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What is a Reputable Rabbit Breeder

What is a Reputable Rabbit Breeder

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Published by Robert Usakowski
Ever heard the term "reputable breeder"? What is reputable? How do you become one?
Ever heard the term "reputable breeder"? What is reputable? How do you become one?

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Robert Usakowski on Feb 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is a Reputable Rabbit Breeder?
Posted onFebruary 1, 2011byRob Usakowski 
Ever heard the term ³reputable breeder´? What exactly does that mean?How does one become a reputable breeder? We hope to answer some of those questions in this article.Let me start by saying that term ³reputable breeder´ is very subjective.There are no standard set of guidelines that if met, makes one a reputablebreeder. We should probably start with a definition. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines reputable as the following:
enjoying good repute: held in esteem
employed widely or sanctioned by good writersSo by definition one would assume that being reputable is a good thing. Tothat we must throw in the term ³breeder´ so that we can determine what isa reputable breeder. So here is the Merriam-Webster definition of breeder:
one that breeds: as
an animal or plant kept for propagation
one engaged in the breeding of a specified organismFrom this definition we must conclude that to be a reputable breeder youmust actually breed rabbits. So lets lay down some basics on what areputable breeder is.
an't Self Proclaim
To be a reputable breeder, it must be determined by others. Either theyare looking specifically for rabbits in your line, visiting your website, or writing about your rabbits/rabbitry. These are factors that all are determinedby others based on the reputation you have established for quality animalsand good service.
Rabbit Lines
The most important part of being a reputable breeder is have good lines of your own. This is not something you can establish in one or two years. Thisis something that must be established over a period of years. Take a lookat your pedigrees. Do you have any that have just your lines on them? or as a minimum three generations of your animals?I remember the first time my girls talked to Brian Hartzell about aJerseyWoolyhe had for sale. They asked him what lines his rabbits came from.He responded, ³my lines.´ Thats a reputable breeder. Here¶s a question toask: when you sell rabbits either in person or on your website, what linesdo state the rabbits come from? If the majority are not your lines, then youprobably are not a reputable breeder yet.Now don¶t misunderstand the above statements. That is not to say you canttrust other rabbit breeders. There are many people within the rabbitcommunity that are reputable, but we are trying to limit this article toreputable
Interested in Advancement of the Breed
 A reputable breeder is definitely going to be producing rabbits for their herd, and when at the show table, consistently placing near the top. But areputable breeder will also be just as interested in seeing their breedmaintain an excellent standard. They are often encouraging youth toparticipate in the breed, and will at times, take a youth member under their wings to assist and train that youth or new breeder.I was speaking to a friend last week. His son was one of the top OldEnglish Game breeders in the country. They would attend bird shows inseveral states, and often attend national shows. When he first started in thebreed they were at a show in North Carolina where some of the topbreeders were showing. The gentleman that won the show that day tookour friends son over to the winning bird and asked him what he thought of the bird. Our friend¶s son said, ³I think she¶s awesome.´ The breeder 
replied, ³good, cause your taking that bird home with you.´ That breedersinterest was in promoting the breed. A reputable rabbit breeder will often sell trios to assist new breeders ingetting their start. They will often sell their best rabbits. Because of theeconomics of society in general, and the costs of raising rabbits, its unusualfor quality rabbits to be given away at no cost. But in talking with a rabbitbreeder a few months ago, she had done just that, to help a youth breeder get started.In addition reputable breeders are often sharing their knowledge. Often thisis done by speaking directly to new breeders and giving tips on how toimprove their herd. Although not required to be a reputable breeder, manyreputable breeders will have a website to share this knowledge. On flipside, just having a website does not qualify one as a reputable breeder.Reputable breeders are usually positive and approachable. They will notbe criticizing other breeders in emails, personal conversations or on their websites. A reputable breeder will find that they do not need to tear other breeders down to lift themselves up. Their rabbits and concern for other breeders will push them into the reputable breeder status.Reputable breeders are usually a part of many organizations that helppromote their breed. This would include national, regional, state and localclubs. These clubs promote the breeds and reputable breeders will want tobe a part of those clubs when possible.
Winning at the Show Table
 A reputable breeder has to do more than just breed their rabbits. They haveto produce rabbits of the highest quality. You will see that they have rabbitsfrom their breedings consistently in the top of their breed¶s top rabbitstandings. They should also be consistently in their breed¶s herdsmanstandings. Often they will be in the top in sweepstakes standings.

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