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Phosophorus release

Phosophorus release

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Published by Dennis Box

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Published by: Dennis Box on Feb 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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YarrowBay promotes no net increase in phosphorus to Lake Sawyer Unprecedented commitment to long-term stewardship of lake Black Diamond, Wash. – January 25, 2011 –In a letter to the City of Black Diamond, YarrowBay willtoday announce a “no net increase” plan with regards to phosphorus runoff to Lake Sawyer from TheVillages and Lawson Hills MPDs. Phosphorus is responsible for algal blooms and other water qualityissues and in order to protect the quality of Lake Sawyer, YarrowBay will implement a number of mechanisms to ensure that the lake’s existing phosphorus levels are not increased as a result of its MPDdevelopments.A major criticism of urban development, phosphorus runoff is limited by city code; however, unlikemost master planned communities in Washington, YarrowBay is self-imposing a “no net increase”standard for its phosphorus runoff mitigation. This goes above and beyond the standards put in place bythe Lake Sawyer Management Plan and exceeds all existing state and local requirements, including theDepartment of Ecology’s 2005 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington, which theCity of Black Diamond has adopted and identifies phosphorous removal guidelines and treatmentstrategies. “After reviewing the data on existing phosphorus runoff and estimates of the runoff from the plannedMPD developments, we are confident that we can provide no net increase in the amount of phosphorusflowing into Lake Sawyer from our property,” said Colin Lund, YarrowBay’s Chief Entitlement Officer.“We want Black Diamond to remain an attractive place to live, and protecting Lake Sawyer is animportant part of building this community.”YarrowBay will implement “source controls,” such as requiring the use of phosphorus-free fertilizers inall parks, and will employ stormwater treatment facilities, such as large wetponds or large sand filters,to remove phosphorous from the MPDs’ stormwater runoff. In addition, low impact developmenttechniques will be employed where appropriate on the MPD sites and YarrowBay will look for opportunities to use other phosphorus mitigation measures elsewhere in the City. As a result, TheVillages and Lawson Hills MPDs will not cause any increase to Lake Sawyer’s existing phosphoruslevels.“Because YarrowBay has a long-term vision for these new districts of Black Diamond, they plan toinvest in the monitoring necessary to assess their true potential impacts and in turn put in place themitigations necessary to protect Lake Sawyer,” said Al Fure, a consultant with Triad Associates.“Small, piecemeal developments often aren’t able to assess and correct for their environmental impactsto this degree, but the size and scale of the YarrowBay developments present a unique opportunity to dothis.” YarrowBay will monitor phosphorus levels of stormwater currently exiting their MPD properties anddraining toward Lake Sawyer to establish a baseline and, with its proposed monitoring program, willundertake all necessary mitigation measures to ensure “no net increase” of phosphorus levels above this

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