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Published by strsmith

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Published by: strsmith on Feb 01, 2011
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 G LD NUGGETS is a new blog for and by GPOC members. Our intent is for GoldNuggets to become an informational hub for members to keep up to date with GPOC newsand events. We encourage you to email your news items and information to the webmaster atwww.gpoc.com. The webmaster, Stacey Smith, will ensure they get onto the blog. Join GPOC on FACEBOOK! You need your own Facebook accountAccess GPOC on FACEBOOK through a link on the GPOC website
      q     u        i         l         l
official publication of The Gold Prospectors of Colorado volume 38 no.2
Box 1593, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901
Membership Minutes
2February Calendar 
3President’s letter, cont.
3Colorado Surface Water 
4Colorado Surface Water 
5Colorado Surface Water 
6Winterize Your Equipment
6Winterize Your Equipment
7Request for Mailed Quill
Calling all Prospectors;
Our organization is starting out on the rightfoot this year. The plans of operations forthe club claims are now in the works withthe bonds for the Forest Service and theBureau of Land Management being the lastof our hurdles.Aside from a $5000+ expenditure for theArkansas River and Beaver Creek claimswe will need to set aside a large bond forthe reclamation that is required at the endof each season.The benefits from these plans of operationsare exceedingly great as we will have theopportunity to utilize our claims in a mannerthat they were meant to be all along.The primary problem that I foresee is theneed to fill prospecting holes and meet theobligations and guidelines set upon us byboth the Federal Regulations for Miningthat were revised on January 6th, 2011 andrules and regulations with standards andguidelines from the Department of Mining,Reclamation and Safety which wererevised on September 11th, 2010.
continued on page 3 
GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No. 2 WE ARE GOING ELECTRONIC
Ben Higleypresident@gpoc.com
 Vice President
Wayne Wittkoppvicepresident@gpoc.com
Elise Pearcesecretary@gpoc.com
Bill Smithtreasure@gpoc.com
Stacey Smith
Lin Smithquill@gpoc.com
Contact Info
for all club activities
Bob Hale(719)213-3383
School Events
Phil Vigil(719) 391-9975
One Year
Gary Beaderstadt
Two Year
Diane Anderson
Three Year
Jim Blakenship
Marty Witcher
The Prospector’s Quill is the official newsletter of theGold Prospectors of Colorado. The opinions arethose of the authors and do not necessarily reflectthose of the club or its members. The editor, club,officers, and contributors do not assume any liabilityfor damages resulting from use of information in theProspector’s Quill. Articles of interest are welcomed.All articles submitted for publication are subject toediting.Submission of articles must be received before the20th of the month. Unless noted, non-profits mayreprint or quote from articles, provided credit is givento the author’s and publication and a copy of thenewsletter the article appears in is sent to the editorof The Prospector
s Quill at PO Box 1593, CS CO80913. All pictures are the property of thephotographer and are not to be copied or reproducedquill@gpoc.com
Quill Advertising Rates
 Allow for a 3/8” margin on all sides of your advertisement.Payment must be received before placement. Sendadvertisement with check to:
GPOC Quill Editor, PO Box 1593,CS, CO 80901Deadline for placement 20th of the month
Sizes are approximate
Prices Per Issue
Business Card Size $ 6.00 4” x 5” (1/4 page) $12.00 5” x 8” (half page) $24.00
7:15 p.m.
Meeting called to order by President Ben Higleywith the Pledge of Allegiance.7:18 p.m.
President Ben Higley welcomed all newmembers, and asked that they introducethemselves.7:21 p.m.
Gold closing price for today was $1,388 per oz.7:23 p.m.
President Ben Higley introduced the new GPOCBoard members.7:25 p.m.
President Ben Higley said that member RobertSmith had open-heart surgery and was doingfine.7:26 p.m.
Bill Smith gave the treasurer
s report7:30 p.m.
President Ben Higley introduced Marty Witcheras the Claims Committee Chairman.7:34 p.m.
President Ben Higley spoke about the BLM andthe Forest Service. The club has an approvedplan of operation with the U.S.F.S. for the GPOCclaims on Beaver Creek pending signatures anda bond.7:40 p.m.
President Ben Higley asked if there was anyonewho lives in Park County that would volunteertheir time to oversee the club
s claims at BeaverCreek.7:49 p.m.
Web Master Stacey Smith talked about theinteractive calendar on the GPOC web site andreiterated the GPOC facebook account.7:53 p.m.
Vice President Wayne Wittkopp discussed theclubs needs to replace 3 large troughs and make6 small troughs at a cost of not more than$2,000. The 3 large troughs are to be donated tothe Western Museum of Mining and Industry.Ron Yamiokoski made the motion and Trish Barrseconded the motion with club approval.8:18 p.m.
President Ben Higley mentioned that we needvolunteers for a show in Old Colorado City for Iceon the Avenue. The show is Jan 15-16 inBancroft Park.8:20 p.m.
Break8:53 p.m.
Bill and Linda Smith spoke on fine gold recoveryand how to make a hand suction dredge.9:25 p.m.
Meeting adjourned.
Can you guesswhere this golddome is? It is oneof two inColorado.
 L    i  n 
GPOC The Prospector’s Quill Vol. 38 No. 2 WE ARE GOING ELECTRONIC
meetings events
volunteer opportunities
e ruarycalendar 
For further information contact:
Bob Hale
(719) 213-3383
Board Meeting
Gold Hill Police Station
7:00 PM
955 Moreno Avenue,CS, CO
12th & 13th
The West That Was
Green CenterColorado School ofMinesGolden, Coloradopreregisterwesternpaleo.org
see info below
Claims Committee
Ben Higley is working on Plans ofOperations for the club claims. This is atime consuming process and if you haveany time or talent he would appreciateyour help. Contact:president@gpoc.com
General MemberMeeting
7:00 PM
3400 N.NevadaCS, CO
Bob Hale(719) 213-3383
GPS Map & Compass Classes
9-11 AM & 12-4 PM
Denver Federal Center Building 810Lakewood, CO
(303) 202-4689
see info below
will be building gold panningtroughs for the club. They will be used in our club gold panning demonstrations and theGold Panning Championships. If you haveany talents and time you would be willing todonate contact:Wayne Wittkopp at
USGS Free GPS Map, and Compass Classes
second Friday
of each month. The sessions are held inBuilding 810 at the Denver Federal Center, Lakewood; Map andCompass sessions are in the morning, 9-11 a.m., and "UsingGPS with Topo Maps" in the afternoon, 12-4 p.m. You may signup for either or both classes. Call for reservations: (303)202-4689 or send an e-mail to gpsworkshops@usgs.gov.
The West That Was: Exploring Colorado’s Fossil Past 
Presentations from scientists with dust still on their boots,including Vince Matthews (Colorado geology), Jim Kirkland(Jurassic ecosystems), Bruce Schumacher (Cretaceous marinevertebrates) and Ian Miller (Snowmass Ice Age fossils).Exhibits and displays and natural science artwork that will spinyour spurs. Preregister at westernpaleo.org. Western Interior Paleontological Society. February 12th-13th
President’s letter, continued
We really need to card others on our claims as it is my belief that the holes that are being left in inconspicuous areas, aremost likely being left by individuals who are not GPOC membersand have no right to be on our claims to being with.These are our claims, people, and it’s everyone’s job to hold upyour card and inform claim jumpers where the open prospectingareas are and how to get to them. People that don’t comply withthe rules simply need to call Mr. Bob Hale at (719) 213-3383 theGPOC New Member Coordinator or a board member to have uscontact the Sheriffs Department.The United States Department of Agriculture and theDepartment of the Interior Guidelines as well as the GPOCProspector’s Code of Ethics need to be read and understood byevery individual utilizing U.S. Forest Service lands and BLMproperties, as negligence will not be acceptable.On January 15th-16th the GPOC had a show in Old ColoradoCity. There were 25 volunteers on Saturday and 20 volunteerson Sunday. The weather was beautiful only adding to anextraordinary show with excellent sales at the store and super news coverage!The GPOC interests are in providing local shows so our members don’t have to travel too far. For GPOC members thatlive in the Cripple Creek and Victor areas the club wouldappreciate help with any contacts you might have.The GPOC website will be posting updates to keep youinformed. Sincerely, Your Public Servant and President,Big Ben
Ice carving at Bancroft Park Januar 16th

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