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SOROS January 2011

SOROS January 2011



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Published by Kim Hedum
Soros really hates Republicans, conservatives, Christians, pretty much everyone who isn't pro-communism. He throws his money in to stop us any possible way and won't be stopped. Except per chance by the Tea Party lol.
Soros really hates Republicans, conservatives, Christians, pretty much everyone who isn't pro-communism. He throws his money in to stop us any possible way and won't be stopped. Except per chance by the Tea Party lol.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Kim Hedum on Feb 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Citizen Soros
 Manipulating the Media
 Radical philanthropist GeorgeSoros gave $1 million to Media Matters for  America, a well-funded slander shop that roots out “conservative misinformation.” It’sall part of his campaign to suppress conser-vative ideas that stand in the way of pushing America even farther to the left.
January 2011
Citizen Soros
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y Noted
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e has conquered the world of 
nance and remains
rmly ontop of it. He writes bestsellingbooks. He dominates leftist philanthropy.He co-founded the Democracy Alliance, anultra-secretive billionaires’ club that wantsto transform America into a European-stylesocialist state – or worse. He owns theDemocratic Party. Now George Soros, whoalso fancies himself a philosopher, is posi-tioning himself as a media magnate in orderto continue his assault on America’s valuesand institutions.Like the protagonist in the classic OrsonWelles movie
Citizen Kane
, Soros can neverhave enough power. But unlike Charles FosterKane, the haughty, imperious
ctional mediamogul, Soros views himself as much morethan a mere leader. With a straight face hetold reporters, “It is a sort of disease whenyou consider yourself some kind of god, thecreator of everything, but I feel comfortableabout it now since I began to live it out.” (TheIndependent – UK, June 3, 1993)Although markets have helped make hima billionaire several times over, Soros hasdeclared war on capitalism. He blamesmarkets and something he calls “marketfundamentalism”— and not the suffocatingregulations and high taxes his funding of left-wing groups promotes – for the currenteconomic slowdown. “The entire edi
ce of global
nancial markets has been erected onthe false premise that markets can be left totheir own devices, we must
nd a new para-digm and rebuild from the ground up.”
By Matthew Vadum
Funding the hyperpartisan leftist attack website Media Matters for America is part ofGeorge Soros’s plan to intimidate the American media. The capitalism-hating billion-aire gave the group $1 million last year to slander conservatives, Republicans, andanyone else who opposes his radical agenda. Soros also funded a movie celebrat-ing terrorists who tried to kill delegates at the 2008 GOP convention.
2January 2011
Matthew Vadum
Terrence Scanlon
Organization Trends 
is published by Capital ResearchCenter, a non-partisan education andresearch organization, classi
ed bythe IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity.
1513 16th Street, N.W.Washington, DC 20036-1480
(202) 483-6900
(800) 459-3950
E-mail Address:
Web Site:
Organization Trends 
welcomes let-ters to the editor.
are available for $2.50 pre-paid to Capital Research Center.
“The system we have now has actually brokendown, only we haven’t quite recognized it andso you need to create a new one and this is thetime to do it,” Soros told the Financial Timesin 2009. In an interview with Der Spiegelthe previous year Soros said European-stylesocialism “is exactly what we need now. I amagainst market fundamentalism. I think thispropaganda that government involvement isalways bad has been very successful – butalso very harmful to our society.”Only in the twisted messianic fantasies of this octogenarian billionaire whose demeanoris that of a James Bond villain could suchphantom armies of marauding free marketfundamentalists wreak havoc on America.Perhaps these were the same laissez-fairelegionnaires who brought us Sarbanes-Oxley,Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, governmentbailouts of private industry, farm subsidies,ethanol mandates, smart growth, and thedisastrous Community Reinvestment Actin recent decades.One thing’s for certain: Soros’s answers to thenation’s problems almost invariably involvemore regulation and more governmentintervention in the marketplace. If apolicy increases the power of the state anddiminishes the power of the individual,Soros is for it.Because Soros is a lightning rod for criticism,recipients of his money often lie about takingit or perform an elaborate dance of legalistichairsplitting to conceal the fact he is fundingthem. For example, Paul Steiger, editor-in-chief of the left-leaning investigative journalism website Pro Publica, denied hisorganization accepted funding from Soros.In criticizing an Investor’s Business Dailyeditorial, Steiger wrote (Dec. 24, 2009):An unmitigated canard quoted inthe editorial – one that has a goofyway of creeping into discoursefrom a variety of people who dis-like something we have written– is that George Soros, the globalbillionaire, is behind our coverage.Soros has never given us a penny,and even if he had, none of ourfunders know in advance what weare going to write about, nor dothey have any role in deciding whatstories we do or don’t do.In fact Pro Publica’s website contradictsSteiger, openly acknowledging Soros’s OpenSociety Foundations as a donor.(Surprisingly, the liberal-dominated “NoLabels” group founded last month to combatwhat it calls the “hyper-partisanship [that]is destroying our politics and paralyzing ourability to govern,” does not appear to be con-nected to Soros. The new 501c4 advocacyorganization has a particularly vapid slogan:“Not Left. Not Right. Forward.”)
Glenn Beck, Threat to the Republic?
Not content to rest on his laurels, Soros hasbeen buying up media properties for yearsin order to drive home his message to the
Op-eds cause murderous rampages? Give us a break. If you apply the tortured logicthat George Soros-funded Media Matters uses to libel Glenn Beck, then the unhingedrants of the slander shop’s “senior fellow” Eric Boehlert (shown above) spurred aman to open
re at a Florida school board meeting in December.
3January 2011
American public that they are too mate-rialistic, too wasteful, too sel
sh, and toostupid to decide for themselves how to runtheir own lives.But controlling segments of the media is notenough for him. Now he’s openly fundingthe fake media watchdog, Media Matters forAmerica, founded by the formerly conserva-tive journalist David Brock. The writers atBrock’s well-funded slander shop assidu-ously monitor Rush Limbaugh’s broadcasts,seethe over Andrew Breitbart’s latest expose,turn purple over Bill O’Reilly’s latest on-aireditorial, and analyze every last semi-colonin Charles Krauthammer’s latest column insearch of that rarest of unicorns, the beastknown as “conservative misinformation.”Soros’s donation to Media Matters suggeststhat intimidating journalists who dare toquestion his vision is now a top priority forSoros. Come down on the wrong side of anissue and risk being labeled ignorant or evilby the smear website. Say that tax cuts leadto economic prosperity, and you’re attacked.Criticize illegal immigration, and you’re at-tacked. Say af 
rmative action is racist anddiscriminatory, and you’re attacked.“They are vicious. They only understandone thing: attack, attack, attack,” said GOPpollster Frank Luntz. David Folken
ik,media reporter for liberal National PublicRadio, was similarly unimpressed by MediaMatters. “They’re looking at every danglingparticiple, every dependent clause, everysemicolon, every quotation to see if there’ssome way it unfairly frames a cause, a party,a candidate that they may have some feel-ings for.”Media Matters relies heavily on personalattacks, rather than substantive or fact-basedarguments. It settles scores. Large swaths of the site are dedicated to skewering speci
cmedia personalities such as Rush Limbaugh,Glenn Beck, G. Gordon Liddy and Brock’sformer friend Laura Ingraham. What resultsis not even-handed analysis of what they saysilence non-compliant journalists and muscleright-leaning media
gures out of the publicdebate entirely.Even before the donation, Soros and Brock or write, but personal scrutiny, includingminute parsing and microscopic analysis of every comment and its presumed meaning.Today, Media Matters is one of the loudestvoices in the liberal media echo chamberas it feeds hard-line left-wing media cri-tiques to liberal blogs, sympathetic andlazy reporters, and pundits in an attempt toalready worked closely together. Before thelast presidential election they collaborated ona project called Progressive Media USA thatvowed to spend $40 million trashing GOPpresidential candidate John McCain. MediaMatters exists to help protect Democratsand harm Republicans. Even the New YorTimes describes the organization as “highlypartisan.” (New York Times, Nov. 1, 2008)
   P   h  o   t  o  :   R   K   O   P   i  c   t  u  r  e  s

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