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How To Use The Web To End Poverty & Money-Related Crime, and Create A Sustainable World

How To Use The Web To End Poverty & Money-Related Crime, and Create A Sustainable World

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Published by Drew Little
Here is our full length proposal for our 33Needs Profile
Here is our full length proposal for our 33Needs Profile

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Published by: Drew Little on Feb 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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33Needs ProposalNeed
In July 2010,
percent of Americans between the ages of 16 and 24 years old were unemployed,according to new data from theU .S . Bureau oLabor Statistics ( BLS ). Furthermore, these statistics show that low income youths are the group that has been the most negatively impacted.According to the Child & Youth Well-Being Index, 1 in 5 children live in poverty in the United States.Youth employment is important for the individual to break the disastrous cycle of poverty. Without gainingwork experience during these years, youth are more susceptible to dropping out, delinquent behavior,engaging in violence and even teen pregnancy. But when a youth is able to find stable employment,opportunities are presented that will lead to a positive financial change.Another alternative can be low-risk entrepreneurship opportunities that the youth are passionate about.With the growing trend of technology, and it being second nature to this generation, this option mayprovide hope for these grim times.Is government the only answer to these problems? Can non-profits make social change alone?
With the rise of the B-Corporation and the L3C business entities, social entrepreneurs are providingvaluable products and services while adhering to a set of socially responsible principles, and making asubstantial social impact. If you throw in a twist of the web with that equation, there’s a lot of untappedopportunities awaiting in the near future.Just think about the billions in revenue companies such as Google, Facebook and others in Silicon Valleygenerate! If we can expand the web startup culture to urban areas around the country
(and around theworld for the matter)
imagine how much change that can bring…particularly
economic independence
The Need In Local Communities
In addition to the need for more economic opportunity,
College students are looking to gain experience in a field of study or passion while attending school.
Disadvantaged youth need an outlet of empowerment due to various socio-economic challenges theyface.3. There’s a huge lack of African American, Hispanic, and Women new media entrepreneurs (
whilebeing the highest consumers of new media
Local businesses and aspiring talent need dedicated support and consultation on how to effectively usethe web to gain exposure.
Local residents want to explore their communities, connect with like-minded people, and save moneyon their purchases.
Local wealth is being sucked out of neighborhoods by non-domestic corporations. This leads to lessfunds circulating in local communities.Currently, no organization exists to tackle these problems as a whole.We intend to fill this huge gap.
Web startup incubators, which are highly concentrated in California, have created significant amounts of wealth for young people throughout the past several years. Young entrepreneurs bring their idea to theincubator, and the incubator provides capital, connections, and resources to build a working prototype of their web app in exchange for a small percentage of equity. A good example is Y-Combinator, which hadaboard a startup that sold for $200+ Million.
Here’s a great blog post that explains the opportunity incubators/accelerators represent - http :/ow .ly /3 N 3 W
)Our organization wants to bring a similar model with a new media focus to urban areas throughout thecountry, create opportunities for college students and disadvantaged youth, and provide value to localcommunities via our student-driven, grassroots, niche web properties.With local advertising revenues expected to reach
$144.9 billion
in 2014 according toBIA /Kelsey— andmore and more dollars are shifting away from traditional media toward digital media buys, this createshuge opportunity for local entrepreneurs to tap into this growing trend. Companies such as Google,Groupon, AOL, and CNN recognize the location-based services trend and they are aggressivelypenetrating this market.With all the open source and low cost solutions around today, the barriers to entry for creating a webstartup are little to none. We intend to capitalize off this emergence and show the youth in urban areashow to do so as well.
Our Model
We are a student-driven grassroots new media incubator that is a for-profit organization with a non-profitsoul.Our mission is to help end youth poverty, promote diversity, and be an outlet for the youth to pursue their passions via the World Wide Web.How do we do that?We create student-driven, grassroots, niche social networks & mobile apps that connect like-mindedindividuals, and help local businesses and aspiring talent reach their full marketing potential.Our goal is to creatively merge the web with the real world in local communities.Instead of waiting for young entrepreneurs to present us with web startup ideas, we create and build webstartups ourselves and plug college students into low-risk entrepreneurship opportunities they have apassion for within our portfolio of web properties. In exchange for helping us run the sites, we will share30% of our profits with them. (
Worker Cooperative Influenced 
). After 4 years of working with us, we willhelp them create their own “web startup for good”.To create more wealth in local communities, we’re developing a local complementary currency for our users to access our products, services, and events, and to facilitate more trade among local residents aswell. Imagine a locally-based Facebook Credits that’s used online & offline, and you’ll get the idea. (
Thegoal is to fill the the lack of US Dollars in local communities - Learn More About ComplementaryCurrencies: http ://ow .ly /3 N 5 a 2

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