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Spiritual Musings - Guided Writings

Spiritual Musings - Guided Writings



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Published by arnoldward
A book, articles, guided writings, thoughts for action; all related to the spiritual side of life.
A book, articles, guided writings, thoughts for action; all related to the spiritual side of life.

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Published by: arnoldward on Aug 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My wife, Marie, came into this life with the facility to communicate, in fullconsciousness, with various discarnate entities.The writings consist of some 138 pages written between the years 1970 and 1987. Anumber of topics are covered such as, human development, health, the spiritual world,man's past, other worlds, the natural world, future trends, and a miscellaneous section. 
Communications by Cheame and others to Marie Ward, transmitted on the psychiclevel, and for use by all.
HUMAN DEVELOPMENT1. Changing the Self 2. Guides for Living3.
Meditation and Prayer 4.
Group Work 2. THE BODY(HEALTH)1.
Spiritual Healing2.
General Health Topics3.
Special Items Related to Health(in its broadest sense)3. THE SPIRITUAL WORLD1.
General4. MAN'S PAST1.
The Past
Atlantis5. OTHER WORLDS1.
General Information6. THE NATURAL WORLD1.
The Environment2.
The Life of the World7. FUTURE TRENDS1.
The future9.
HUMAN DEVELOPMENT1.1 Changing the Self 
We none of us can change events around ourselves, we cannot always even greatlyinfluence them, which is often a cause of concern to us(you, that ,is, in the world).Here it is something we finally are able to understand and accept as we are privy tothe broader implications of cause and effect and so forth. However, every action doeshave some effect, what, or on who, is not always within our control. Others' freechoice, level of "being", and karmic fate dictates the reaction to our words and deeds.But, there is an effect, and if we could just realise that it is our duty only to do whatwe are(or feel, truly, what we are meant)to do and simply leave the rest to the spiritualhierarchy(God and His Angels and designates), to carry out ,any further intent.It would be so much easier on everyone if each tended to their own duties. One of themain duties is to learn to know one's self and to study, meditate, and attempt to further contact one's higher self through prayer(any form of prayer) so that one learns one's pathway through life. Know yourself clearly, free of fear and ego - whichautomatically dispels all other negative attitudes, and endeavour always to do what isright; that is, do not invade another’s rights and territory, emotional as well as physical.Yes, I catch your thoughts, one must teach and discipline children, also one mustresist interference and unfair treatment from others(that is a two-fold discipline, yoursand theirs). But the majority of people recognise what we mean when we say not to
interfere in others' rights, these are actually those that apply to all so they shouldknow.Of course, one needs to develop the sensitivity to discern when one's well- meantwords or actions are misunderstood and then they can be discussed (hopefully), butone cannot go through life otherwise worrying whether we're "stepping on someoneelse’s toes", interfering, offending etc. We all have been given a reasonable degree of  judgement, and with the previously mentioned application to learning and raising our consciousness etc., plus a complete faith(after that learning) that the spiritualhierarchy will tend to results; we can "do” what we're meant to "do” in peace, and geton with our work (14.7.85).Even our mistakes are valuable, it is really the only way to learn what not to do. If one reads and studies and follows slavishly what is printed, without trials and tests of one's own, then they are not really learning. All books and instructions should betreated only as guideposts, followed at first until the knowledge and practise meldswith one's own knowledge and intuition, then the person should start "playing it byear", as every situation is not the same in full; each one of us has had so muchdiversity in life, beginning with a unique blend of genes, not even an identical twin isidentical, then our environment etc., acts upon us. So the basic resemblances of experience and reaction to them are present, enough to allow us to recognise the pattern. After that recognition we must then treat the person and his/her problem as ithas evolved to in the present time. (13.8.85)We should all pass on our ideas and abilities to others who are floundering andmaking far less than full use of their days and talents. Everyone has talent, manyhighly acclaimed artists, musicians 'etc., have that as their only talent simply becausethat is all they have ever desired or felt they had time to develop. They are wrong, of course, which is why there is so much unhappiness even amongst them. They haveover-used their one capacity often because of a lust for fame, recognition, in provingthat their gift is special and unique.In olden days an artist could often indulge himself that way, as eccentrics were morerecognised and the system of support from a wealthy patron was quite common.Today is not quite that way and side indulgences, or neglect of other facets of one'slife is not understood or tolerated the same way. Man has learned much and even thegreat talent needs to develop in a more balanced way. Constant touring, or exhibitingart or whatever, is not necessary, but then the artist would have a time of lesser or noadulation, within periodic normal living, and that, coupled with a lesser than largeincome would not appeal to their ego (or perhaps their spouse's ego). Between the people who would use these artists in their promotional work or to earn themselvesmoney, the writer/singer, or whoever, often never has five quiet minutes alone to ponder what they want to do with their lives, all of their lives.The frenetic pace maintained by so many is not necessary and in fact is counter- productive and often very harmful. We look, and at times all seem mad, rushingeverywhere, declaiming wildly, crushing or overturning any hopes for personalhappiness, fulfilment and growth, in their insane activity.

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