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Ch 21. Numerology

Ch 21. Numerology

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Published by Aalams07

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Published by: Aalams07 on Feb 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 21of 
Law of Successfor both the Worlds
Q. S. KhanB. E. (MECH.)
My friend, Raju Kumar was trading steel underthe name of Jolly Alloys. For better prospects he changedhis business from trading to forging small steelcomponents. He also changed his firm's name to TaxonEnterprises, which sounded more modern. Most of hiscustomers were same. His product was good; his sale wasalso good in new business. But something odd washappening. He was not getting his payments. One of hisold customers sent a draft from Pune to Mumbai for Rajuthrough his friend. Instead of meeting Raju that friendrushed to his native place along with the draft in urgency,after receiving an emergency call. Raju got that paymentonly after a month. Similarly his other payments were alsogetting delayed because of one or the other reason andafter a few months it was impossible for him to carry outhis business. But instead of closing down his business, hechanged its name to Jolly Alloys again. Now he isprospering more than expected with the same setup andeffort.
I started my business under the name GeneralHydraulic. By the grace of God I did well. When I tried toregister my firm's name as a trademark, I could not do it, asit was a common name. So I changed my firm's name toHydro Shams Machinery. 'Shams' mean sun in Arabic andit short of my father's name 'Shamsuddin'. With this nameI even lost those orders which were already confirmedwith me. My turnover also dropped drastically
Law of Success for both the worlds
was in real trouble. Then again I changed my firm's nameto the previous General Hydraulic. After that, by the graceof God, I never faced such problems again.What I want to advise you is that before selecting aparticular name for your company, try to use and analysethat name on experimental basis and find out its effect andonly then use it.Astrology and numerology is a complex andcomplicated subject. Never study them. If you do, you maylose your will power, enthusiasm and daring to doimpossible tasks. Akbar ruled India for more than fiftyyears and was a great and successful king, but his fatherHumanyu was a great failure. One of the reasons of hisfailure was that he mostly resorted to astrologicalcalculations before taking a decision. Because of thisneither was he able to take prompt action on time, norhave a killer instinct, while a winner should have both.I also do not advise you to go to astrologers. As noastrologer is expert enough to suggest the right name of your firm. If astrologers were so expert that they cansuggest an auspicious name or a way of prosperity, theycould have selected a good name for their own businessand had become millionaires. But mostly they remaintramps throughout their lives and only use psychologicaltactics to hook customers. Hence do not listen to theirsermons, but concentrate and analyze the situationyourself. You only can try, experiment and find the rightname for your company. Hence when nothing goes rightafter a fair effort to succeed, consider selecting anothername, in addition to correcting your action plan andcourse of action.
37 - What's in a Name?

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