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2010 Winter NHIC Newsletter

2010 Winter NHIC Newsletter

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Published by tsupasat

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Published by: tsupasat on Feb 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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winter 2011
Continue on pae 6:
Christmas Animals: Interview with the castABOUT
nsl s a qualy publcaoof n Hop iaoal Chuch. th goalsof 
a o commuca h ha of  h paso, h vso ad goals of h chuch,ad mpoa chuch s, smos advs  od o ca a ss of famlyad uy amogs h chuch mmbs.if you ould lk o cv a copy of 
 nsl  h mal, plas coac us a(206) 275-1042.
The Fire of God spreads to CA
to  chuchs  LA ad Sa Dgo abg plad.
P. 3
Chinese Revival Service
rvval svcs  Mada a oavalabl a h Mc islad campus.
P. 5
 Anybody Can Make a Diference
A soy abou a 11 ya-old boy h aha o hlp Ugada chld.
P. 8
Kirkland Care Group
A cag ad do-o-ah plac hlasg fdshps a mad amog adulsad chld alk.
P. 10
Mission Southeast Asia
rad abou Ps. Lao’s c msso p oidosa ad thalad.
P. 4
Phl Fsch as h Lo  h Chsmas Amals muscal. PHOtO BY: CHOLAtHit KHUeAnKAew
Jsus lovs you  sp of ho youa, ha you’v do… o ho yousmll! tha as h mssag of h 50mu, y ad ag muscal,
Christmas Animals,
ha as pfomda h Chsmas ev svc a nHop. th muscal,  by toy adG nlsso ad dcd by JJ Chas,as joyd by mmbs ad vsosalk. Bauful sgg ad odfullychoogaphd dacg capvad haudc-- cludg v h yougsof chld ad hos lf sadg  hback of h sacuay; h hous of Godas packd!
(Cw) vd som of 
 the cast to nd out more about them
ad h houghs abou pfomg a muscal.
How many hours of practice does ittake to put on a production like this?
Joy (Lamb):
At rst we started with
pacc oc a k fo abou 3 hous h casd o 2-3 ms a kayh fom 3-4 hous p pacc.
Nina (Camel Myrr):
JJ, ou dco,ally kp us o ou os. evy m hosd aoud, h ould hav us do hhol play all ov aga fom h op.Hs scss hlpd us o b xcll.w lov hm.
What was your favorite song in themusical?
Phil (Lion), Joy (Lamb) and Samantha(Camel Franky):
“th Pg Sog” sug byVva wu.
Kevin (Owl):
Kg of h Jugl. i as somuch fu o dac o.
Nina (Camel Myrr):
My favo sog as h Camls’ sog of cous!
Jocelyn Anderson
Ma Campus 10 a.m. eglsh SvcMa Campus 2:30 p.m. tha Svcnoh Campus 10 a.m. eglsh Svc
Administrative Ofces
12508 Lak Cy way ne#210, Sal, wA 98125(206) 275-1042saff@hopaoalchuch.comMa Campus9170 Se 64h S, Mc islad, wA 98040
noh CampusMoulak tac Hgh School21801 44h Avu w, Moulak tac,wA 98043
www.newhopenorthcampus.orPASTORAL STAff
Vau ad Da Laohapas So PasosCasa ad naly Plo noh Campus Pasostyso ad Pshh Supasa Asssa PasosSam ad Cal Yoophum tha/Lao PasosKy ad Mal tsa woshp PasosJoaha ad Joa Sha Campus PasosVco ad Loa Fosca Spash Spakg PasosPJ Hacock Youh PasoBda Supasa Chld’s Pasonal ad Mayjo Calks elds Yog ad ta tsa elds
Tai Tsai Ofce Manager
Ps.PJ Hacock Youh Paso/Facly Dco
Ps. Bda Supasa Chld MsyPha Supasa evaglsm Yog tsa MaagmPs. Casa Plo Mauy ad Ca GoupsJa Pla Mssosta tsa Pay ad icssoPs. tyso Supasa Youg Adul MsyPs. PJ Hacock Youh MsyPs. Ky tsa woshpPhl Fsch Mda/Publc rlaos
Jocly Adso, ByaCalcda, Paca Fosca, G Hbo, iaGuaa, Maam robso, May Kay Smh,Saa Sau, Ps. tyso Supasa, CholahKhuaka
w lcomyou comms ad suggsos! if you hav lads,sos ad/o phoos ha mgh b of s oou chuch famly, plas coac Jocly a (206)931-5324 o mal joss21707@gmal.com.
appy n Ya 2011! w blv ha God ll do odous oks of Hshads  h lvs of Hs popl  ou chuchs ad Hs nam ll b xald
and gloried amongst us all.Reecting on year 2010, we are so thankful and grateful to all the blessings and
povso ha God has bsod o oly o us, bu H also has ouchd may lvs.May famls hav b sod, may sck  hald ad may mmbs go jobs ad  fshd, may chuchs  plad, o oly  h US, bu alsoovsas.God has gacously gad us may blssgs  ou famly. Bda ad tada,ou olds daugh ad so--la lcomd h lovly s, noa ad Josah, o
8 months old. They are the joy of our family. Our eyes were lled with tears when we
 hk of ho much h Lod lovs us ad s gacous o us.Ou daugh, Joy, s o  h hd ya a h Uvsy of washgo. Sh sa had okg sud. Sh s majog  Busss. Sh joys sudyg, sg fds, svg h Lod  h oshp am ad h ca goup, ad okg pa- m a Ba tog tha saua. w sav a lo of moy bcaus sh as luch add h. Sh also lovs o pacpa  chuch acvs.Paul s a so a h ilak Hgh School ad plas o gog o Bllvu Collg Spmb 2011. Paul lovs hs fds  h chuch ad alays hags ou h hm. H also joys hlpg tada ak ca of hs c ad ph. H s a bg hlp a hom o us. H s also a subsu  h usy a chuch.th Lod gvs us a ga pvlg o ak h F of h Holy Sp o thalad adallos us o b a pa  plag abou y chuchs so fa. w avl o vschuchs  od o sgh hm.w ould lk o ak hs oppouy o hak ou chuch famly fo you lov, pay,ad you suppo. w blv  hav a odful chuch, full of godly popl ho
want to serve the Lord and seek Him with all their heart. May the Lord God ll your
lf h vy blssg fom o hgh. May H ouch you  all aspcs of you lvs.May H hal, dlv, so, fsh, povd, ad ao you mo  2011. Hav asupaual ya!Lov  Chs,Pasos Da ad Lao
th F of God  thalad
A l fom Ps. Km of takas Assmbly of God Chuch, thalad.
My famly, chuch mmbs ad i ould lk o hak God fo you lf. w a sogaful ad hak h Lod ha  a abl o bcom o of you Flloshpchuchs. i s my hoo o com  coac h you. May h Lod blss you ad gvyou sgh. You a such a blssg o thalad.i ould lk o sha my smoy; my am s Km. i  o h vval svcs thalad o novmb 14, 2010. Af i cam back fom h svcs, h Lod ldm o m 4 popl ad a moh ho has a fou-moh-old fa a h rama 8
bridge. All of them accepted Christ, the re of God touched the baby and she was
hald saly fom szus! Halllujah!Las Moday o of my mmbs bough a ausc chld o m ad hs ss cam
 too. I told them about God and they decided to accept Christ and the re of God
 ouchd hm. evl sps  cas ou. H ausc so as o abl o alk bu
Continue on pae 4:
Letter rom Ps. Kim
New Churches in Los Angeles and San Diego
Ps. Tyson Supasatit
i h pas sval mohs, goups of tha Chsas  Los Agls ad SaDgo agd o sa  chuchs hos cs, lyg o asssacfom n Hop iaoal Chuch o sablsh hmslvs. O goup Sa Dgo, af havg lsd o Ps.Lao’s tha smo CDs ad adg avval mg  Los Agls, vsdn Hop fo a f days. th amsa Pas ad Pla, a husbad ad f ha o may tha sauas, adJ, Pla’s boh. i Dcmb, Ps. Lao,Ps. Sam ad Ps. Cal, Pa ad na, Jaa,na, ad toy vsd Sa Dgo ad LosAgls o coduc vval mgs adcouag h bohs ad sss.though Mach, n Hop ll sdchuch lads do o Sa Dgovy kd o a ad mpac asp of svahood, vaglsm, adxcllc  svc. i addo, hmo mau blvs  Los Aglshav alady sad mg ogh.thy a ld by Ps. Sam (a dffPs. Sam fom ous) ad hs f, Sug,ad hy also sd gula asssac o h chuch  Sa Dgo. n Hopmmbs ho a sd  avlg  o Sa Dgo h lads ca coacJa Pla fo dals, cludg a ls of ho fom Sal ll b gog, cos, adaccommodao.
Sa Dgo Msso tam Upda
(mal dad 1-09-11)
evyo h  Sa Dgo s ally xcd o m h ams comg o achad a. Pha ad i a joyg o ach hm; mosly Pha, bcausof h laguag, bu hs tha s ug o hm ad h s achg hm hBbl ad paccal pos  svg God cosaly.today h augh hm gadg vaglsm. i couagd hm h hfollog: hav a BiG vso fo h chuch  Sa Dgo, alk  lov, humly,fogv asly, hav sva has ad DOn’t gv up. Mos of h popludsad ad spak eglsh, bu a f do’, so Pla dd som pva aslao. w layd hads ad payd fo h sv popl  adac:Pas, Pla, J, Da (h ay), Pha ad hs f, Ga, ad Dag (sfom h chuch  LA o hlp hs hol moh); ad o oh ma jodla.
We missed our ight out tonight so we returned to stay the night and now
Pha s achg mo; o mo oma, a saua o ad hdaugh soppd by.Khu Dag fom LA s sdg o Sal 3 tha laguag spaps fomLA h bg advsms of h LA ad Sa Dgo chuch svcs. i blvGod has bg plas fo hs o chuchs o b a pa of bg havss  hsaa. no fo ay ma o chuch’s puao, l us pay fo h ga havsof souls! Lov o all, Pha ad Bda Supasa
rvval Svc  Calfoa PHOtOS BY PS. LAO
though Mach, nHop ll sd chuchlads do o SaDgo vy kd o a ad mpac asp of svahood,vaglsm, ad xcl-lc  svc.

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