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View spreads from Neither Wit nor Gold

View spreads from Neither Wit nor Gold

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Published by Ana Božičević
A selection of spreads from Ammiel Alcalay's forthcoming "neither wit nor gold," (c) Ugly Duckling Presse, reproduced here with permission.
A selection of spreads from Ammiel Alcalay's forthcoming "neither wit nor gold," (c) Ugly Duckling Presse, reproduced here with permission.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Ana Božičević on Feb 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Say the random is its own designbut insist on its inefficiency.Say the form is complete and only theform partakes of any part of completeness.Insist it is arbitrary. Ask for longer lines.Insist its music comes short, its part notcomplete. The part of the past is of noconsequence for being past. Demand repetitions.Say: to the best of my memory can never beenough. When all the reports come in demandmore eyes. Insist amidst the end. Speak ofrandom jewels, of tatters, torn or ruined.into this world you come slower or more quickly_________________________________________________BEFORE LIGHTING THE KEROSENEHEATER ON MY WAY TO WORK ATTHE GARAGE I COULD ALWAYSSEE MY BREATH IN THEEARLY WINTER LIGHT
sell Merc finish the 47 get typewriter paintswordfish truck work on panel truck get Caddyready trade Jeep for the wagon take motor outof the 51 switch with 47 do cobblestone job atJT’s fish run to Fulton empty & hose down allthe trailers work with Murphy on Hughie’s boatunload scallopbuckets get Mercout of Bailey’sjunk cars 3 pmtill midnight allto the crusherbuy 70 LTD coun-try squire checkout 56 convert-ible sleep inthe Mack anti-freeze all cars& trucks go tothe track stripmirrors on Tommy Rabbit’s pickup check Diamond’s47 put ad in for the Merc get the 47 runningwire ignition put in exhaust cut exhaust outof the 56 tow taxi to the land help Mike withlanding gear on double axle flat unload Gundersonscope out 54 Caddy get starter for cab from Pattake loan out for cab ($47 a month) try to startAlbie’s Windsor put water pump in Jaffee’s carcollect bills all day puff up Mustang selectman’smeeting for permit pull drums off Caddy pick upload of plywood dinner at Seaview unload isula-tion court at 9:30 am up for 42 hours get triggerfor the Devilbis + 5 gallons of lacquer thinner& 2 gallons Omaha orange buy Ford pickup cutfloor out of the Studebaker pick up swordfishdeliver sink pick up plywood timber dumpfertilizer sleep in the Mack on Fulton run

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