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Free Writing: an essay about opening the door

Free Writing: an essay about opening the door



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Published by Janet Ference
Exploring the intoxicatingly fresh air of newly opening e-doors.
Exploring the intoxicatingly fresh air of newly opening e-doors.

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Published by: Janet Ference on Feb 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 an essay about opening the door
by Janet Ference
Free Writing an essay about opening the door
the author wishes to thank her teachers
Copyright © 2011 Janet Ference www.janetference.com www.bluefernpress.com www.twitter.com/bluefernpress www.twitter.com/janetference www.scribd.com/bluefernpress www.scribd.com/janetferenceBlue Fern PressSan Francisco, California
I’ve done a lot of free writing over the years. It’s liberating to give myself over toimpulse and intuition and surprise myself on the page. The kinetic spark of images, sensory details, and flitting thoughts, all firing in my mind with abandon, is exhilarating. This kind of fun usually results in writing that must be wholely revised andscrupulously edited, of course. Sometimes I find I can’t use it at all. Occasionally, quiteunexpectedly, I read it and discover I’ve written something quite lyrical and lovely. But mostoften, I see that I’ve given myself material snatched from the air and the psyche and thezeitgeist that can be richly used in other forms. What I’m doing now, though, requires another sort of brave abandon. I’m giving away my writing for free. Not freely, as in I share it with many friends. But truly freely. I’msharing it online so that any reader anywhere in the world can read it. Absolutely for free.Does this mean I value my writing less, or value readers more? I don’t think so. I havethe same complex relationship with my writing that I’ve always had. And I couldn’t possibly prize readers, like you, any more now than I’ve lusted after you all my life.So, what’s brought about this new kind of free writing?I’ve lost my patience. I’ve lost my faith. I’ve lost my awe. And I’ve found the air sofresh on the other side of all the newly opening e-doors that I’m intoxicated by it.My patience is thin these days because I’m ill. I’m living with metastatic breast cancerin my lungs. I’m lucky. I’m feeling well for now. I’m doing a pretty easy hormonal treatment.I may stay lucky for a long time. But I’ve got this terrible door threatening to close, a muchmore drastic door than any publication door closing in my face. So, I’m just not going tofool around any more, seeking the ever elusive imprimatur of a traditional publisher.
Free Writing an essay about opening the door Janet FerencePage 1

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Greetings, What inspires me to write is not new ideas, but my obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough. I suspect it is the same for others.
Ingrid Ricks added this note
I forgot how much I was touched by this piece, Janet. How goes it with you??
Quethzel added this note
I just want to say I think it's great what you wrote, congratulations.I loved the end is very funny: Drop me a line. It's free.
Shyam Adrift added this note
Bravo, Janet! Love open door policy. I am yet to think of publishing..the idea itself scares me, yet I overcame my shyness & at least began sharing my poems through Scribd! Deeply admire your short stories & your spirit of free writing. wish you the best in all your ventures!
Steve U added this note
Inspiring, Janet! Thanks for sharing it!
Robin Rule added this note
No wonder i fell in love with yr persona, Janet. When I grow up I want to be just like you. I too have stopped sending out mss. I've been blessed w/ 4 books I didn't have to do anything to get published, but I've stopped sending on the strength that like you I need to use it to get well. we're going to live long lives. i wish we could take off this fear & toss it in the trash. To Words!!!!
Carl F Maulbeck added this note
this is key and the great defect of o our society; a tremendous fear of risk. It takes strength, courage and most of all patience to be fierce and free - "I’m not going to sit back and let others decide whether or not to open that door" - great read, janet
Mary Yuhas added this note
Agreed. The internet has brought huge challenges but also huge opportunities. And the power at least for the time being has shifted from the large publishing houses and agents to the authors. Good luck with everything - I am sure you will do well! I tweeted

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