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Awakening Original Endings

Awakening Original Endings

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Published by Josh C
Original character endings for Awakening
Original character endings for Awakening

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Categories:Types, Comics
Published by: Josh C on Feb 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cut to shot of GH's lab, reality bubbles out and he appearsGH: Finally her-...Drill: Doctor?GH: WHAT HAPPENED?Drill: What do you mean Doctor?GH: We're back where we started!Drill: Yes, Doctor. We've dimensionally shifted, not physically.GH: But... Everything is the same!Drill: Yes, Doctor. Everything will always be the same.GH: But the new dimensions! Hyperspace! What happened...!?Drill: Dimensions are an aspect of reality Doctor. All the universe exhibits the same dimensions.What you need is a new perspective to witness the new dimensions. Not a new location.GH: Bu-.... Wh-... How... can.. I -DO- that?GH steps out of the machine, walking slowly across his lab, he's moving in the other direction thistime, towards the camera, he peers and looks in, He reaches foreward and his fingertips breakthrough the page, just show them overlapping the panel's border a little, maybe extending over tothe previous page or something, he grabs the side of the panel and pulls his head through
>>> Just had an idea, when he pulls himself through, we could have his hands
overlapping the top and bottom of the page, like he's gripping an edge, then on the back
cover of the book, we show his fingers wrapping around the top and bottom as a
continuation of that shot
 taps on the "glass" of the 4th wall, he presses on it a little. Stands up, scratches his head, steps
back, grabs his chair/stool, screams, runs and throws the chair through the 4th wall, shattering
the page, blank page as the comic panels, page numbers, title, everything falls off and apart, GH
begins to glow, illuminating himself in the dark, nothing else can be seen around him, he reaches
towards the viewer again and tears the page open, crawling through
>>> I like this bit, this is my favourite part of the ending and I was proud, as a writer,
to have been able to write this. I've redone it so it's even better now. If you don't
appreciate this you can suck an egg
Cut to BC, laying in the middle of nowhere, naked, covered in filthBC: Guh.. What the hell happened? I was sure I saw it... saw something... Fuck. Did I reachenlightenment and can't even remember? Where am I?BC stands up and cleans himself off. Looking around, he's standing on a barely visible path (makethe reader have to really pay attention to notice he's on it), I'm thinking of a gently warn trail of 
grass, He's standing in the middle of an endless field, very empty, few random trees, clouds andbirds above, flat ground everywhere thoughBC: How can I reach enlightenment... If I don't know where I am? How can I reach it... if I don'tknow where I'm meant to be going?Camera has been pulling out, he's very tiny towards the center of the pageBC: How can I reach anything if I don't even know how to walk?
>>> I like this line, but I'm almost convinced it would be stronger without it, I'm not
sure the reader would get the message though; I'm trying to say instead of worrying
about it all, you just have to GO, and so he's finally started walking
BC sighs, slumps and begins walking off Few bits of BC walking, he's going very far in this endless prairie, not thinking or saying anything,as he walks a tree just sort of pops up, hide it with the angles if you want, but I want it to appearout of nowhereAs BC steps into the tree's shadow, he steps through into nothingness, move the camera to showhim walking towards it instead of away and just wipe (maybe literally wipe) the world away fromhim, the same nothing he experienced very briefly early in the comic, he's falling towards anintensely bright point thoughCut to shot of Norman, the world is very vague around him, I'm thinking where everything isalmost black, and there's this small bubble around him of light, when things pass through, wecatch a quick glimpse of an outline or a sketch of them, Norman himself is shifting, changingstyles while still keeping the same general appearanceNorman: There's no explanation. No sense. It's nonsense. It's nothing. Nobody tells you anything.They just fuck and your born and you die. They talk about living. What IS living? How can this beliving? We do nothing. We die. What for? Why die? If dying is all we do, why live? Can we doanything else? What else is there? Life. Death. Life. Death. Life. Death. Life. Death. Life. Death.Life. Death. Life. Death Life Death life deathlifedeathlifedeathlifedeathlifedeathlithedealithldeafelideafelithdealidaflithadeithaldiahtalthef...*pause and then step*Norman: I refute it thusly.Show shot of Norman, everything black around him, illuminated by the truck's headlights shiningonto him from his side.Cut to Meatbot, fighting his way up to the very top of the mountain, there's a gigantic palace, He'skilling gods now, lots of gods, big scary angry gods, the kind of gods that could make Caligula cry.Women, Men, animals, other worldly, the wildest gods you can think of, just murdering andbrutalizing them, blood, limbs, entrails, everything
Meatbot has begun growing, don't draw attention to it though, he doesn't notice it happening, atfirst, his limbs stretch a little and his muscles bulge more, then he's slowly getting larger andlarger, he's fighting bigger and bigger stuff, giants, ogres, dragons, bigger gods, the other stuff isbigger than him still, but he's catching up, the bigger he gets, the bigger the stuff he fights is,finally he's fighting the last god, the god of the mountain he's standing on, he's finally matchedit's size and both of them are enormous, he's fighting it on the top of the mountain, they fight andhe kills it, crushes it under his fistSuddenly he's left standing alone, on top of the mountain, no bodies, empty, silence, serenity,everything is dead and there's nothing left to kill, his eyes are bugged out, muscles are twitching,we can see the blood running through his veins, he's looking around frantically, can't find it, thatone thingMB screams: WHERE IS IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!?!?!?Slams his fist down on the top of the mount, the entire earth shatters beneath him, crumblingaway and he falls, plummeting into nothing, as the debris falls away, he sees a land, a singlebeautiful oasis of an island floating in the middle of nothing, he falls towards itCut to shot of Gearhead's face, standing in the middle of nothing, camera shifts behind him andwe see his back in front of him. He reaches forward and taps his shoulder, a hand comes frombehind and taps him on the should, he turns his head back to look and sees himself looking backwith his arm on his shoulder, he turns fully around and sees himself turn around. He looks aroundand sees himself looking around everywhere he looks. He runs somewhere but all he sees ishimself running. Finally he gets tired and stops, he pants a little and looks down to catch hisbreath, he sees something a point... something, he reaches down, can't feel anything, reachespast where his feet are and still can't feel anything, reaches further and further until he just slipsdown towards the point, almost falling forward, sort of dives down at the point
>>> Inspired by Douglas Adams, finally finished Hitchhiker's same day I wrote this
Cut to shot of Norman, standing in a psych office, he looks around and sighs, sits down on thecouch and browses the magazines on the small end table next to it. They're all about llamas. Hehears a door open and looks up, Norman w/ a beard is standing thereBeard: Hello... *checks clipboard/forms in his hand* Norman. How are you doing today?Norman: ...Fine... I guess? Hello. Who are you?Beard: Fine, fine. Good. Well... welcome to not living.Norman: Excuse me?Beard: Not living. You're not living anymore. Welcome to it.Norman: You mean I'm dead?Beard: No! No, preposterous. Of course you aren't dead. You're just not living.

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