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Sweet Sensation

Sweet Sensation



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Published by Au Duong Tinh
R rate fanfic
R rate fanfic

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Published by: Au Duong Tinh on Nov 09, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sweet Sensation, Deadly Temptation [R]
Welcome everyone to my story. As you can see, there's a big [R]right next to thetitle. Meaning, you just entered this place at own risk.
anywho. :D this is a rated story but it has a story line. and these are my cast:Ella Chen - just turned 19Chun Wu - 23Danson - 23Ariel - 22
Chapter 1
Eye Contact 
With a tiny body and perfect curves, Ella Chen just turned 19 and barely beganher first year in college after a long vacation with her friends. Although she maynot seem like it, Ella is a very normal girl who works with her mother as a servantin the Wu mansion. Even as a servant, Mr. And Mrs. Wu adored her very muchsince she’s kind and innocent, but for Chun Wu, he was a different story, the typethat make his way with woman, one after another. He was very attracted to Ella.She always kept her distant from him knowing his reputation, and her motheralways made sure that Ella was never around Chun. So, every time Chun Wustays home, Ella had her chance to go out and play with her friends, Selina whowas attending college with her and Danson, the typical boy next door…
“Ella.” Mrs. Wu interrupted her as she nearly finished her mopping.“Yes Mrs. Wu?”“Here you go.” Mrs. Wu handed out an envelope with money inside. “Take this.”“For what Mrs. Wu? Did I do something wrong?” she asked in fear thinking that she gotfired. “What is this money for?”“No silly Child.” the house lady chuckled. “I’m giving you this to spend, you are going toschool now so you must need money to buy accessories and snacks right?”“But this is too much.”“Take it, you’re a big girl now.” she insisted. “You just turned 19 didn’t you? Think of it as a present from me to you then.”
“Umm..” Mrs. Wu held out Ella’s hand and placed the money in it. “Thank you Mrs. Wu.”she weakly smiled and went back to her work. As she mopped around the staircase, Theyoung man of the house walked out of his room, that’s it.. Chun Wu.“Morning Mom.” he greeted, making his way down.“Morning Honey.”He took a glance at Ella with a satisfied smile. “Good Morning Ella.”“Good Morning Mr. Chun.” she replied in a hesitating tone then rushed back into the kitchen.She was only doing what her mother told her to do. She must stay as faraway as she can fromthe one son in that house.“Do you have any plans for today Chun” his mother asked.“No Mom” he sat down and let out a sigh. “I’m just going to take a day off and stay home.”His head began turning towards the kitchen, hoping to get another glimpse of Ella, but shewas already far too gone.=====================“Mommy, Can I go out and play?” Ella asked. “It’s Saturday and I’m done with all mychores”“Why don’t you go out and see if Mr. And Mrs. Wu needs anything first.”“But..” she stammered. “Mr. Chun is out there.”“He’s not going anywhere today?”“I don’t think so, he said he’s just going to stay home today.”“Oh, then go ahead honey.” her mother agreed. “You can go out today, just make sure youdon’t come back home so late.”“Thanks mommy!” she made her way out of the back door and towards Danson’s house, but before she got there, a man in blue jeans and a striped tee shirt jumped out in front of her.“Where are you going little lady?” Danson joked. “Want to hang out?”“Sure thing!” answered Ella. “My mom let me out today!”“Let me guess..” Danson laughed. “Chun isn’t going anywhere today?”“Mmhmm.” she nodded. “How did you know?”“Come on, we’ve been playing together for the past 10 years. I think I know your mother bynow.” he answered. “And being one of Chun’s friends.. I’m surprised he hasn’t..” he pausedand looked at her from head to toe.
“What are you thinking about?!” she smacked his arm. “Look rich boy, are we going to playor not?! I don’t have all day. I have to wake up early tomorrow!”“Damn woman, I thought you had the rest of today off.”“I do, and half the day is already gone so lets go!” with that said, she pulled him into his frontyard and the two started playing basketball.From the balcony outside of Chun’s room, he could see everything that was going on over atDanson’s house. He couldn’t believe that his friend could spend his time with the girlworking for him almost everyday, but he himself couldn’t even get a chance to look at her directly. “Is she keeping herself away from me on purpose?” he asked himself and smirked.“Such a naïve little girl, as if I couldn’t do anything to you if you kept your distant away fromme.”After hours of playing ball with the boy next door, Ella finally realized that it was already9:00 at night… “Oh god, I got to go home now!” she shouted. “I told my mom I wouldn’t beout so late”“Oh come on, one more game! I’m only 2 points away from your score”“Oh as if you can beat me.” she laughed. “Wait until next life buddy.”“I was just letting you win, you know cause you a girl”“That is such a pathetic excuse Danson Tang.” she argued. “You’re a loser, admit it.”“Loser? Really? that’s what your calling me now?”“If the shoe fits… “ she waved and started running back to the Wu’s house. “Bye I’ll see youtomorrow!”Running through beautifully decorated back yard with the swimming pool water reflecting onthe wall, Ella was trying to remember the homeworks she was suppose to finish thisweekend. “Oh, I knew I should have told Selina to write it down for me.” she muttered toherself.“Don’t you think its dangerous to walk outside at this time?” someone said from behind her.“and more dangerous to hang out with the rich kid next door?”“Mr. Chun..” she softly spoke in fear. “Um, I apologize, I just got carried away and didn’trealize the time sir.” she looked at him and tried her best not to angle her face in his direction.“I’m really sorry sir.”“Don’t you have school tomorrow?”“No sir, it’s a Sunday..” with a confused look on her face, she wondered why he was askingher all these questions. “Ella, make an excuse to leave now! Your not suppose to be this closeto him!” she scolded at herself. “Mr. Chun, may I be excused now? I need to finish some uh..Homework.”

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