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English Placement Test

English Placement Test

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Published by Oloviana Erna

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Published by: Oloviana Erna on Feb 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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English Placement Test
Part 1: Vocabulary
Choose the correct answer for each sentence.
1.That woman is my ______.a)Uncleb)Auntc)Ant2.A _______ is an animal.a)Bareb)Bearc)Beer3.A boat sails on the _______.a)Seeb)Seac)Say4.I am walking on the ______.a)Flourb)Flowerc)Floor5.I like to eat ______.a)Pairsb)Pearsc)Pares6.The table is made of ______.
a)Woodb)Wouldc)World7.I opened the door with a ______.a)Quayb)Keyc)Kay8.I want to ______ some food.a)Boyb)Buyc)Bye9.A ______ is a flower.a)Roseb)Rowsc)Nose10.My mother and father are my ______.a)Presentsb)Pantsc)Parents
Part 2: Grammar
Use is or are.
1.The horse (is/are) in the field.2.Sara (is/are) my sister.3.Sugar (is/are) sweet.4.Lemons (is/are) sour.5.Dogs (is/are) animals.
Use was or were.
1.The bus (was/were) late.2.Boys (was/were) playing football.3.(Was/Were) the film funny?4.The questions (was/were) difficult.5.(Was/Were) you playing piano?
Choose the correct verb.
1.Last week, I (walk/walked) to school.2.I like to (eat/ate) apples.3.My father likes to (play/played) cards.4.I (go/went) to the mall yesterday.5.Did you (take/took) your medicine?
Choose the correct word for each.
1.I live ______ a house.a)Onb)Inc)Over2.The bird flies ______ the house.a)Under

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