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PAK-US Military Relations

PAK-US Military Relations

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Published by Zahida Khalid

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Published by: Zahida Khalid on Feb 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pak-US Defense Alliances
Since 1947 Pakistan had been facing very difficult problems related to his sovereigntyand survival. The threats like India’s aggression and china’s communism threat proved a severethreat to the survival of the newly independent state with really short of resources and defensivecapabilities against these threats. As it is formulated that a country goes for alliances if it issought itself vulnerable in the conflict which it cannot handle by its own. The same was theresponse of Pakistan, they were also looking for alliances to strengthen its position in theinternational society and defer threat regarding its security and survival. In 1950’s Pakistansucceeded in concluding alliance with the US and affiliated high hopes to the alliance. But in theinitial stages, these hops dashed down as US have not fulfilled Pakistan’s requirements, whichthey hoped from US. One of the basic reasons for that was the presence of hostile India toPakistan and US large interests in India’s friendship which didn’t allow Pakistan to enjoyalliance benefits at a large scale.In late 1950’s and early 1960’s Pakistan relied that her all hopes and requirements cannot be fulfilled by US which led them to think about the other power’s assistance for this regard andwas also a bone of connection between the US and Pakistan initially. But later with theKissinger’s secret visit to China and Nixon official visit to China in 1972 assisted in refreshinggood relations between US and Pakistan as well as newly formed relations with US and China.In the end of 1970’s with the new conflict of Russia-Afgan war the relations between US andPakistan reconcilated because of US’s large assistance to the Afghan through Pakistan whichwere deteriorated in 1970’s with the Pakistan’s nuclear programme. In 1980’s Pakistan andUnited States enjoyed good relations with each other. Pak got played a huge role in eradicatingUSA’s biggest even the threat which posed danger to the image security and survival to the
USA, the threat of USSR which is eradicated with the disintegration of USSR. But again verysoon, the relations between US and Pakistan fluctuated as Pakistan was inspected of having prepared nuclear bomb which was confirmed in 1998, when Pakistan tested its nuclear technology. Sanctions imposed and some of them were lifted by when 9/11 incident happenedand US war on Terror started. Pakistan again becomes the United States first ally and helped alot in eradicating terrorism. The war is still on and Pakistan is playing the same role.One of the historians has described the whole history of Pak-US relation in a singlesentence.
 In the whole Pak-US relation’s history, Pak derived from the most alled ally of US, to themost sanctioned ally of US, to the most suspected ally of US.
Pak-US Defense Alliances:
Pakistan has been working as a first ally of US since independence and always try to cashits strategic importance in South Asia. To protect its position Pakistan made alliances withUnited States and secure himself from external threat. The major alliance made between UnitedStates and Pakistan are as under.
Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement:First defense agreement between Pakistan and United States signed on 19
May 1954. TheUnited States undertook to provide defense equipment to Pakistan exclusively to maintainits internal security.2)Badabar Base:

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