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Published by bchinmayae

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: bchinmayae on Feb 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Consumer Buying Behaviour with respect to Khivraj Bajaj
Page 1
The Consumer buying behaviour processes is an act of final decisionassociated with evaluating, buying, consuming, and discarding productsfor personal consumption. Consumer buying behavior is the study of human responses to products or services and the marketing of products/services. The study of consumer behavior focuses on howindividuals make their decisions to spend their available resources (time,money, effort) on consumption related itemsor consumption relatedaspects (What they buy? When they buy? How they buy?).It also study of individuals, or organizations and the processes consumers use to search,select, use and dispose of products, services, experience, or ideas tosatisfy needs and its impact on the consumer and society. Buyerbehaviour is deeply rooted in psychology with dashes of sociology thrownin just to make things more interesting. Since every person in the world isdifferent, it is impossible to have simple rules that explain how buyingdecisions are made. But those who have spent many years analyzingcustomer activity have presented us with useful ³guidelines´ in howsomeone decides whether or not to make a purchase. The evaluation of marketing concept from mere selling concept to consumer orientedmarketing has resulted in buyer behaviour becoming an independentdiscipline. The growth of consumerism and consumer legislationemphasizes the importance that is given to the consumer. Someconsumers are characterized as being more involved in products and
Consumer Buying Behaviour with respect to Khivraj Bajaj
Page 2
shopping than others. A consumer who is highly involved with a productwould be interested in knowing a lot about it before purchasing. Hence hereads brochures thoroughly, compares brands and models available atdifferent outlets, asks questions, and looks for recommendations. Thusconsumer buying behaviour can be defined as heightened state of awareness that motivates consumer¶s to seek out, attend to, and thinkabout product information prior to purchase.
Definition of Buying Behaviour
 Buying Behaviour is the decision processes and acts of people involved inbuying and using products.Need to understand
Why consumers make the purchases that they make?
What factors influence consumer purchases?
The changing factors in our society.Consumer Buying Behaviour refers to the buying behaviour of theultimate consumer. A firm needs to analyze buying behaviour for
Buyer¶s reactions to a firms marketing strategy has a great impacton the firm¶s success.
The marketing concept stresses that a firm should create aMarketing Mix that satisfies customers, therefore need to analyzethe what, where, when and how consumers buy.
Marketers can better predict how consumers will respond tomarketing strategies.

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