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Online Politics 101- 2011 Edition

Online Politics 101- 2011 Edition

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Published by tyler_gray
Note: Note my work! Created by Colin Delany of epolitics.com
Note: Note my work! Created by Colin Delany of epolitics.com

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Published by: tyler_gray on Feb 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Online Politics 101: Table of Contents
Getting StartedPage
1. Introduction to Online Politics32. The Internet as a Political Tool4 3. Eight Simple Rules for Online Politics5
Using the Tools
4. hoosing the Right Tools!5. "e#sites $%. Email &ists 15'. (logs and (logger Relations 2)!. Online Social *et+or,s25$. T+itter2$1). Social -edia 3211. ideo/0nimation 3412. 0dertising 3%13. ell Phones and Tet -essaging4)14. Political ata#ases4215. RSS44
Online Tactics
1%. Spreading the "ord 451'. Search Engine Optimiation 4$1!. Influencing ongress Other ecision6-a,ers 531$. "or,ing +ith the -edia 5%2). iral ampaigns 5$21. Raising -one7%222. onclusion8 *o+ 9O: ;ae the Po+er%4
About Epolitics.com/About The Author
<2)11 olin elan7Epolitics.com = dissecting the craft of online political adocac7+++.epolitics.com
1. Online Politics 101: Introduction to Online Politics
&et>s change the +orld? (ut ho+@ Ro#ot/,ung fu arm7@ Too epensie. Aom#ies@ Too mess7. Online politics@ 0 +ise choice8 the internet gies 0*9O*E B candidatesC adocac7 organiationsC corporate interests and eer7da7 citiens ali,e B po+erful tools to mold polic7C influence elections and shift the direction of pu#lic discourse.(ut +here to start@ Online adocac7 eoles Dust as fast as an7 other part of the +ired +orld B the technolog7 changes and so do its users and their epectations. 0s a resultC techniues that +or,ed #rilliantl7 si months ago might 7ield e7e#all6melting failure toda7.That>s +here
Online Politics 101
 and Epolitics.com come in. "e>ll loo, at eer7 method of doing online adocac7 +e can thin, of and help figure out +hat>s li,el7 to +or, in a gien situation. "hat should a candidate>s +e#site contain@ "hat mista,es should it aoid@ "hat are #logs good for@ ;o+ can 7ou use use Face#oo,C T+itter or 9ouTu#e as promotional or organiing tools@ ;o+ do iral campaigns catch onC and ho+ can +e get people to open their +allets to help fund our organiation or campaign@ In a sea of mass emailsC +hat +a7s of reaching ongress actuall7 +or,@ &et>s go through all of these uestions and man7 others and see +hat ans+ers +e can turn up.
A Brief Word About Terms
I>m going to use the +ord GcampaignH a lotC so let>s all get in the same #oat real uic,. In this contetC a GcampaignH is an7 organied or directed attempt to influence politics or polic7C from a lone #logger ho+ling in the dar, to a multi6gaillion6dollar pu#lic polic7 Duggernaut.Some campaigns are purel7 educational G+e>re going to tell 7ou +here #lue fiies come fromHJC though most GeducationalH campaigns in the political sphere hae an agenda G#lue fiies come from some place 7ou reall7 don>t li,eHJ. -ore oftenC campaigns are a#out adocac7 G7ou should oppose the spread of #lue fiies and ma,e sure 7our elected officials do tooHJ. Finall7C a specialied ,ind of campaign is designed to elect a particular candidate GRep. (il#o stands firml7 against the #lue fiie lo##7 and deseres 7our oteHJ.The tactics +e>ll discuss #elo+ are releant to all three ,inds of campaignsC though not al+a7s euall7.
Next: The nternet as a Political Tool
<2)11 olin elan7Epolitics.com = dissecting the craft of online political adocac7+++.epolitics.com

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