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Prepare Your Heart

Prepare Your Heart

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Published by Robin Harpe
This eBook was prepared for a couple in prepartion for the upcoming wedding. It is full of tips, tools and advice on learning about your partner - before marriage or co-habitiation. Includes a self guided personality assessment.
This eBook was prepared for a couple in prepartion for the upcoming wedding. It is full of tips, tools and advice on learning about your partner - before marriage or co-habitiation. Includes a self guided personality assessment.

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Published by: Robin Harpe on Feb 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prepare Your Heart For Love
PMB #325 14260 West Newberry Road, Newberry, Fl 32669telephone: 352-474-6297www.RobinHarpe.com
Table of Contents
The Anthropology of Relationships
Page 2A very short self analysis
Page 3Self Defeating Behavior analysis
Page 5Grief - how to get over past hurts
Page 10A Spiritual Exercise
Page 12What is Love
Page 13What is a Healthy Relationship and How Do I know If I’m In one?
Page 15Things to Discuss Before Marriage, Moving In Togetheror Moving to the Next Level
Page 16Marriage Creed, Wedding Promises
Page 18What’s prayer got to do with it
Page 20Transform Your Passion Into Performance with Robin
Page 21Resources
Page 22
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The Anthropology of Relationships
We all crave acceptance, approval, a feeling of belonging and love. It has been written about, sung about,discussed and diagnosed throughout history. Humans are spiritual beings who live in a body with anintellect. This means we want to connect with other humans, crave physical interaction and think aboutthem all the time!Relationships are tricky. People can make us do things we don’t really want to do, say things we wouldnever think of saying and act in ways that are just not becoming to our character. They also are the why behind our most rewarding emotional bonds we could ever dream about.This report is not about those negative relationships; however, you might discover you are in one. Thisreport isn’t going to tell you whether or not you should marry, live together or how well you will getalong. It will show you the way to create a blue print for your relationships that will answer those ques-tions and more.Knowing who you are , your values, warts and all will ensure you can create lasting loving relationshipswith those most dear to you. We will concentrate on your closest relationship, marriage, boy(girl)friend,partner, etc. Once you have learned the skill necessary to create the right blueprint for your most pre-cious of relationships then it is just a matter of replicating the method for family, friends, co-workers, col-leagues and even customers. Think of this way, if you will not follow yourself then why would anyoneelse want to follow you?Learning how to love yourself, take care of yourself and discipline yourself are the keys to creating the blueprint for lasting relationships. It truly is all about you in this case.Through the following self analyses questionnaires you will discover who you really are. Through com-munication of your findings with your significant other you will find love. We suggest that your partneralso take these same assessments and that you schedule uninterrupted time to discuss your answers.Through this discussion a beautiful thing will develop -- a deep love and respect for each other.Should you; however, determine that you are not capable with your partner you will have two choices! 1)discontinue the relationship as it is (perhaps just becoming good friends instead) or 2) continuing withthe relationship and your plans but realizing they (or you) may not ever change. The scope of this reportis not to answer this question we would suggest contacting a marriage preparation therapist, or yourchurch to resolve these issues before making this relationship permanent. Many marriages have failed because the preparation work was not completely honestly if at all.We applaud you for taking this step to ensure you are prepared to accept the loving relationships weknow you so deserve. Remember if you have any questions or need help contact us by email or phone.Our contact information can be found in the last section of this report.
Navigate Your Lifewww.CoachRobinHarpe.com

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