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Published by dolphingrlz

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Published by: dolphingrlz on Feb 03, 2011
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Check out the MWR SUBASE Nlon facebook page to see if the SUBASE ice rink is open!
Serving the Military Community in Southeastern Connecticut since 1918 Vol. 49, No. 32Thursday, February 3, 2011
Local...................................2Movies ......................................5Classifieds........................7
P   R  S   R  T   /    S   T   U . S  .P   O  S   T   A  G  E  P   A I    S   H  O  R  E   L  I    N  E   N  E   W S  P   A P   E   R  S   4   0   S   a r   g  e  n  t  r  i    v  e  N  e  w H  a  v  e  n  , C  T   0   6   5   1   1  
Sailors,studentscelebrate MLK Day togetherPage 5CelebratingAfricanAmericanHistory MonthPage 4
By Navy Region Mid-Atlantic & Naval Submarine Base New LondonPublic Affairs
GROTON, Conn. -
With snownd ice storms threateningeemingly every week, this win-er, Naval Submarine Base Newondon (SUBASE) Sailors andivilians can effortlessly receivep–to-the minute alert messageselating to inclement weather,mergency information, crisisvents, and road closings.SUBASE has joined the morehan 20 Navy installations andactivities in the service’s Mid-Atlantic Region enjoying thebenefits of the Commander,Navy Installation Command(CNIC) Shore Wide Area AlertNetwork, or WAAN system.“Tragedies such as 9/11 andHurricane Katrina, and shoot-ings such as those at VirginiaTech and Fort Hood, clearlydemonstrated that being ableto put out emergency infor-mation quickly is vital to thesafety of personnel,” said AlBrown, SUBASE EmergencyManagement Officer.“Government agencies, edu-cational institutions, and privateindustry have all been focus-ing on developing critical emer-gency notification methods toprotect life, limb, property andoperational capabilities,” notedBrown. “CNIC’s WAAN systemis a result of that effort.”The system provides Navyinstallations an effective andreliable mass notification net-work that can be used during acrisis to warn impacted person-nel.The network consists of four sub-systems: a ComputerDesktop Notification System;an Automated TelephoneNotification System; a “GiantVoice” Exterior LoudspeakerSystem; and, an “Interior Voice”Internal Loudspeaker System.SUBASE currently employs allof the sub-systems except a sin-gle base-wide “Interior Voice.”Buildings on the base that havetheir own separate internal sys-tems have a protocol in whichthe building managers relay theinformation.“We’ve long had loudspeak-er systems to alert personnelto issues arising on base, butthe recent additions of desk-top notifications and automatedtelephone notifications havegreatly increased our ability topush critical information,” saidBrown.The Computer DesktopNotification System has beenrolled out to each Navy-MarineCorps Intranet (NMCI) comput-er.Users are automatically reg-istered for the pop-up alertmessages when they log intotheir NMCI computer via theirCommon Access Card (CAC).However, all NMCI users
lert notification system available to SUBASE personnelavy leadership disturbed by rise in designer drug use
MC1 Tim Comerford
Navy Region Mid-Atlantic
Navy leaders are xpressing concern that recenttatistics suggest use of “Spice”nd similar so-called designerrugs rose in the last quarterf 2010.Spice and similar products aressentially an herbal, syntheticorm of marijuana, mimickinghe chemical compounds foundn the drug. These products areanned for Navy personnel.“The number of incidents of esigner drug usage is rising atn alarming rate in our Navy. Inhe last four months alone, 79 of ur Fleet Forces Sailors and 72acific Fleet Sailors have beenccused of using or possessionf the drug. That’s 151 Sailorshat if found guilty will bedministratively separated fromour Navy,” said Adm. John C.Harvey, Commander, U.S. FleetForces Command.Harvey believes it’s everyone’sresponsibility to deal with whatcould be a dangerous trend.“I need each and every one of our Sailors looking out for eachother,” Harvey explained. “Talkto your shipmates about Spiceand make sure they understandthe dangers and serious conse-quences involved with its use.”In response to the risingconcerns of the military overSpice and similar products,the Armed Forces DisciplinaryControl Board of SoutheasternVirginia and Northeastern NorthCarolina placed 10 businesses inHampton Roads off-limits to ser-vice members in November.Since the release of NavalAdministrative Message(NAVADMIN) 108/10 in March2010, which reemphasized theNavy’s drug policy, the U.S.Navy has been proactively cam-paigning to reduce the numberof incidents related to the use of synthetic marijuana.“Our Navy has zero toler-ance for drug use. If you areconsidering using Spice or asimilar drug, I strongly urgeyou to reconsider,” Harvey said.“If you are caught using it,even once, you will be sepa-rated from the Navy. There is nosecond chance.”Navy personnel determinedto be unlawfully using, possess-ing, promoting, manufacturingor distributing drugs and/ordrug abuse paraphernalia shallbe disciplined, as appropriateand processed for administra-tive separation, according toNavy regulations.In the Navy, drug abuseincludes: the wrongful use,possession, manufacture ordistribution of a controlledsubstance. Drug abuse alsoincludes: the unlawful use of controlled substance analogues(designer drugs), natural sub-stances (e.g., fungi, excretions),chemicals (e.g., chemicalswrongfully used as inhalants),propellants and/or prescribed orover-the-counter drugs or phar-maceutical compounds with theintent to induce intoxication,excitement or stupefaction of the central nervous system andwill subject the violator to puni-tive action under the UniformCode of Military Justice (UCMJ)and/or adverse administrativeaction.
Examples of other substances, thewrongful use of which constitutesdrug abuse, includes, but is notlimited to the following:
• Products that contain synthetic canna-binoid compounds, such as Spice, Genie,Blaze, Dream, Ex-Ses, Spark, Fusion, DarkKnight, Yukatan Fire and K2.• Natural substances such as Salvia divi-norum and mushrooms• Common use items abused by inhalingor huffing, such as Dust-Off, glue, paintthinner and gasoline• Over-the-counter products such asRobitussin and Coricidin HBP• Prescription medications such asOxycodone, Vicodin, Adderal and Valium
Photo by MC1(AW) Peter D. Blair
GROTON, Conn. – Sailors from Naval Submarine Base New London’s (SUBASE) Base Consolidated Telecommunications Center (BCT) remove snow from the Ramage Hall parking lot after Winter StormDenis, Jan. 28. The four winter storms have brought record snowfall to Connecticut and SUBASE, with Bradley International Airport reporting a record shattering 56.9 inches of snow in January, beatingthe old record of 45 inches set back in 1949.
Don’t let this be you!
File photo
GROTON, Conn. - Naval Submarine Base New London’s (SUBASE) new snow removal plan might keep the abovefrom happening to your vehicle during a snowstorm. See page 3 for the new SUBASE Lot Closure Map andremember to check SUBASE’s facebook page or call (860) 694-4444 for base closure and delay information.
For the latest regardingbase closure or delayed open-ing, call the snow hotline at694-4444 or check out theNaval Submarine Base NewLondon facebook page.Additionally, the baseparticipates in the alertprograms operated by thefollowing media partners:WFSB-TV-3 (CBS) WVIT-TV-30 (NBC) CITADELBROADCASTINGQ105(FM 105.5), The Wolf (FM104.7), WXLM (FM 102.3),and WSUB (AM 980).
Base closures, delays
Shoveling out, again
See WAAN on Page 6
2 •
Thursday, February 3, 2011
News in your community 
SAC now servingGales Ferry schools
Naval Submarine Base NewLondon’s (SUBASE) SchoolAge Care Program is excited toannounce they are now servingGales Ferry Elementary Schooland Juliet Long ElementarySchool students in Gales Ferry!The School Age Care program(SAC) provides care for childrenfrom Kindergarten through 14years of age. They offer beforeand after school care, half-dayKindergarten care for childrenin morning Kindergarten, careon non-school days and care onschool and summer vacations.Hours of operation are 6:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and fees arebased on total family income.Eligible patrons include depen-dent children of military per-sonnel, Department of Defensecivilian personnel paid from APFor NAF, reservists on active dutyor inactive duty for training,DOD contractors, and active dutyCoast Guard. Transportation toand from school is provided andthe program provides a healthybreakfast and an afternoonsnack; lunch is also provided onnon-school days.For any questions or furtherinformation, contact the SchoolAge Care Program at 694-4702.SAC welcomes Gales Ferry fami-lies to our program.
Submarine BirthdayBall date is set
The 111th Submarine BirthdayBall will be held at the MGMGrand Premier Ballroom atFoxwoods, April 16.Tickets are $45 per personand will be on sale beginningnext month. This year’s theme is“Celebrating 20 years of Cold WarVictory,” and the guest speak-er will be retired Vice AdmiralAlbert “Big Al” Konetzni.Uniform for the evening isservice dress blues or better.Covers are not required. In addi-tion, commands are encouragedto participate in the traditionalcenterpiece contest.Military personnel should con-tact their command’s birthdayball representative to purchasetickets. Others interested shouldcontact Master Chief ElectronicsTechnician Jon Smedley at (860)694-3980.
USS Iwo Jima reunionis scheduled for 2011
The USS Iwo Jima (LPH2/LHD7) shipmates reunion hasbeen scheduled for June 1 through5, 2011, at the Marriott City CenterHotel in Newport News, Va.Those interested should con-tact Robert G. McAnally at(757) 723-0317 or via e-mailat yujack@megalink.net. Allship’s company and embarkedNavy and Marine Corps per-sonnel are invited to attend.
USS Boston shipmatesplan reunion for July
Crew members of USS Boston(CA-69, CAG-1, and SSN-703) areinvited by the USS Boston Shipmatesto a reunion in July 2011 for allUSS Boston officers, crew, USMCand flag personnel. The reunionwill take place in Chicago, July 14through 17.For more information, contactUSS Boston Shipmates, Inc., ArthurL. Hebert, Secretary, P.O. Box 816,Amherst, NH 03031-0816 or call(603) 672-8772. You can also accesswww.boston.org for information.
This newspaper is an authorized publication for personnel of the  Department of Defense and their families. Contents of The Dolphin are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, the  Department of Defense or the Department of the Navy.
Commanding Officer Naval Submarine Base New London
Capt. Marc W. Denno
Executive Officer Naval Submarine Base New London
Cmdr. Michael A. Pennington
Command Master Chief Naval Submarine Base New London
CMDCM(SS) Ray Powell
Public Affairs Officer
- Christopher Zendan
- Sheryl Walsh
Editorial Assistant
- Christina Lough
Public Affairs Staff 
- MCC(SW) James O’Donnell,MC1(AW) Peter Blair and SN Michael Henderson
- The editorial content of this newspaper is prepared, editedand provided by the Public Affairs Office of the Naval Submarine Base NewLondon.
News items and photos must be received by 4 p.m. the Fridaybefore publication.
News ideas and questions can be directed to ChristopherZendan at 694-5980. Readers can e-mail us at
Logonto the Web site at www.dolphin-news.com.
- The Dolphin staff can be reached at 694-3514 or write to:The Dolphin, Naval Submarine Base New London PAO, Box 44, Groton, CT06349-5044. All news releases should be sent to this address.
- Advertisements are solicited by Shore LineNewspapers and not the editorial staff or Public Affairs Office. Inquiriesregarding advertisements should be directed to the Display Advertising orClassified Advertising departments.
Display Advertising, Laura Carpenter at (203) 752-2704, BetsyLemkin at (203) 752-2706 and Mercy Mosher at (203) 752-2702Classified Advertising (in Conn.) (800) 922-7066Classified Advertising (outside Conn.) (203) 789-5200
The Dolphin is published every Thursday by Shoreline Newspapers,40 Sargent Drive, New Haven, CT 06511. Telephone (203) 752-2701.Minimum weekly circulation 10,000.
John Slater, General ManagerShore Line Newspapers
The editorial content of this publication is the responsibility of the NavalSubmarine Base New London Public Affairs Office.The Dolphin is published by Shoreline Newspapers, a private firm in noway connected with the Department of Defense or the U.S. Navy under exclu-sive written contract with the Naval Submarine Base New London.The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts of supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the Department of Defenseor Shoreline Newspapers of the products and services advertised.Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for pur-chase, use or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, sex, nationalorigin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation or any othernon-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron.
This newspaper is printed on recycled newsprint. Please help conserve our resources and recycle this paper when you are finished with it.
 Awarding hard work 
Photo by MC1(AW) Peter D. Blair
GROTON, Conn. – Sailors and civilians from Naval Submarine Base New London (SUBASE) pose for a group photo following the quarterly awards at quarters,Jan. 28. The awards range from civilian years of service awards and Sailor, Junior Sailor, and Blue Jacket of the Quarter to numerous end of tour awardsfor Sailors leaving SUBASE for other assignments in the Navy.
By MC1(AW) Peter D. Blair 
GROTON, Conn. –
As thenation celebrates the contri-butions of African Americansthroughout its history, the Navycelebrates the outstanding spir-it and courage of those AfricanAmerican Sailors who haveserved with honor throughoutits history. One such man isVice Admiral Samuel L. GravelyJr., who not only served hiscountry, but became a pioneer-ing legend to Sailors who wouldfollow in his foot steps.Vice Adm. Gravely servedwith honor and distinction dur-ing a career that spanned fourdecades and saw him becomethe first African AmericanOfficer, first African AmericanCommanding Officer of a war-ship, and the first AfricanAmerican Flag Officer in theUnited States Navy.Gravely was born June 4,1922 in Richmond Virginia,and attended Virginia UnionUniversity. In 1942, he enlist-ed in the Naval Reserves andwas trained as a FiremanApprentice. In 1943, he par-ticipated in the Navy’s V-12program to train naval officers,and in 1944 he became thefirst African American Navalofficer.He began his seagoing careeras a Sailor aboard the USS PC-1264, a submarine chaser thatwas one of only two WorldWar II ships with a largelyAfrican-American crew. He wasreleased from active duty in1946, and chose to stay in thenaval reserves, until 1949 whenhe was recalled to active dutyas part of the Navy’s responseto President Truman’s orderto desegregate the U.S. ArmedForces.During a 38-year career,Gravely became the first AfricanAmerican to command a U.S.Navy warship when he assumedcommand of the USS Falgout(DE 324) in 1961. He servedin combat during WWII, theKorean War, and the VietnamWar, serving on ships like USSIowa (BB-61), USS TheodoreE. Chandler (DD-717), USSTaussig (DD-746), USS Jouett(CG-29), USS Toledo (CA-133)and USS Seminole (AKA-104).In 1971, he was promot-ed to Rear Admiral, becom-ing the first African Americanflag officer in the U.S. Navy.As an Admiral, Gravely com-manded the U.S Navy’s ThirdFleet, was Director of NavalCommunications, Commander,Naval TelecommunicationsCommand, and Director of the Defense CommunicationsAgency (DCA). DCA was hislast command before he retiredfrom the Navy in 1980.In 2004, he suffered a mas-sive stroke and later died atNational Navy Medical Centerin Bethesda, Md., Oct. 22.On Nov. 10, 2010, the Navycommissioned the newestArleigh Burke-Class destroyer,USS Gravely (DDG 107), namedin Gravely’s honor.“For those of you who sailon Gravely, this is your legacy.The namesake of your ship wasthe consummate Navy profes-sional. He was calm in com-mand, quiet and confident tohis approach to any question,but make no mistake: He worethe unmistakable mantle of thecaptain.” said retired Adm. J.Paul Reason, who delivered theships principal remarks duringthe christening ceremony onMay 17, 2009.The Navy names ships afterStatesman, Presidents, states,and cities, but the greatest trib-ute a Sailor can have is to havea ship named after them.“Appropriately DDG 107 willbe a member of the most pow-erful class of surface ships everput to sea. She will serve as aplatform for heroes for decadesto come. We now have a vesselbearing his name to remind uswho broke down the barriersthat once kept African Americansaway from the Navy,” said thenActing Secretary of the NavyB.J. Penn.Admiral Gravely was alsohighly decorated, with deco-rations including the Legionof Merit (2), Bronze Star,Meritorious Service Medal andNavy Commendation Medal,along with numerous campaignmedals from the wars he servedin.
U.S. Navy file photo
SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Capt. Samuel L. Gravely Jr., speaking at the ceremony mark-ing his promotion to flag rank aboard USS Jouett (DLG 29) at San Diego, Calif.,Jun. 2, 1971. Retired Vice Admiral Gravely passed away Oct. 22, 2004. He wasthe first African-American to be selected for the rank of Admiral and the first tocommand a Navy warship.
FRA announces February events
Branch and Unit 20 of theleet Reserve Association (FRA)ill hold their regular monthlyeetings Feb. 17 at the Branchome, located at 242 Thames St.n Groton. Unit 20 will meet at 6.m. and Branch 20 will meet at 7.m. All members in good stand-ng are encouraged to attend theseeetings. Membership in the FRAs open to all active duty, retired,nd veterans of the sea services,.e., the Navy, Marine Corps, andoast Guard. Membership in theRA Auxiliary, or Unit, is openo all spouses, children and stephildren over age 16, parents andrandparents of FRA memberas inood standing. For more informa-ion, call (860) 445-0731.Branch 20 and Unit 20 willerve their two monthly break-asts, Feb. 5 and 19 from 8 to 11.m. at the Branch Home. Thereakfast boasts an extensivemenu for a donation of only $5.Come on down for breakfast andsupport your Branch! Volunteers,particularly cooks, to help with thebreakfasts are always welcome.Call (860) 445-0731 and leave amessage for Charlie.February 6 is Super BowlSunday. Join your Shipmates atClub 20 to watch the game!The Board of Governors onceagain will host their highly popularCorned Beef and Cabbage Dinnerin March, the date and time to bedetermined. Advanced paid reser-vations are required. The sign-upsheet with the menu, times, andprice will be posted in the club inmid-February.The March Board of Directorsmeeting will be held March 1 atthe Branch Home at 6 p.m. Allmembers in good standing areinvited at attend.
Celebrating an African American pioneer
From Submarine Group 2Public Affairs
GROTON, Conn. -
Because of significant interest in the BlackHeritage Month Gospel MusicConcert, the date of the eventhas been moved to Saturday,Feb. 19 at 6:30 p.m., at theShepherd of the Sea Chapel inGroton.The Commanding Officer of Naval Submarine Base NewLondon and the Commanderof Submarine Group 2, in con-cert with our Black HeritageCommittee, cordially invite youto “make a joyful noise” andhelp celebrate Black HeritageMonth through music, duringthis event.Music has been a part of thetrials and triumphs in African-American heritage, and we’vecome to understand that thechurch and Gospel music havebeen a keystone for much inAfrican-American culture. Wehope to recognize and celebratethis, and the many contribu-tions of African-Americans tothe country and the world,by lifting our voices in unitythrough song and fellowship.For more information, con-tact Joseph M. Brickhouse Sr.,office (860) 694-4292/3341, cell(201)463-3867 or Eric Rattler,office (860) 694-4451/3341.We look forward to the pos-sibility of your choir and youjoining us for this joyful BlackHeritage Month celebration.
Black Heritage MonthGospel concert date changes
SUBASE Sailor honored by local Lions
By Lena Blanch
Ajunior Sailor from NavalSubmarine Base New London(SUBASE) was recently hon-ored by the New London Lionsclub for his service to theNavy and the SUBASE com-munity.Seaman Kimgauden GarciaValenciano a Boatswain’s Matewith SUBASE Port Operationswas named January 2011’sServiceperson of the Monthfor January 2011. The NewLondon Lions honoredValenciano Jan. 25, during adinner held at the OpportunitiesIndustrialization Center inNew London.Service Person of theMonth provides communityrecognition of outstandingactive duty enlisted person-nel stationed in the Groton-New London area. Sponsoredby the Eastern ConnecticutChamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut in coop-eration with active duty mili-tary organizations based in thearea, the program is activelysupported by local serviceclubs and civic organizationsat monthly events sponsoredby the clubs or organizations.“Seaman Valenciano is anoutstanding Sailor with abright future in the Navy.He is an invaluable asset tothe department,” said PortOperations Officer in Charge,Lieutenant Richard Thomas.Valenciano works at theSUBASE Pier Master Divisionin Port Operations Departmentwhere he’s job includes main-tenance and repair of equip-ment used for mooring andsupport of vessels at SUBASEand the drafting of detailedplans used during the moor-ing evolution of vessels, saidThomas. He is also qualifiedas a Sounding and Securitywatch stander in which he con-ducts hourly rounds ensuringthe safe mooring and watertight integrity of several smallboats used by Port Operationsin support of waterfront oper-ations, Thomas added.Thomas remarked thatalthough his hard work withPort Operations was a fac-tor in his nomination asService Person of the Month,his work with a local animalshelter cemented his recogni-tion. Valenciano in coordina-tion with the Fleet ReserveAssociation Branch 20 helpedraise more than $600 for sup-plies for the Groton AnimalShelter.“I am so thankful forthis honor tonight,” saidValenciano. “Sometimesyour work can be unrecog-nized but then you realizethat there are people takingnotice.”
Photo by Lena Blanch
NEW LONDON, Conn. - Seaman Kim Gauden Garcia Valenciano of Naval Submarine BaseNew London receives a plaque from Denny Hicks of the Chamber of Commerce of EasternConnecticut after being names Service Person of the Month for January, at a dinner Jan. 25.
Thursday, February 3, 2011 •
Map courtesy Naval Submarine Base New London Public Works Department
his map shows which parking lots and roads on Naval Submarine Base New London will be plowed first (in red) and lists them by priority in the legend. Please refero this map if you are unsure of where to park during a snow event on SUBASE to keep your vehicle from being towed.
`tip `_ta_` opsv +- >D((
s^Zefp^Zefp^Z efp
860-442-0687 or 860-887-9467
*licensed in: CT, RI, MA, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC and VA
ext 1
Teatro Lirico dEuropa presents Donizettis
Lucia di Lammermoor
Tuesday, February 8  7:30 pm
One of the most performed operas in North America, and featuring operas most challengingrole - a young woman driven to madness by loveand politics. Presented with full orchestra andEnglish subtitles.
Sponsored by Olde Mistick Village
Hot Tuna Blues
Saturday, February 12  8 pm
Hot Tuna founders, Jorma Kaukonen and JackCassidy, share an evening of American blues/rock with blues-harpist Charlie Musselwhite,and grammy winner Jim Lauderdale.
 Presented with Kitchings Productions
Brad Mehldau
Sunday, February 20  3 pm
One of the most adventurous pianists toarrive on the jazz scene in years.
Los Angeles Times
Military discounts for all Garde presented events!
Buster Williams All Star Quartet
Monday, February 217:30 pm
One-night-only jazz event with PatriceRushen, piano, Steve Wilson, saxophoneand Cindy Blackman-Santa, drums.
 Presented with Kitchings Productions
The Color Purple
Sunday, February 27  2 & 7:30pm
Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelby Alice Walker and the moving film bySteven Spielberg, this is the unforgettableand inspiring story of a woman who findsthe strength to triumph over adversity at alllevels. Grammy-nominated score featuringgospel, jazz pop and blues.S
 ponsored by Citizens Bank
Oasis Room
New snow removal, parking plan for SUBASE

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