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Reports - Waweig Biodiversity 2006

Reports - Waweig Biodiversity 2006

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Published by ART'S PLACE
Waweig Biodiversity Survey
Waweig Biodiversity Survey

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: ART'S PLACE on Feb 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wawei  Biodiversit  Surve 
In order to properly assess Camp Waweig for futuremanagement, it is important to know the natural assets thatexist on the Waweig Camp property and in the surroundingarea.  s wor  was con ucte  y  sta .  rst, streamsamples were taken from the Waweig Brook in August2006.  During sampling,  biota noted was an immature MoonJelly sh (
Aurelia aurita
, a Blacknose Dace (
, and a Brown Trout (
Salmo trutta
.  Through meanso  c net sampes, t e o owng ent c macronverte rateswere identi ed:  Scuds (Order Amphipoda); Caddis ies(Order Tricoptera); Rif e Beetle larvae (Family Elmidae); andan immature Giant Water Bug (Family Belostomatidae).ater qua ty was teste  y means o  a  ut- ro eMeter. The following table lists the parameters tested and theresults.Table 1 - Water Quality Parameters and Results of theaweg roo .. co  mColiform (CFU/100mL) 100Nitrate/Nitrite (ppm) 0/0hosphate (ppm) 30Ammonia (ppm)pH 7.72DO (%) 99.9Salinity 1.2Conductivity m/cm) 183 
-elia aurita
and a Brown Trout
Salmo trutta
found in theaweg roo .Figure 2 Tina Spires, SCEP biologist, usesthe increment borer to collect a samplefrom the tree and examines a core sampleto determine the age of the tree.
Table 2 - Results from tree survey of Camp Waweig.  Seven sites were surveyed, and the trees found within 5m of the center of the surveyed area are noted in the table, with their height (m) and their DBH (cm) noted.  Also, age of the tree was determinedby taking a core sample from the tree.
Site GPS Coordi-nateTree Species eight (m) DBH (cm) Age of Tree Notes hoto1 45º1331N067º08’42Wred spruce 12.2 49.5 44
redominantlyre  spruce; ca.0%  r. Moistsphagnum mossand pine needleson  oor. Crowncoverage ca.0%
balsam r 8.892 45º1329N067º08’37Wbalsam r 12.8 33 37
ull stage  r hicket. Moist,mound andpit topo.85%crown closure. r under 4cmdiameter 
red spruce 13.7 44.45 453 45º1330N067º08’27Wred spruce 8.2 39.5 44
South facingslope. Crownclosure0%.  Floor – leaf-coveredsp agnum mossOld maturestand
aple 12.2 48.5
Site GPS Coordi-nateree Species Height (m) DBH (cm) Age of Tree otes hoto45º13’37N067º08’24Wbalsam r 7.6 20 25
r t c et stage.Mound and pit.South-facingslope. Floor – leaf-coveredmoss.
5 45º1340N067º08’23Wred spruce 4.6 26 19
Sparse overstory– spruce,cedar ~18mUnderstory – 4-m mosty  r,0% spruce
balsam  r 6 45º1340N067º08’32Wred spruce 12.5 43 51
All sprucemeasured same
balsam  r 7 45º1333N067º08’34Wbalsam r 10.7 47 7
BF under ’  70% crowncosure. oss oor 

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