dealt with two particular
All brainwave research shows that the creative portion
The notion of creative energy can be defined a number
We may want to express our feelings for someone in a
We might feel the need to stimulate our minds with
This is a little difficult to articulate but if you are honest
This means that while meditating - you sit gently relaxed
You will find that you can understand your own feelings
You will find that as you regularly meditate you brilliant
Some research suggests that this gradual erosion of
There are some specific ways that we can exercise our
Stimulating and intellectual debate and dialogue
Our focus here is on meditation and so we will explore
This is because it improves neural functions exercises
Meditation has been proven to help you learn new skills
This practice is a powerful aid to finding your own
There are uplifting and meaningful things that have
Do I feel better when I read it or does it make me feel
The second I ask myself is is the message simple?
I have found that meditation is far more successful and
This is not to say that you should not meditate on
This does not mean that you should not try anyway. The
Only you can decide what you feel good about and
There are universal truths and principles. Some would
When we examine the physical world around us we see
Laws like the behavior of matter and the operation of
Sometimes we would like to believe that moral
Meditation on the meaning of a worthy attribute and
An example might be helpful. Suppose that you feel that
Some suggestions of a possible approach follow. First of
What does it mean to be kind? Under what
I be kind to? What about people who are unkind to me?
What about strangers? Is there something wrong with
There are dozens of other questions that you might ask
The second possible application would be to meditate
This might consist of reviewing in a gentle way
Life is sometimes a difficult journey. We all have things
No matter who you are and no matter what your
It is often of times of greatest struggle and difficulty
Regular meditation on a spiritual theme or one of the
more promising. It may also offer some hope and
Third there are those times when life has simply lost
Each person must decide for themselves what to do in
Everyone has felt that they have been wronged
Carrying hurt and anger around with us for the acts of
It does not matter whether or not a person seeks
This does not mean that there should not be
process. Depending on the circumstance and the wrong,
Only we can decide whether and when we will
In the time of explorers on land and sailing ships on the
I am not speaking of an instrument that sits in your
Every person must decide for themselves where they
section to describe any particular code of ethics or to
It may seem also that everyone is a bit loose and fast
It doesn t matter how many laws we pass or how much
As you struggle to establish yourself in the world around
It can keep you in touch with those things that are really
There are hundreds of applications that we could
The number of ways that meditation can help our lives
I have not tried to cover even a tiny part of the full
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Special Report on Applications of Meditation

Special Report on Applications of Meditation

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