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Ch-2. Importance of Mind Over Body

Ch-2. Importance of Mind Over Body

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Published by Aalams07

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Published by: Aalams07 on Feb 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter  2of 
Law of Successfor both the Worlds
Q. S. KhanB. E. (MECH.)
Importance of Mindover Body
Importance of Mind over Body
The  Palestinian  leader,  Mr. Yasin  had  fallenfrom  a  hill  in  his  teens.  Due  to  the  injury  behind  hishead,  his  whole  body  became  paralysed.  Throughouthis  life he was confined to a wheel chair. But even fromthat wheel chair, in a crippled condition he fought themighty Israel government for more than fifty years. Hefounded the most courageous freedom-fightingorganisation,  the “Hamas.The Israel government jailed him many times, but couldnot fight nor control the mind and will power of Mr. Yasin.At the end when they realized their helplessness and couldnot compete with the mighty determination of Mr. Yasin,they assassinated him. For such a physically disabledperson, they used helicopter and fired missiles at his car.
The astrophysicist, Mr. Stephen Hawkins of England is also confined to a wheel chair. He is so disabledthat he cannot even keep his head straight, on his shoulder.But even after so many limitations he wrote his name onthe list of the rich and famous people of the world. He isthe most successful and the richest scientist and writer of the present times.
It was the British government which had completecontrol over the military and government machineries of 
Law of Success for both the worlds
India before 1947. But it was Mahatma Gandhi whocontrolled the mind and soul of over 3 billion Indians.The mighty British Empire could not fight thedetermination and will power of this great non-violentMahatma and finally retreated from India.
The examples which we described above are of particularly physically weak personalities, to convince youthat it is mind and thought which are most important instruggle of achieving success, than the physical body.In the coming chapters we will explain how mind andthought govern the success and prosperity of people.
4 - Importance of Mind over Body

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