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Published by milarso
Sports front for the Feb. 3 edition of the A2 Journal
Sports front for the Feb. 3 edition of the A2 Journal

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Published by: milarso on Feb 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Alwaysteaching,no matterthe score
hings can often look dif-ferent from the standsthan they do from thesidelines.Take Steve Vinson forinstance.Vinson, who is the coach forthe Ann Arbor Huron girls’basketball team, could be one of the most intense people I haveever met before.When he’s coaching at least.After the game, he’s a differ-ent person. He smiles. He jokes.He’s ready to give you a pat onthe back.But when he’s coaching,you’d swear someone put thumbtacks in his loafers.He looks mad almost all thetime.There have been some gameswhere I’m shocked that he stillhas hair at the end of the gamebecause it looked like he wasgoing to pull it all out while pac-ing along the sidelines.During a recent game againstSaline, I looked over at thecoach after his team missed itsfourth layup of the first quarterand I thought he was crying.He wasn’t. He just had hisface in his hands, somewhatdisgusted.In the waning moments of the game he was up and yellinginstructions to his team.
“Box out, Kelcy! “Alexis, you have to go upstrong!” 
Huron won that game by 21points. Realistically the gamewas never in jeopardy after thesecond quarter.But, there was Vinson,screaming right up until thefinal horn.This is where things can gethazy.To a person in the stands,Vinson might seem like a jerk.Maybe he comes off as somekind of frustrated old ballplayer trying to relive his glorydays as a micromanaging coach.He’s been criticized for beingoverly critical and always find-ing something wrong with histeam’s play, even when they winbig.Some might ask why hedoesn’t just sit down and letthe girls be. At the very least,when the game is decided, whydoesn’t he just be quiet and letthe girls play?That’s a reasonable question.And I would respond to thatreasonable question with aquery of my own: Is the Huronbasketball team perfect?The answer to that is obvi-ously no. The team is far fromperfect.So, if the team still has thingsto work on, and Vinson wantsto teach while on the court, whydoes the score ever matter?Just because the team is win-ning doesn’t make them a greatteam. Vinson realizes this.Vinson also has the foresightto see that blowout wins overteams like Saline don’t mean awhole lot in the grand schemeof his vision.Vinson wants to win statechampionships.He wants to make the Hurongirls’ basketball program thebest it can be, and that meansthat he can’t waste a singleopportunity to help make thembetter. And if that means con-tinuing to coach a game thatseemingly already in the win
 Eagles take down Adrian 70-50 in Southeastern Conference crossover
February 3, 2011Heritage Media
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Skyline boys blow out Bulldogs
By Mike Larson
A2 Journal
After a draining, emotional,come-from-behind win againstBedford, Skyline boys’ bas-ketball coach Mike Lovelacewasn’t surewhat to expectwhen his teamhosted Adrianlast Tuesdaynight.“This was apossible gamewhere we couldhave played alittle bit lessand let down,”Lovelace said.“So we really challenged theteam to try to stay focused andbring the intensity.”It’s safe to say that the Eaglesanswered their coach’s chal-lenge.Skyline defeated Adrian 70-50, capping off the team’s first20-point victory of the season.“It’s our first big win. Itwas a big blowout win for us,”Skyline junior Theron Wilsonsaid. “That Bedford game reallytook a lot out of us.”The game wasclose from thebeginning as thetwo teams tradedthe lead backand forth. Then,with 1:45 left inthe first quarter,Skyline sopho-more TravonnBanks hit a layupand was fouled. He nailed thefree throw to put the Eagles up12-10.Skyline never gave the leadback.The Eagles offense keptthings moving, hitting theMaples from all over the floor.Skyline showed off someslick outside shooting, nailingnine 3-pointers throughout thecourse of the game.The team also had a stronginside presence, as Wilson and junior Jarrius Mann both threwdown dunks.Skyline extended its lead to39-27 by halftime, but the teambrought out the big guns in thethird quarter.The Eagles opened the secondhalf by going on a 9-0 run.In the end, the Eagles lim-ited the Maples to just twofield goals and a free throw inthe third quarter, outscoringAdrian 21-5 in the third.“The second half was a hugestart for us,” Lovelace said. “Wemade a committment at half-time to really come out strong,and we did.”In the fourth, the Maplesgained some ground, but it wastoo late as the Eagles coasted to
Photo by Jonathan Knight/A2 JOURNAL
Skyline’s Jarrius Mann drives to the hoop last week in a gameagainst Adrian. Skyline won 70-50.
Hail, hail Huron
 River Rat boys take down Saline in SEC battle
Lady Hornets can’t keep up with Rats
 Huron girlsdefeat  Saline 57-26
By Dave Merchant
A2 Journal
When one of the top ranked teamsin the state who also happens to be aleague opponent comes knocking onthe door, all one can do is open it andhope for the best.On Friday night the Saline Hornetsopened the door toAnn ArborHuronand wereshownexactlywhy theRiverRats areone of thebest teams inthe Great LakeState with a 71-61 win over animproved Saline team.The game was very physical andhard played right from the start.There were two technical fouls inthe game and one flagrant foul.River Rat coach Waleed Samahasaid the matchup was a typicalhard-fought game between twofamiliar league foes.“It was a physical game withthe kids playing hard,”Samaha said. “Ithought we dida good job of attacking thepress especial-ly with the twoshooters theyhave. Theirshootersattacked usreally well.”The Salineshooters wereReece Dils, who
By Mike Larson
A2 Journal
Whatever Huron girls’basketball coach SteveVinson said to his team athalftime of Friday night’sgame against Saline, itworked.The River Rats, whocame into Friday’s gameagainst the Hornets atop theSoutheastern ConferenceRed division standings,struggled to build much of a lead against the upstartteam from Saline in the firsthalf.However, after the break,Huron busted the game wideopen, eventually winning theconference contest 57-26In the first quarter, neitherteam was able to get muchgoing.In fact, it was two and a half minutes into the game beforeHuron’s Kelcy Barott scored thegame’s first field goal.The River Rats couldn’tget into a rhythm against theHornets as the team missed sixlayups in the first quarter.“We couldn’t get it going tostart,” Vinson said. “We justweren’t converting.”In the second quarter, theRiver Rats started to breakaway, thanks to a 15-3 run tostart the frame.By halftime, Huron had builtup a 29-15 lead, but it wasn’t
Photo byJonathan Knight/A2 JOURNAL
Huron seniorChristianaAllen standsnext toSaline’sCaitlin Ellisas the pairwait for a freethrow.Huron took down Salinein a blowout,57-26.
finished with 20 points, andDavid Hendrickson, whoscored 18, including fourtriples.“We are doing the rightthings to win the games,”Hendricksonsaid. “Weknow wecan playwith anyone.They are oneof the bestteams in thestate andI think weplayed hard.”Salinecoach JayPlitzuweitsaid he liked some of thethings he saw from his teamon Friday night, especiallyconsidering the quality oppo-nent they faced.“The kids were competinghard,” Plitzuweit said. “Youhave to have consistency andthe fundamentals. I think ourkids are gaining some confi-dence.”Plitzuweit said the Hornetshave been playing good bas-ketball.“They are a good team andvery talented,” he said. “Theytry and make you play franticand they like to trap all overthe floor.”Jesse Buchsbaum led Huronwith 17 points and AJMathew scored 13.Buchsbaum, a 6-foot, 10-inchsenior, had a strong game atboth ends of the floor for theRiver Rats.“I thought weplayed wellon defense,”Buchsbaumsaid. “Ourdefense leadsus to our transi-tion game.”He said theteam’s topobjective is toget back to thestate champi-onship at theBreslin Center and this timewin it all. “Every game is abig game at Huron,” he said.“This was a big conferencewin for us. Our goal is to playstrong and win it all.”Huron’s Kyle Baker gave histeam a 4-2 lead early on witha short jumper. Hendricksonsank the first triple of thegame to put Saline up 5-4with 5:05 to play in the firstquarter.After Dils hit two from thecharity stripe after a Hurontechnical foul, the home teamwent up 10-5. Huron foughtback and tied it at 15 to endthe first quarter.
Photo by Hiroshi Onuma/A2JOURNAL
Huron’s A.J. Mathewdrives to the basketduring last Friday’sgame against Saline.

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