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Spiritual Musings - Chemicals and Human Health

Spiritual Musings - Chemicals and Human Health

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Published by arnoldward
A book, articles, guided writings, thoughts for action; all related to the spiritual side of life.
A book, articles, guided writings, thoughts for action; all related to the spiritual side of life.

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Published by: arnoldward on Aug 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chemicals and Effects on Health
There are two aspects to the harmful effects of chemicals on the health of all life-forms. Firstly the physical/emotional/mental and then the spiritual. The spiritual effects are put as a follow-on because that isthe way that evolution proceeds, first the physical development, then the emotional and finally the physical before the spiritual body can begin to be formed and continue the long trek to the Originating Source.When you read the following information on chemicals the foregoing should be kept in mind.This portrayal of the harm that can be done by the indiscriminate use of chemicals is provided on this site because of the spiritual implications. The Entity that created this planet gave its environment, the setting inwhich life exists, into Man’s hands with the express purpose of man maintaining and enhancing it for the benefit of all life. This is not happening because the environment is being despoiled on a continuing basis. Inthe spiritual context everything on the planet has life, it is all part of the web of consciousness in which welive, and move, and have our being.Humanity is meant to expand consciousness as a means to moving closer to the Entity that gave it life butthis requires sufficient time to give attention to making that expansion occur. If an individual is hungry, ill-housed, or unhealthy the odds of achieving the optimum expansion of consciousness are stacked againsthim/her. Ill-health is not necessarily a bar but it is a distraction from the main effort.Please read the information provided and if you are satisfied that a case is made for strong and immediateaction by governments to eliminate the threats of chemicals take appropriate action to enable this to happen.If you want to receive any of the articles noted on Appendix “Ä” please email me on the website emailaddress.
The following exchange of correspondence was emailed to every federal politician in July, 2007. Notone politician replied by stating that this is a serious problem and that action will be taken to restoreenvironmental health to a safe standard.
Greetings: I received this report today and thought it might be a wake-up call, particularly for those members of  parliament who receive this email, to seriously think about the continual flow of untested chemicals into theenvironment. Surely there is enough combined intelligence in today's humanity to realise that now is thetime to stop putting new chemicals into the environment until they have been fully proven to be benign to alllife. There is also the need to fully evaluate chemicals already in the environment but this is a difficult task aswitness the problems the EU is having with its REACH proposal. Government has it in its power to preventharmful chemicals entering the environment but has it the courage to actually do that. Certainly chemicalcompanies exert power by virtue of political donations and other arm-twisting methods but why should they be allowed to decide what we humans and the rest of the environment have to accept. This is a tough call and I am optimistic enough to believe that there are politicians, somewhere, that areaware of the need for action.Are they in Australia? in one or more of the States? Or are we to increase spending on IVF treatments tocounter the growing infertility. The attached report is not the only one to point out the problem and thecauses. (Health report #398 was attached) If it is believed that this matter is all hot air I give my address so that you can tell me so, and why. 
Arnold Ward82 Bonython Avenue Novar Gardens SA 5040 With my regards Arnold Ward
Australian GovernmentDepartment of Health and AgeingOffice of Chemical SafetyMr Arnold Ward82 Bonython AvenueNOVAR GARDENS SA 5040Dear Mr WardThank you for your email correspondence of 8 November 2006 to the Minister for Healthand Ageing, The Hon Tony Abbott, MP, concerning the responsibility of Government inensuring chemicals are safe to use. The Minister has asked me to reply on his behalf.The role of government is to provide a policy and regulatory framework to ensure thesafe and sustainable use of chemicals. In this respect it is important that the healthand environmental risks posed by chemicals are identified and adequately communicatedand effectively managed:"In Australia, a system of chemical safety assurance is achieved via a nationalregulatory framework that covers industrial chemicals, pesticides, medicines and food.The Office of Chemical Safety is responsible for human health risk assessment policyand practice within this framework.For all chemicals new to the Australian market, there are extensive safety datarequirements as well as a rigorous risk assessment process undertaken before they areapproved for use. This process looks at identifying risks to human health and/or theenvironment and only allows access to chemicals that can be used and disposed ofsafely. Chemicals that are already in use (existing chemicals) are subject to priorityreview.The Office acknowledges that some chemicals already in use can pose concerns due toinsufficient knowledge about their risks to human health and/or the environment. Thishas called for a more proactive approach to achieve a higher standard of riskmanagement. For example, the industrial chemicals regulator has recently completed amajor review of the assessment program for existing industrial chemicals.This review focussed on identifying new tools and approaches to identify and managethose chemicals that pose risk. The review recognised that biomonitoring and exposureinformation are integral to identifying risks posed by these chemicals. Further, theimportance of public access to reliable chemical safety information was highlighted.These findings are supported by the Office of Chemical Safety and will form a valuableplatform for us to continue to ensure chemicals remain safe for use in Australia.In addition, Australia is signatory to a number of chemical treaties aimed at globalcontrol of toxic and persistent chemicals. These activities complement our nationalprograms in eliminating those chemical that pose unacceptable risks.Yours sincerelyDr Margaret Hartley DirectorAddress: PO Box 100 Woden ACT 2606 Website: www.tga.gov.au/chemicals/ocs/Telephone: 02 6289 3200 Facsimile: 02 6289 32998 December 2006
 S.A. & M.A. Ward
82 Bonython AvenueNovar Gardens SA 5040
29th January 2007The Hon. Tony Abbott MPMinister for Health and AgeingParliament HouseCanberra ACT 2600Dear Mr. Abbott:
Chemicals and Human Fertility
Although Dr. Margaret Hartley responded, on your behalf, to my email of 8
November, 2006, I appreciatedreceiving her letter dated 8
December. My purpose in again addressing yourself is that the nature of thereply is not satisfactory as it fails to take into account a number of factors which are within the competencyof good governance to deal with. As Minister for Health it is your responsibility to ensure that the health of the Australian people takes precedence over most other matters since without a healthy population wecannot give of our best. I therefore submit the following for your consideration and comment.
Silent Spring 
by Rachel Carson was first published in 1962 and caused great indignation from the chemicalindustry such as “If man were to faithfully follow the teachings of Miss Carson”, complained an executiveof American Cyanamid, “we would return to the Dark Ages, and the insects and diseases and vermin wouldonce again inherit the earth.” Monsanto published and distributed 5,000 copies of a brochure parodying
Silent Spring 
entitled “The Desolate Year” And 45 years later not much has changed, the chemical industryis still spewing out millions of tonnes of old and new chemicals and governments still refuse to accept thatstrong regulations are needed and that chemical companies must prove safety before marketing present, andnew, chemicals. Referring to the executive quoted above, we still have the diseases, both more prevalentlyand in new forms.From my knowledge of the situation, the only attempt at remedying the situation is the EU’s REACH whichhas already been watered down because of protestations of the chemical industry.The Coalition Government is certainly not ahead of world practice based on its present policies. Oneexample is the Maximum Residue Limits set by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary MedicinesAuthority (APVMA) for food and animal feedstuffs. As at December, 2006, there were 283 chemicals listedfor use on foods – those used for animals and cotton have been excluded from that figure. Of the 283 thereare 116 (41%) listed on the Pesticide Action Network site classified as Pan Bad Actor. That signifies one or more of the following for each one: -Known or probable carcinogen,Reproductive or developmental toxicant, Neurotoxic cholinesterase inhibitor,Known groundwater contaminant,Pesticide with high toxicity.Two of them belong to the dirty dozen which are slated for removal on a world-wide basis. Aldicarb is oneand the other, Parathion Methyl is noted by the APVMA as being phased out or experiencing further experimental work.What I suggest is of concern in the letter from Dr. Margaret Hartley are the reassuring words that if chemicals inimical to health have not been taken off the market (is there a list?) work is progressing toachieve that. The bureaucracy and relevant government ministers are surely not that lacking in knowledgethat people and the environment are allowed to be contaminated by harmful chemicals, on a regular basis. Itmust be a lack of will and lack of concern about those people and the environment that allows this situation

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