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Maps essay

Maps essay

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Published by Anthony Falcon

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Published by: Anthony Falcon on Feb 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Anthony Falcon 1
Block 2-3-11 
Maps are useful to humanity because they help with navigation; help to displayinformation, and helped the formation of ancient civilizations. Maps have been in existence formany centuries. Maps have, in many ways, proven to be very useful in human history. Youcould say that without maps, we would be very far behind in geographical science.The world would not have its current navigational abilities without maps. Thetechnology we use to navigate today, like GPSs, would be nonexistent because GPSs need themaps from our satellites to tell us where to go. Maps helped with navigation in the 1500s asEuropean countries traveled to the New World to settle. I believe that our navigation tools andskills would be very far behind, or nonexistent if we didnt have maps.Maps help to display information in an easy to read way. People today can look at a mapand get information faster than ever before, this is because maps have improved over time. Youcan look at a map and find your exact longitude and latitude by just looking at the map. If youneed to know where a certain country or capital is, you can just look at a map and find outexactly where the country or capital you are trying to find is. Maps help to display informationin a very easy way.Maps helped to form the well-known ancient civilizations that we learn about today.Without maps, ancient civilizations probably wouldnt have formed in the same way. Ancienthumans wouldnt have been able to form cities if they did not have maps. Maps helped ancientcivilizations trade with one another, and some civilizations wouldnt have been successfulwithout maps, because without maps there wouldnt have been very much trade becausehumans would not have known how to get to other civilizations. Maps helped ancientcivilizations form and become successful.In conclusion maps have been very useful to humanity because of their helping of theimprovement of navigation, displaying of information, and in the formation of well-knownancient civilizations. Without maps the world would be a very different place. Our currentnavigational tools would be very far behind or non-existent, we would not have as muchinformation about the Earth as we do now if maps hadnt been created, and ancientcivilizations wouldnt have been very successful without the creation of maps. Maps willcontinue to improve as time goes on, making them even easier tools to use and study.     

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