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Published by Josh C
Comic script written at my brother's request while in Iraq. Completed, but unedited and refined. Never produced or illustrated. Open to suggestions, comments, collaboration or illustration
Comic script written at my brother's request while in Iraq. Completed, but unedited and refined. Never produced or illustrated. Open to suggestions, comments, collaboration or illustration

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Categories:Types, Comics
Published by: Josh C on Feb 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Comic opens with series of shots showing the 4 sleepingNar: There are many people upon this lonely little planet. O
f these many people come their many
different dreams. H
owever, some special few awaken from those dreams. T
his is their story...
On the final line we have the 4 way split shot of all 4 heads pointing in towards the centerthe next page is a close up of Meatbot's open eye with the title "Awakenings" somewhere on thepage.
Show view of the cosmos, lots of stars and weird shit, the Milky Way is almost centered and large
enough to make out but doesn't dominate the view
Narr: In this universe, there are many lives...
View zooms in to show spiral arm of milky way where Earth is, we can make out lots of stars and
a few planets, use your imagination
Narr: These many lives are scattered across the cosmos, like the brilliant pinpricks they
Zooms in again to show the solar system, artsy shot of Earth from moon w/ sun in background
Narr: In
these many lives, there are many dreams. M
ost persist in these dreams all their lives.
But a few, a particular few, escape. This is their...
Title shot, Narrator's last word "Awakenings" used as the title, this is the four way split I was
talking about earlier
>>> Feel free to redo this intro, let me know if you want me to rewrite the dialogue,
this is just my idea for now
((So is Awaken going to be our official title? Maybe there doesn't need to be an intro meaning thenarrator not the imagery)) 
>>> This is true... I guess just go with what you think looks best for the comic.M
come up with an intro and we'll decide if we want it or not? Or
do we just throw the
reader into the story? A
s far as the title goes... I dunno. De
pends on what we do with
the intro
>>> Corrected back to Awakenings; I like your idea, the rehashed Intros have seemed
a little forced to me. Think I'll be able to use the original 3 para intro at some point?
Meatbot awakens to whispers in the woods around his campfire, odd twinkle in his eyeVoice1: He's over here somewhere. Come on*Twig snaps*V1: Careful now!Voice 2: Shhh! Just hurry up and move in((for mooks I've been thinking about making them super cartoony trolls, menbeasts, whateverweird shit pops into my head at the time))
>>> That's actually fucking perfect for what I was thinking of. I
mostly wanted
random shit from everywhere or nowhere
Meatbot's Inner Dialogue: It’s good to be alive…
>>> should MB be silent? I think so...>>> Ever seen Shogun Assassin? T
hat motherfucker never says a word and he's a one
man unstoppable army! A
fucking killing MACHINE!
MB gets up quietly and fades into the shadows
>>> Meatbot sleeps in tree?
Three men creep to the clearing, a series of close ups shows them using hand signals tocommunicateThe boss (V2) points to V1 and V3, signaling for them to charge the campV1 and V3 rush in quickly, then plunge their weapons deep into the bedrollThey stop, looking confused as they realize the bedroll is emptyV1: oh shi-MB crashes a hammer fist down on top of V1's skull as he drops out of the trees aboveV3 rushes MB, swinging his sword at him but is intercepted by the body of V1 being thrown at himby MBMB rushes V3 as he begins to recuperate and delivers a flying kick to his throatThe boss lunges out of the woods next to MB when he lands, brandishing a blade***DROP THIS***A bright light suddenly shines down from the sky, startling MB
MB looks up, reacting to the glare and catches a glimpse of something floating above him, staring
up at it, he is able to make out the barely discernible figure of Norman sleeping in his bed. V
throws an Ax/dagger/arrow/something at MB, catching him unawares and giving him a long gash
across his cheek.
Norman jolts awake, grasping his cheek where the weapon hit him, blood seeps down his arm and
neck/shoulder from the wound
Norman's Wife: A
re you up yet Norman? I'
m making breakfast now.
Norman: Y
e-yeah. J
ust a minute...
Norman looks back at his hand, the blood now gone and the wound healed
Norman says quietly while staring at his hand: what the …
***CHANGE***MB looks down at his bloody hand, the body of the boss (V2) is visible in the background, writhingbut we can’t hear his moans and blood runs down from his wound.MB stops and leans in close to the boss, we hear the boss screaming now, one arm and both legsare broken, ribs are protruding through his skin and his face is only partially recognizableBoss: You’ll never find it! It was never meant for someone like you! You’re not even fuckinghuman, you soulless, fetid pile of festering dingo kidney!MB grabs his face tightly with one hand, standing up and lifting his limp body from the ground,the boss weakly trying to fight with his one good armMB: Now… you’re going to tell me everything I want to hear, because if I don’t….Boss: What? You’ll kill me?! You’ve already killed me, fucker!MB: There’s still worse than death you stupid shit…Boss whimpers and stutters
Boss: It’s… it’s on a mountain…MB: Which?Norman walks into the kitchen, dressed in business attire and approaches the table where his
plate is already set
Wife: Di
d you sleep well, Norman? Y
ou look a little out of it...
Norman: Y
eah... I just keep having the weirdest dreams... They feel so real.
Wife: W
ell don't you worry about them. T
hey're just dreams
Norman: But what if they're not? (A look of concern is on his face as his wife smiles at him in a
sort of stepfordish kind of way)
Wife: H
mm, you say something?
Norman: N
o, never mind... (looks back to his meal and begins to eat, close up of raising fork to
his mouth)
Norman mutters: What a weird day…
>>> NORMAN SCENE: Witnesses weird shit, can't find cigarette, smokes used butt from
>>> Revised Norman:
 Norman's eyes slowly open as he lays in bedNorman thinks: guh... hello?Sits up and looks around, rubs eyesN's thought: Hi... It's morning... I thinkLooks blearily at clock, says 7.18amN's thought: Yes... Morning.Bustles into the bathroomCamera still showing outside of the bathroom door, Norman's thought bubbles drifting out alongwith various sound effectsN's thoughts: Wash? Kill the stench!... Shave? Eh... Fuck it. Just shave... Teeth? Brush. Badbreath bad.Norman walks back out, looking around room and rummaging through dresser for clothesN's thoughts: Pants... pants... pants. Pants! Fucking pants. Need a job where clothing is optional.Male prostitute?Starts to get dressed and camera cuts to kitchen, Norman blearily walking inN's thoughts: Food? Coffee? *prepping breakfast in the order he describes*Begins eating: Food. Feed the void. Coffee, thank fucking god.brief pause, silent shot of Norman eating

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