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Ch-4. Faith- The Most Important Positive Emotion

Ch-4. Faith- The Most Important Positive Emotion

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Published by Aalams07

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Published by: Aalams07 on Feb 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter  4of 
Law of Successfor both the Worlds
Q. S. KhanB. E. (MECH.)
Faith:The most Importantpositive Emotion
Type of Emotions
There are various types of emotions which can begrouped into two broad categories; that is positiveemotions and negative emotions. Subconscious mindworks equally well with both types of emotions. Some of them are as follows:
Positive Emotions
a] Emotions of burning desiresb] Emotions of hope/faithc] Emotions related to romance, love and sexd] Emotions related to enthusiasm and courage
Negative Emotions
A] Emotion of hopelessnessb] Emotions of the fear of poverty, criticism, sicknessand deathc] Emotions of the fear of the loss of loved onesd] Emotions of revengee] Emotions of jealousyf] Emotions of anger, hatred and greed etc.g] Beliefs of superstition, astrology, numerology,palmistry and fortune telling etc. (A negativeforecast become firm belief in mind)
Law of Success for both the worlds
The presence of even one negative emotionsuppresses the remaining positive emotions and getstransmitted to the subconscious mind. Subconsciousmind picks up the dominating negative emotion in themind and tends to convert it into reality.
It is said in all religions that if you pray to God tohave something, then pray with full faith that God willdefinitely fulfil your desire and don't have any doubt,because prayer with disbelief is not answered.This is because faith is a positive emotion, when thoughtsare mixed with faith; it rises to the level of thesubconscious mind, from there it passes on to MotherNature and God and brings back positive results. MotherNature, which is an automatic system of God, manipulatesthe event in life of the seeker and everyone around him tofulfil the desired prayer.On the contrary when prayers are mixed with doubts andfear of rejection the subconscious mind picks up negativethoughts and passes them on to Mother Nature and Godand receive back same type of reaction and the results, thatdoubt and fear of seeker is fulfilled.
Divine books describe the above mentionedprinciple in simple words in the following way:
Holy Bible says: “
What things so ever you desire,when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shallhave them.
(Mark 11:24)
10 - Type of Emotions

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