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Gulp and Gasp Drama Theater Scripts + Edited + Suggestions

Gulp and Gasp Drama Theater Scripts + Edited + Suggestions

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Published by Natasha Leslie
Gulp and Gasp script.
Gulp and Gasp script.

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Published by: Natasha Leslie on Feb 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scene One : Lord septic & lady Gatsby quarrel 
Narrator : Once upon a time, there was a rich widow in Old Town West named Lady Gatsby. This caused one of themost notorious man in town to want to snatch Lady Gatsby·s properties and wealth. However, he never hadhis luck. Until one day, he succeeded in cheating Lady Gatsby to meet him at the railway station. Before that,Lady Gatsby hid a bag filled with gold at the New Station Locker. Then, she tied the key around her baby·sneck.Lady Gatsby : What do you want from me?Lord Septics·s father : Finally, you came. (Evil Laugh)Lady Gatsby : What do you want?Lord Septics·s father : No rush Lady. We still have plenty of time to talk. (Smoking cigar)Lady Gatsby : I don·t have time for you Evil!Lord Septic·s father : You don·t have time for me? Huh? Where is your gold?!Lady Gatsby : In« In the« I will never tell you!Lord Septic·s father : Tell me! Where is it? (Grabbing Lady Gatsby·s arm)[GASP]Lady Gatsby: No!Lord Septic·s father: Tie her up, men! And take her baby away!(Lady Gatsby is tied and her baby taken away.)Lady Gatsby : Let me go! Don·t you dare take my baby away!Lors Septic·s father : First, tell me where is your gold?Lady Gatsby : Don·t even think about it!(A train comes and the men moves away, taking her baby. Lady Gatsby is crushed into pieces. The men, didn·t knowwhat to do, threw the baby in a trash can.)[BOOO]
**Leslie, Lord Septic was actually there when his father tied Lady Gatsby. So how about adding a smallboy (choose the shortest boy in class) to play Little Lord Septic. Dress him up like a little boy. Make himhold a lollipop or something as his watches his dad tie Lady Gatsby. Or you can make Lord Septic·sfather teach him how to someone and be evil.
Scene two : Lord Septic marries Clora
Scene at an altar, with Lord Septic·s father looking proud of his son.Priest : I now pronounce you, Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride.Lord Septic·s father: I·m so proud of you son! (hugs Lord Septic)
Narrator : As you can see, the bride groom is that evil man·s son, Lord Septic. His bride is Clora. Psst, do you want toknow a secret? He only marries Clora because she owns a gun factory. He doesn·t love her at all.[BOOOOO]
Scene three : lord septic at the match factory
Rose : (Trips over some boxes and the box full with matches that she holds fall)Lord Septic : Hey, stupid girl! You thought this is your father·s factory? Collect all those matches now!Rose : I·m sorry Sir. (quickly collects all the matches)Lord Septic : Good.(walks away)(At that instant, the match factory burnt down and Rose is still collecting the matches alone without realizing that thefactory is on fire.)Worker 1 : Fire-fire.Worker 2 : Run for your life!Worker 3 : Run! Fire !!!!(All the workers including Lord Septic ran for their lives except Rose that is still trying to find a way out of the factory.The factory was burning down quickly. The smoke was thick and an exit was nowhere to be seen. Finally, after a fewmoments, Rose get out of the burning factory through a window but she cannot see clearly because her eyes were hotand in stinging pain. She tried to find her way home.)
Scene Four : Rose and her mum at their house
(When Rose reached at her house, she quickly knock the door.)Rose : Mother, help me!Rose·s mother : Why child? (opens the door and shocked looking at Rose·s situation)Rose : Mother, help me. I can·t see. My eyes are burning, mother.Rose·s mother: Oh no! My poor baby!Rose: I·m going to lose my job! How are we going to survive? How am I going to be your medicines?Rose·s mother: Hush now, my dear. We·ll figure out something. (hugs Rose)
Scene Five : Crouch and lord septic looking for the Gatsby gold 
Narrator : Lady Gatsby is killed! Lord Septic marries Clora! A fire in a factory! Whatever is going to happen next?!(An empty railway station at night. It was cold and foggy. Lord Septic stomps up and down the platform under a gaslamp. Crouch carries his bags, running along behind him. )Lord Septic: It·s late.Crouch: Mmmmm.Lord Septic: Very late.Crouch: Mmmm. Mmmm.Lord Septic: My train is late.Crouch: Indeed, Sir.Lord Septic: Filthy.
Crouch: Really? (Looks at his shoes) Did you tread in something, Sir?Lord Septic: The night you fool. It·s a foul and filthy night.Crouch: Very nasty, Lord Septic.Lord Septic: Angry.Crouch: Mmmm.Lord Septic: Very angry.Crouch:Mmmm.Lord Septic: This fog is so thick. I hate nights like this. I can·t see a thing out there. It·s as thick as«Crouch: Pea soup, sir. Very thick pea soup.Lord Septic: I can·t even see the railway track.Crouch: Don·t get too near the edge of the platform, sir.Lord Septic: If this train doesn·t come soon, I·ll sack the driver. I·ll sack everyone. After all, next week I·ll own thisrailway line.Crouch: Indeed, sir. Most true, your ever-so big lordship.Lord Septic: Nothing can stop me now. I·m just a step away. Do you know what I·m just a step away from, you fool?Crouch: Yes. The edge of the platform, sir. Be careful, sir.Lord Septic: No, you fool! Power, Money, Fame. I·ll be the richest man in the land. And do you know why?Crouch: Because you·ll own the biggest train set ever.Lord Septic: Because I will find the Gatsby Gold. It·s hidden somewhere along this line. I·ll dig up the track. I·ll look underevery sleeper. I·ll search every station. One day, it will be mine. All mine. At last« And nothing will get inmy way.(He trips over Crouch). Get out of my way you fool.Crouch: Most sorry. Very sorry. Really sorry, sir.Lord Septic: Shut up, you twisted fool. Just stay here and tell me when the train comes. You know what tonight is, don·tyou?Crouch: Oh yes sir. It·s cold, sir.Lord Septic: Try the letter ¶F·, Crouch.Crouch: The letter ¶F· Sir?Lord Septic: Tonight is an ¶F· night.Crouch: Err« Frosty?Lord Septic: Try again.Crouch: I·m not very good with letters sir.Lord Septic: ¶F· Crouch. Tonight is an ¶F· night. Got it?Crouch: Yes sir. It·s a freezing, filthy, frosty, foggy, foul night. That·s a lot of ¶F·s.Lord Septic: It·s a FRIDAY night Crouch. And you know what that means.Crouch: Of course, sir. It means tomorrow is Saturday.Lord Septic: You fool! I know that. It means I need to go back to my country castle. I have a hunting party. I need to kill.My wife is waiting.Crouch: Your wife? Clora? You want to kill your wife sir?Lord Septic: No, I don·t want to kill her. But it·s not a bad idea either.( Lord Septic and Crouch·s conversation stopped when a girl appears out of nowhere.)Lord Septic: A flower seller. I don·t want any beggars on my platform. Tell her to go or I shall kill her.Crouch: Leave it to me sir. I shall enjoy this. At last, I have some power (evil laugh)Lord Septic: Don·t make a mess!Rose: Hello?Crouch: What do you think you·re doing?Rose: Would you like a few lovely flowers, sir? Only a penny a bunch.Crouch: Shut up. Clear off. Get lost.

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