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#158: Coming Out of the Closet

#158: Coming Out of the Closet

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Published by Chuck Weiss
Read more about Alien Abduction at AbductionSite.com.
Read more about Alien Abduction at AbductionSite.com.

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Published by: Chuck Weiss on Feb 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Abducted by Aliens
Or How I Learned to Cope With High Strangeness, Government Harassment, and My Mother (a True Story)by Chuck Weiss
Available as a FREE e-Book at AbductionSite.com.368 Pages, Color Photos & Fully Indexed
Contact Chuck at AlienAbductionTheBlog@mail.com.
158: Coming out of the Closet
When someone wakes up and finds that their life has turned upside down and inside out, they mightunderstandable feel the urge to tell somebody. If they do, the reaction they receive is often not whatthey had expected. To prevent unintended consequences, Abductee/Experiencers shouldn’t decide to“come out of the closet” without first giving it some serious thought and possibly preparation.The ramifications of talking about your ET experiences will depend on who’s listening. The approachshould be tailored to the audience. Your boss at work will most likely respond differently than your spouse or best friend. Even your children might not react as you hope. It’s probably best to first soundthem out on the subject of UFOs in general, before opening up to them about your contacts with their occupants.When you tell someone your fantastic story, they’re suddenly confronted with a difficult choice . . . to believe you or not. If they believe you, they risk falling down the same rabbit hole you did. Many of the people you know may not be ready to discard their view of the world and their place in it, but that’sin essence what you’re asking them to do when you share your stories of alien abduction and seek their support. I’m not saying don’t tell people so as not to disturb them. I’m just saying, don’t be surprised if you get a less than positive reaction from the people you look to for support.If you’re married, you’ll want to tell your spouse. Your spouse is the person most close to you andyou’ll naturally turn to your life partner for a friendly ear. If you get the support you need then all iswell and good, but many a marriage has collapsed under the strain when one partner couldn’t accept thenew pyridine of the other. If the reaction you get from your spouse is not what you had hoped, then it’s probably best to let it lie and not to raise the subject again. In that case, I suggest that you look for thesupport you need elsewhere and keep your home life separate. (More on that in a minute.)The same holds true for your children, especially if they’re underage. Children look to their parents for guidance and stability. If one of them seems “upset” and is “talking crazy,” it can create a fearfulsituation for the child. There is also the “humiliation factor.” Children are always concerned aboutwhat their friends think of them. Being the son or daughter of someone claiming to be kidnapped byspace aliens can be a hard cross to bear on the playground.

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