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Crystals and Their Healing Properties

Crystals and Their Healing Properties

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Published by ickleweddwagon

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: ickleweddwagon on Feb 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Produced byEnchanted Unicorn
 The information contained in this short guide is not meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by aqualified medical practitioner. All recommendations are derived from legend, lore and practitionersuggestion. No expressed or implied guarantee as to the effects of their uses can be given and noliability can be taken by staff of Enchanted Unicorn.
 The unique energies of different gemstones are said to be an aid to healing of different ailments.Crystals have been cherished for thousands of years not only for their beauty but also for their greatesoteric properties. Crystals can help focus the mind and direct energy for healing, telepathy andenhancement of personal development.Clear quartz in particular has the ability to amplify and transmit subtle vibrations. Not only is it usedin healing and development of psychic ability it is also used in modern technology as it has a precisefrequency. It is also a good purifier of the air as it absorbs positive ions and emits negative ions.Quartz crystals helps those in their quest for spiritual awareness and enhances psychic ability. Ithelps to focus and direct the energies within and helps to protect from negative outside forces.Crystals are not essential for improving the quality of life but for that matter neither are family andfriends. However our life is much the richer with them. There are many ways to use crystals and although a few will be suggested shortly this is not adefinite guide. You should trust your own instincts and judgement and allow your own tuition towork rather than rely on the words and ways of others. Always do what feels right for you and donot follow the words of others as we all have different paths to follow and our own spirit knows whatis best for us. There are many paths to God.Crystals can come in various natural forms and the energies they contain can be intensified andenhanced simply by careful and thoughtful treatment and handling.
Quartz cut into pyramid shapes are said to have special properties. They blend into a perfect energyform and the energy flows in a direct manner through the apex and can be used in a moredirectional and focused way. Working with this type of energy is said to require a good spiritualattunement and balance of the user. Pyramids are energy accumulators and transmitters and canhelp the user to gain more awareness of past life memories. Allowing growth. Pyramids are alsogood for meditational purposes and help to balance the chakras and activate dormant energy.
 These are good tools for healers and are often used in meditation practices as they help with thedevelopment of psychic ability and development. The sphere when used in a healing capacity canhelp to re-align the body’s energies and absorb any negativity transmuting and reflecting back to theperson alleviating mental and physical discomfort. In meditation the sphere helps the user gaingreater clarity and allows the meditator to become more focussed leading to greater insight intoproblems and root causes.
 These are said to possess the same energy field as the human aura. Thus used in meditation thecan be useful to help increased awareness of the auric field. This allows greater perception as tosubtle changes and allows the user to spot problems before they become established. Use of theobelisk regularly can help the user to build up greater physical and spiritual protection.
Some crystals may contain flaws or inclusions that fill the crystal with light and rainbow colours. These are a rare gift and can help uplift the soul and increase the healing potential of the crystal.
Double Terminated Crystals
 There are crystals that have been fortunate enough to have developed in an environment that hasallowed termination at both ends to occur. These particular types have the ability to re-circulateenergy through either rend by drawing in and projecting energy at both ends. Symbolically theyrepresent the physical and spiritual and can have enormous benefit to those on a spiritual questgiving balance, calmness and clarity of thought. They absorb negative energies and change them
into positive before projecting them back at the user. Double terminated crystals are also useful inthe art of telepathy.
Crystal Clusters
 These are groups of single crystals sharing a common base. They live in harmony with each otherand each reflects energy to another making it a powerful unit. A good tool for cleansing and re-energising other crystals and stones for the purposes of healing. Can be used in group meditation toprovide an atmosphere of harmony and energise and stimulate the chakras.
 These are usually long and slender crystals that slightly taper towards one end. The surface of oftenetched. These crystals are used for healing, meditation and learning and help to generate aprotective force field. When used as a healing tool they can direct energy to where it is needed withgreat accuracy.
When choosing a crystal you must first clear your mind, breathe deeply and balance yourself. Focuson the purpose for which you will use the crystal and then look at all available crystals briefly,allowing yourself to be attracted by one of them. You will automatically be drawn to the crystal thatis resonating with you for the purpose in mind.Once the crystal has been chosen you will need to cleanse it of any negative vibration it can havecollected. Firstly wash the crystal thoroughly use soda if required) and rinse and dry carefully. It isnow ready to be cleansed. There are different ways to cleanse a crystal and the following are a few.Choose the one that appears right for you.1.Soak in a saline solution overnight.2.Cover with sea salt overnight3.Bury the crystal in the earth for one or more days.4.Use a visualization technique – visualize a pure white light filling and flowing through thecrystal taking any negative vibrations with it5.Smudging. Light some dried sage or cedar, blow out the flame and old the crystal the smoketurning it around to ensure all surfaces are smudged. You can use any of the above methods as often as you feel you need to after use of the crystal. Thecrystal can also be placed on an Amethyst cluster to remove negativity.Once you have cleansed your crystal you are now ready to energise it.
Once the crystal has been cleansed it can be energised to undertake certain tasks or specific healingfunctions. There are various methods used to energise crystals.1.By resting in sunlight2.For a more feminine energy power rest in moonlight3.Held in a fast running stream or stretch of water/waterfallWhilst energising the crystal in any of the above ways you will need to hold clearly in your mind thepurpose for which the crystal will be used. This focusing of energy will programme the crystal for itpurpose.

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