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Ch-3. Subconscious Mind

Ch-3. Subconscious Mind

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Published by Aalams07

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Published by: Aalams07 on Feb 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter  3of 
Law of Successfor both the Worlds
Q. S. KhanB. E. (MECH.)
Subconscious Mind
Subconscious Mind
You must be having your E-mail address andwebsite. You type messages on your computer and sendthem to your friends. Or surf on the internet anddownload data from others' websites. But do you exactlyknow where your website is located and where your E-mailmessages remain stored before you download them onyour P.C.? You will say, 'the server'. But where is your serverlocated? In your city? In the capital of your country? InAmerica? Or in a satellite? 99% of the people cannotanswer this question. They know that the server issomewhere, but don't know exactly where it is located.
After having a great feast you get a swollentummy, but even after memorizing more than thousandsof pages by priest community, no one had a swollen head.Where do the contents of book get stored in brain in formof memory? And in what form? No one can answer thisquestion as well. But everyone knows that it is somewhereand in some form in the brain.
The subconscious mind is somewhat similar tohuman memory and its functioning is somewhat similarto computer and internet system.
The subconscious mind consists of a field of consciousness, in which every impulse of thought,experience and data, which we collect from our surrounding
Law of Success for both the worlds
with the help of our five senses, is classified and recorded.From where we can willingly recall and withdraw data,similar to the letter which could be taken from a filingcabinet.
The subconscious mind is not only a field of memory or consciousness, but it also functions like asuper computer with internet connection.
When a task is given to the subconscious mind, itprocesses it like a computer, with whatever data is availablein memory of that person.
Like the internet connection and search engine italso gets in touch with Mother Nature (Which is anautomatic governing system of God). The subconsciousmind communicates with Mother Nature about theproject on which it is working and seeks information,plans, ideas and helps for the completion of the task.
The language which the subconscious mindunderstands and uses to communicate is emotion.
It does not respond to cold-reasoning, logics andwishes,  etc.
The processing and storing capacity of thesubconscious mind is about nine times higher than theconscious mind.
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