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Published by bcacbali7362

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Published by: bcacbali7362 on Feb 04, 2011
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Rudolf Steiner’s
A workshop for the Green School Parent‐Teacher
community at BCAC – Ubud, Bali
Polar Opposites)Mother and Father of all spectrumcolors. Yellow and Blue contain the potential totransform into the full spectrum through ‘Intensification’Steiner attaches universal natural and spiritual significance to this pair
North Pole/ South Pole Night/Day Sun/Moon
Male/Female Beauty/Ugliness Love/HateMacrocosm/Microcosm Heaven/Hell Red/GreenGood/Evil Body/Spirit Dark/LightYin/Yang War/Peace Wisdom/Ignorance
 Boarder Spectra
Rudolf Steiner Color Circle
 Breakdown of the Color Circle into Pairs
The Individual Colors
Their aesthetic and emotionaleffects are consistent anduniversal.
Their effects are consistent andubiquitous.
Harmonious, ComplimentaryCombinations, also called‘After Images’ or‘Simultaneous Contrasts.’Inharmonious Combinations
 Neighbors in the color circle.Too similar to create harmony
 Red - Yellow  Red/Yellow - Green Red - Green Red Red/Yellow Yellow - Blue Green Blue/Red Red/Yellow - Blue Yellow/Red - Yellow  Blue - Red Blue/Red Red/Yellow Blue/Red - Yellow Yellow - GreenGreen - Blue Blue – Blue/Red  Red/Blue - Red 
The most noblecolor
; Red is thestate all othersstrive to attain. Redoccupies it’s placeat the apex of anupright triangle,reigning supremeover the other colors.Red neither advances nor retreats; instead it pulsates with lifeand energy.Blackened Redrepresents ‘base’emotions and Greed.
Powerful - Joyou
sLuster color – light.One step from thezenith RedAdvances forwardWhen sullied thiscolor represents
Light – Spirit – Warm – Joyous
.Advancing forwardYellow dissolves andspreads into White.The color of Spirit, inits deepened form it becomes Gold.Except by addingWhite, Yellow canhardly be adjustedwithout changing intoanother color.Blackened yellow isgrotesque.
Image of Life’.(Nature Plant Life).
 The Color of ‘PerfectRepose’. It’s effect ishealing both for themind and body.Green is the polar opposites neutralized.It neither advancesnor retreats. In its blackened, negativeform Green connotesextreme lethargy - analmost pathologicalstasis.Envy – jealousy.
Dark/Cold – thecolor of Soul.
Retreats away andinwards. Associatedwith sorrow Blue isconducive to thoughtmire than emotion.Blue resonates withthe human soul anddraws the viewer in.Blue is a single stepremoved from thecolor of darkestspace, Violet, yet itcan also be light andrefreshing.
Noble – Royal -Severe.
Violetretreats away intodarkness. This isadjusted bycontrolling the ratioof Red to Blue, andtheir relativestrengths in terms pigment.
Sad, heavy, preponderating-Violet can be seriousto the point of severity: Hence itshistorical associationwith monarchies.
 Characteristic CombinationsIntermediate Characteristic CombinationsInharmonious Combinations
 These are neighbors in the Color Circle.True harmony is dynamic and based on opposition, difference.A color enhances the other, i.e., accentuates the other’s inherent nature.These closely matched, limitedcombinations help artists to achieve intense mood and atmosphere.Picasso’s Blue Period is a classic example. Various shades of Blue and Violet can plunge the viewer into a vast space or watery abyss. Apocalyptic, hellish scenes require Red, Violet and Red/Yellow.
Power – Preponderance, Hot andPositive.Two extremes, at first cheerful andattractive, but the mind/soul soontires of this harmony, which has ahollow ring and appears superficial.Red surrounded by Blue gainsintensity, forcing it to coalesce intodistinguishable shapes and forms.Cheerful, light, airy. This harmony,seems to breathe.Green = repose, passivity, ‘image’.Violet = extreme darkness,melancholy, retreat. The atmosphereis swampy, tropical, humid, andstrange.Both colors are one step from thezenith - Red. Hence, tension,expectancy, something impending.

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