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Published by wealth2520

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Published by: wealth2520 on Aug 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 "Truly, many have imitated but not duplicated the Elite Activity Resurrected tracking online system.I invite you to Point! Click! Surf! You way to the “Get Invited Now” link to embrace the spirit of whatwe do in The You and Me World. Join our group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EligereTeamSpirit/ I encourage you to embrace the spirit of what we do in the “Number One” online gift activity. Be my“Guest”! Enjoy the empowering information athttp://wealth2520.eliteresurrected.org. I may be reachedby fax /Voice Mail 206 337 1900. If you want to see the world change, it can start by you making thechange you want to see in the world. I am an Elite Participant helping change lives from scarcity toabundance. Visithttp://www.sworlde.comto view approved materials to help you be success in Elite.Jean is waiting to talk with you. Call 757 393 0317 and mention that
 Mel aka Wealth2520
invited you.Great organizations and great nations have formed and thrive with pure intent. It is only after we losepure intent that our society wanes. It is our vision to use this power of pure intent to change ourselves,our communities, our nations and all that choose to join with us to move from the 'You OR Me' world tothe You AND Me World. To create a world that works for all of us. Harvey J. Dockstader Jr. Founder
The Elite Activity Resurrected Church is a -501(c) (3) Corporation that will be used primarily forcharitable, religious, and educational purposes. Since Luke 6:38 is in the HOLY BIBLE and happens tobe the words of Jesus Christ, we agree with the I.R.S., "The term charitable is used in its generallyaccepted legal sense and includes relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged; advancementof religion; lessening the burdens of government; lessening of neighborhood tensions; elimination of prejudice and discrimination; defense of human and civil rights secured by law; combating communitydeterioration and juvenile delinquency." We pledge that The Elite Activity Resurrected will be at leastone of the places that we will boldly ask "on earth as it is in Heaven". ~ Pastor Henry W. Curtis, Jr.Visithttp://www.irs.govand review the gift tax exclusion as outline in publication 950.
We believe giving freely of ourselves and our property, we open the flow of abundance into our lives.
We believe in a power greater than ourselves. What that power is, what it is called, how it is manifest isa personal belief and will never be a mandated requirement of membership by this belief system.
We believe in the separation of church and state, that our beliefs can't be mandated by government andthat no particular faith, religion or belief system shall control nor influence the rule of law.
We believe that every faith, religion or belief system has wisdom to contribute to everyone and shouldbe encouraged to do so.
We believe in the respect and reverence towards all beliefs, that each of us should seek out the good inanother's belief and adopt that good for our own.
Once the ID is created, you can immediately request to join one or all of the five invitation cycles. Yoursuccess is based on teamwork. Therefore, you will be invited to the cycle(s) that your inviter has joined.The
$100-$250- $500
and the Classic
! Whatever cycle(s) you choose it is aone time out of the pocket gift. Use the gifts you receive to request to join the other cycles. Contact thereceiver within 24 hours to determine the method of sending the gift within 72 hours. Priority Mail isrecommended if you do not have a Global Money Card or PayPal account. Send the gifting statement!The subscription should be paid in 9 day using Debit/Visa/MasterCard/Global Money Card or mailed.Update your information by clicking “My Information”. Create a replicated website and email address.
Basic Training starts with the $50
Turbo Hands
on Model that has only one cycle. Invite fourparticipants and receive immediately from your first generation. Use the first two gifts to jointhe Express $100 cycle. Use the third gift to start another Turbo cycle. Use your fourth gift topay three months website fee or celebrate the beginning of the flow of good measure in your life.Your four invitees will duplicate you and follow you to the Express $100.
Hands on
model has three cycles. You can join one or all three cycles.We recommend you join the $100 cycle and use your gifts to join the $250 and $500 cycles.There are seven participants per cycle; four in the giving phase, two in the inviting phase andone in the receiving phase. You invite two people who invite two who gift you four gifts per cycle.If you joined Turbo, your invitees will follow you to the Express cycle. As soon as you receive threegifts, immediately join the $250 cycle. Join another $100 cycle with your next gift. Watch what happens!$100 Cycle: Receive $400 Gift Forward $250 cycle Re-Entry Gift $100 cycle Keep $50$250 Cycle: Receive $1000 Gift Forward $500 cycle Re-Entry Gift $250 cycle Keep $250*$500 Cycle: Receive $2000 Re-Entry Gift $500 cycle Keep $1500Your first completed cycle yields pressed down abundance as you keep
*Recommendation: Join the $100 Classic Gift Exchange with $100 from Express $250 you keep.Now you are on a $50Turbo! $100Express! $250Express! $500Express! $100Classic! As youcontinue to manually request the Turbo and Express Cycles you will keep $150 Turbo gifts. Look what you keep as you continue to manually request the three Express cycles.$100 Express Cycle: Receive $400 Re-Entry Gift $100 cycle Keep $300$250 Express Cycle: Receive $1000 Re-Entry Gift $250 cycle Keep $750$500 Express Cycle: Receive $2000 Re-Entry Gift $500 cycle Keep $1500Your flow of abundance will be shaken together as you
continue to keep
has the automatic 4
and 6
gift forward/entry protocol. There are seven cycles.Fifteen participants per cycle: 8 giving phases, 4 inviting phases, 2 empowering phases, 1receiving phase. You invite two, who invites two, who invites two who gifts you. Receiveeight gifts from your third generation. If you started Turbo, your invitees follow you to Classic!$100 Cycle: Receive $800 Gift Forward $250 Re-Entry Gift $100 Keep $450$250 Cycle: Receive $2000 Gift Forward $500 Re-Entry Gift $250 Keep $1250$500 Cycle: Receive $4000 Gift Forward $1000 Re-Entry Gift $500 Keep $2500$1000 Cycle: Receive $8000 Gift Forward $2000 Re-Entry Gift $1000 Keep $5000$2000 Cycle: Receive $16000 Gift Forward $4000 Re-Entry Gift $2000 Keep $10000$4000 Cycle: Receive $32000 Gift Forward $6000 Re-Entry Gift $4000 Keep $22000$6000 Cycle: Receive $48000
Keep the fourth gift 
Re-Entry Gift $6000 Keep $42000
Receive good measure, pressed down and running over and shaken together as you keep $83,200.00
 Give a Monetary Gift Giving Phase Join a CycleInvite Inviting Phase Gift of InvitationEmpower Empowering Phase OrganizationReceive Receiving Phase I Have ReceivedInvited by Church ParticipantGolden Rule Associates Pure IntentI Have Gifted Fellow man InterdenominationalConstitutional Rights Belief System AgreementSharing Like Minded People CommunityInvitation Tax Free Law of ReciprocityInviter Non-profit UnconditionalCharitable Integrity FaithLegal Documents Non-Solicitation Form Gifting StatementAbundance Prosperity LegalFellowship Invitee Missionary
Investment Took In Paid OutPaid Earnings Paid Off Getting PaidMake Multi-Level Marketing SponsorProfits Play the House RecruitDividends Guarantee Sign-upPlayer Assured Buy InDown-Line Sure Bet PurchaseUp-line Earn PayoutBusiness Opportunity Company PyramidReturn Multiply Your Money Net PayNo Products No Services PressureSoliciting Loan QuotasIllegal Taxable Promises

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