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Jatropha Bio Fuel Investment Report

Jatropha Bio Fuel Investment Report

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Published by phatrsamon

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Published by: phatrsamon on Feb 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Money Really DoesGrow On Trees
 Jatropha Green Oil Programme
MARCH 2010
3. Introduction4. What is Jatropha?7. What is Green Oil?9. Green Oil Benefts10. Green Oil Programme12. Investing In The Green Oil Programme13. Green Oil Programme Investment Examples14. Leasehold Programme16. Investing In The Leasehold Programme17. Leasehold Programme Investment Examples18. Security o Your Investment20. The Programme Manager22. What is a SIPP?24. Jatropha Tree Investment Via a SIPP25. Current Operations26. The Importance o Green Oil27. Green Oil as a Fuel28 Green Oil From a Commercial Crop29. Poverty and CSR31. Energy Independence32. Environment34. Future Growth36. Support rom the White House37. How do I Invest in Jatropha?38. Frequently Asked Questions44. Legal45. Contact Us
Contents – Jatropha Green Oil Programme
www.SceptreInternational.com +44 (0) 845 229 4646
www.SceptreInternational.com +44 (0) 845 229 4646
We are pleased to introduce our Jatropha Green Oil Programme to you. This isan ethical investment where you can profit from financial returns of up to 29%per year, whilst helping eradicate third world poverty and to save the planetfrom greenhouse gases.
We are using more oil than we are nding. Though experts disagree about the time scale, mostagree that the rate at which we are consuming oil is now greater than the rate at which newreserves are being ound, we have already entered the depletion phase and are on a downhillslope o terminal decline. In short, the oil is running out.Combine this with worries about greenhouse gases and global warming and you can understandwhy governments throughout the world are urgently seeking alternative energy sources. Jatropha Curcas is one o the ront runners to replace crude oil in the world.This where your investment in a renewable source o green oil could make a signicant dierenceor you and or the world.
 There are two distinct programmes that you can invest in with Cash or via a SIPP:
Green Oil Programme
Leasehold Programme
 Jatropha Green Oil - The Future of Power 

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