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The Jungle: Original Comic Script

The Jungle: Original Comic Script

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Published by Josh C
Original comic script for The Jungle. Sitting at 16 pages with some good ideas but never picked up again. I really need to finish this work sometime...
Original comic script for The Jungle. Sitting at 16 pages with some good ideas but never picked up again. I really need to finish this work sometime...

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Categories:Types, Comics
Published by: Josh C on Feb 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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>>>>>>>>PAGE ONE (3 Panels)Panel 1. City scape at night, clouds rolling low over the horizon as rain peters down upon thebuildings and streets. View is along an alley, figure's back is visible as he plods down the center of the alley.Panel 2. Close up, hand adjusting shoulder holster under a heavy coat.Panel 3. Upwards angle shot of Munk's face, rain running down and dripping off.MUNK:It ends now.PAGE TWO (1 Panel)Panel 1. Interior shot, smoky, seedy underground bar. Basement style windows are visible in thebackground. Crowded, smoke, sex, gambling, strippers, drugs and drinks. Snippets of conversation float through the air, intermingling with the wisps of smoke billowing into cloudscollecting in the corners and at the ceilings.PAGE THREE (4 panels)Panel 1. Interior of bar, view of door. Scream is heard through the door. Bar denizens stop, eyeswide.Panel 2. Bar is quiet as all eyes stare at the door. Shuffling is heard through the door.Panel 3. Doorman's body drops outside of basement window next to door. Bar patrons shift about,Rhinoceros clicks the bolt on an MP-38 style submachine gun.
(that would be 3 panels at most, 2 at least)
 Then sketch it up as such, You have artistic license Panel 4. Long panel at the bottom of the page. Bar patrons staring at the door, guns pointed. Nosound.PAGE FOUR & FIVE (6 panels)Panel 1 (Wide shot, both pages). Same view of bar's door from interior. Door explodes in flurry of splinters showering the room. Patrons cringing away from the splinters. Some splinters lodge intovarious patrons, including one caught in the eye of a prostitute in the foreground.Panel 2 (Small, bottom left of page). View is from the left of the doorway. Muzzle flash bursts outof cloud of dust in doorway. Bullet rips a hole through the lower chest of a hippo holding ashotgun standing in front of the door.Panel 3. Close up of Rhino holding SMG in front of the bar, fires a long burst, shell casings flyingthrough the air. Other patrons firing pistols around him.
Panel 4. View of doorway, Munk dives through cloud of dust, behind a table. Bullets rip apart doorframe and a few hapless patrons at the back of the bar. Doorman's body still visible behindwindow.Panel 5. View from behind upended table, bullets splinter the top of it. Munk kicks the table hard.Panel 6. Ferret perched upon the bar, eyes wide as table flies at him. Unloading a magazine fromsmall machine pistol.PAGE SIX (5 panels)Panel 1. Close up of Rhino reloading his submachine gun as table smashes the weasel from off thetop of the bar over his left shoulder.Panel 2. Other rhino lunges from nook next to door frame, crashing his fist into the floor just infront of Munk.Panel 3. The Rhino's head explodes with another round from Munk's magnum. An eyeball is seenexiting the panel.Panel 4. Munk turns to face the bar room as patrons scatter, fleeing through the front and theback. Many are still left bleeding on the ground and their tables with splinters and stray bullets. Aprostitute next to the machine-gun wielding rhinoceros pulls a small, holdout pistol from her thighholster.PAGE SEVEN (4 panels)Panel 1. Munk is struck three times in the abdomen by the prostitute's .22 pistol as he fires around through the last Rhinoceros's heart.Panel 2. Close up on Rhino as he crumples to the floor. The prostitute takes Munk's fifth roundthrough the left side of her head and reels back into the bar.Panel 3. Close up on Munk's face as he sites down the extended barrel of his magnum.Panel 4. View down the barrel of Munk's magnum, muzzle flash erupting from the end, a figurecan be seen looking back over his right shoulder, eyes wide with terror as he scrambles throughthe crowd.PAGE EIGHT (1 panel)Panel 1. View of Donny losing a half a knee to Munk's final bullet, gore and Donny's body spinningthrough the crowd and covering everything.PAGE NINE (1 panel)Panel 1. Munk stalks through the now destroyed bar, the barrel of his magnum smoking as hedrops another round into the chamber. Donny's destroyed leg is seen in the foreground.MUNK:We need to talk, Donny...
PAGE TEN ( panel)Panel 1. Black.NARRATION:One week agoPanel 2. Light rain on a not too cloudy day patters down upon a well-kept graveyard. Families areseen leaving in the background. A couple of workers are filling a grave still bearing fresh flowers.The memorial picture shows a aged and gruff bear dressed in an incredibly expensive suit.
What do the underbosses look like?
 You know what they look like, think Triplets of BellevilleUNDERBOSS 1 (FRANKIE):can't believe they did this...UNDERBOSS2 (FREDO):So who did it?
^repetetive and somewhat awkward dialogue,
could try, "can't believe they did this","yeah, well who's this they you're talking 'bout?"
 Panel 3. A mansion stands tall in the rain with patrons coming and going for the wake. All issomber and markedly empty with a few cups still strewn about the floor.FRANKIE (UB1):We don't know yet, but it sure wasn't the cops.
"sure wasn't the fuzz"?
 Who calls them "fuzz" anymore? UNDERBOSS3 (FRANCIS):I swear to god, if those fuckers even thought about-
"if those assbastards even thought about"?
 My comic, my swears! You didn't like "fetid dingo kidneys" FRANKIE (UB1):But they didn't. So shut up and start helping instead of just shouting.

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