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Primary Sources for Israel NHD Research

Primary Sources for Israel NHD Research

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Published by Sarah Macris

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Sarah Macris on Feb 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dodd, P., and Barakat H. ³River Without Bridges: A Study of the Exodus of the 1967 PalestinianArab Refugees´ 1969. Farsoun, Samih K.
 Palestine and the Palestinians
. Boulder:HarperCollins, 1997. 135. Print.This primary source provides valuable data as to why different Arab families fled, givinginsight into the dangers that they faced. Though this shows only numbers, the clearlylabeled reasoning of the Palestinian families is saddening. The specific numbers shown inthe survey, such as the fact that 22% of the families surveyed left because of directthreats shows the chaos and violence present at this time and the fear the refugees wereexperiencing at the time of flight. I believe that we will be able to use these statistics toshow what a traumatizing time this was for the Palestinian people. We can use this toargue that the creation of the state of Israel was extremely difficult and trying for the people already living there.Horowitz, David.
 Jewish Colonization and Arab Development in Palestine
. Rep. no. 76. JewishAgency 1945. Print.This document was written just two years before Israel was created. Consequently, itcontains the arguments and ideas present at the time, the conflicting propositions anddiffering beliefs. It presents the Israeli side of the argument, which is actually helpful, because it may help us come up with points to argue against. For instance, Horowitzsupports mass Jewish immigration to Palestine in the report, saying that their talents andentrepreneurship helped transform the country only for the better. Horowitz¶s carefulresearch has provided accurate figures of immigration and land sales, all of which areclear and easy to understand.
eport by His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the Council of the League of Nations on the Administration of Palestine and Trans-Jordan for the Year 1938
. Rep. Print.This is an in-depth, detailed report that clearly describes the physical features of Palestineas well as the government issues. For instance, it goes through the administrationsdecisions month by month, breaking large events into easily understood sections. It alsohas the names of all the people in the government, potentially valuable information for us, especially when we further our research on the British effect on the separate state.Also, this report was written only a few years before Israel became a separate state,giving a clear picture of opinions before and after WW2. It is a reliable source that isclearly written, filled with important statistics, most of which will be helpful in backingup our argument."Resolution 242."
The Cold War 
. Ed. Walter Hixson. Woodbridge, CT: Primary Source Media,2000. American Journey.
Gale World History In Context 
. Web. 1 Nov. 2010.This primary source is a resolution the UN came up with to deal with matters in TheMiddle East, primarily the issue between the Palestinians and the Jews over who has theright to the land of Palestine. It emphasizes the fact that territory should not be acquired by war and the need to create a lasting peace for everyone. It also emphasizes that theIsraeli forces should be removed from occupied territories, to help achieve that peace.This document also recognizes the need for a just solution to the refugee problem (theJews immigrating to Palestine to escape persecution). This is useful to find out how theworld dealt with problems in the Middle East.Seigel, Reginarl. "Jewish State Proclaimed in Palestine; Arab-Jewish Fighting Erupts."

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