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Published by: Benedict Quintiliani on Feb 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 How many battles have your toy soldier's been involved in; 100's, 1000's? Every wonder if they could bring all that experience to the table-top? Would you like to add some fluff to your army? Do you want to play something other than the same old codex over and over?
This is a unit leveling system developed for growing experienced units from standard Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Codex‟s. Th
issystem can easily be integrated into campaign systems, tournaments, personal army fluff development, or just every day game play.After many years of playing Warhammer 40K my interest in the game began to wane. The same games with the same models becamemonotonous in their simplicity, yet still challenging in their complexity, if that makes any sense. Yet I am still playing with the same modelsunchanged, except for some paint, with nothing to show for all the time and effort put into playing the game. I began to think about it moreand I realized there is no ongoing reward system for continuing to play. The ongoing reward system I am talking about is in almost every
other game that I enjoy, an experience system. RPG‟s, online or not, all have some sort of experience system to keep players
“hooked” and
coming back for more.
Granted there are quite a few systems already out there to „level‟ your units, there are even some basic rules in the Warhamm
er 40k Rule- book. While good for some, they just did not go far enough for me. So I embarked on this endeavor to take Warhammer 40K and added anelement to have it play more akin to an RPG. From this point, the possibilities are endless.
Designed and Written By:JonPublished By:The Eternal WarriorsSpecial Thanks:Sidetrack Nick, the entire Eternal Warriors crew and the forum users who contributed to this project.
Published by The Eternal Warriors, (www.theeternalwarriors.com), 2011
This document is intended for use with the Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Rulebook along with an army „Codex‟.
To fully utilize this rules supplement, it is recommended you have a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Rulebook.Copyright of Warhammer 40,000 and all intellectual property belongs to Games Workshop.You can find this and other exciting fan-created material at:www.theeternalwarriors.com You can find out more about Warhammer 40,000 at:www.games-workshop.com 
Every unit that participates in this system begins at level "0"
with "0” „Eternal XP‟, hereafter referred to as „EXP‟. This is
representative of a unit entry taken directly from any GamesWorkshop Warhammer 40K Codex. Each unit requires acertain amount of EXP to reach the next level.
LEVEL EXP Standard Indep. & Vehicle0
0 0 0
100 +1 +5
300 +3 +15
600 +6 +30
1000 +10 +50
1500 +15 +75
2100 +21 +100
EXP is awarded to a Standard unit based on how much of the unit survives each battle played. If less than half of themodels in the unit were killed, then the unit receives 30 EXPpoints. If a majority of the models in the unit were killed, thenthe unit receives 15 EXP points. If the unit was destroyedentirely, the unit does not receive any EXP points for the
battle. With the exception noted in the “Modifying a Unit”
section below, no experience is ever lost by a unit.Independent and Vehicle units gain 30 EXP if they surviveand do not gain any EXP if killed or destroyed. Vehicle
squadrons are calculated as a „Standard‟ unit with each vehi-
cle counting as a separate model.Once a unit gains enough EXP to attain a new level, theindividual model point cost increases due to the new ability
it gains. The costs are listed by „Unit Class‟ in the table
below and are added to each model's base point cost. Thesecosts are not cumulative level to level, they represent thetotal cost to operate at that level.
There are three different classifications of a unit‟s type;
Standard, Independent and Vehicle.
These are determined
by referencing the unit‟s "Type" or “Special Rules” as notedin the unit‟s codex entry and the lists below:
Once a unit acquires enough EXP to reach the next level,adjust the units point cost to take the level into account.Then the unit may select one ability for the appropriate level
from the “Unit Ability” list on pages 2
-4.All chosen abilities on the unit are cumulative from level tolevel and should not be changed once selected.
Infantry Jump Infantry BikesJetbikesBeastsCavalry  Artillery RetinuesMonstrous Creatures
Independent Characters
TanksTransportsSkimmersWalkersOpen Topped Fast 
This section begins with the basic rules for going beyond what are considered „normal‟ units in the Warhammer 
40K universe and turning them into more unique units with battlefield experience and abilities to match. It is notrequired that every unit in your army list participate. Each unit that you have participate in this endeavor requiressome special handling after each battle to keep track of Eternal XP and abilities gained.
Units may modify wargear, equipment and model upgradeoptions as defined in the units codex entry. Making thesemodifications does not have any effect on the unit EXP total.If a unit increases size composition, they must decrease-
Example: A ten model Space Marine Tactical Squad with a Ser-geant reaches level 3 will add 60 points to the base cost of thisunit before factoring in any other upgrades or wargear options.
Modifying a unit
their current EXP by half. This represents the new recruitsbeing inducted into the unit.
* Special or unique models do not gain EXP. See page 6 for more info.
* Expanded EXP rules are also available in the “Advanced Rules” 
section on page 5.
Example: A unit of Tactical Marines begins with 5 marines and accumulates 150 EXP over the course of some battles. If the player wishes to increase the squad to 10 models, then theunit's EXP will be reduced to 75.
It is best to finalize the unit composition as soon as possi-ble to limit the impact this has the units EXP progression.
„Standard‟ unit EXP may be transferred to another unit en-
try in the same codex as long as the basic characteristicline of each model are identical. If you choose this path for the unit, decrease the current EXP by half.
Example: A squad of 10 Tactical Marines may change their roll and become a Devastator Squad. However they now have half of the original EXP as they are not as experienced in this role.
Page 1
Infantry, Jump Infantry, Bikes, JetBikes, Beasts, Cavalry, Artillery, Retinues, Monstrous Creatures
See the “Errata” section on page 6 for specific information
on how to handle these situations:-
“Special Character” & Unique models
 - Unit wargear models-
Unit‟s and models joining or separating with other units
"Dedicated Reserves” 
+1 or -1 to unit reserve rolls. Announce +1 or 
1 before thereserve roll is made. This ability is not applicable on the firstgame turn.
If able to move freely, the unit may perform a voluntarily 'FallBack' move at the beginning of the controlling playersmovement phase in the same manner as if it has failed amorale test. If able, the retreating unit must also run duringthe players shooting phase. The unit may attempt to regroupnext turn if normally allowed by the rules for "Regrouping";
or continue the “Retreat!”. If the unit reaches a board edge
during the same player turn where the "Retreat!" ability wasused, then the unit is removed from play but does not countas a 'Kill Point' for mission objectives.
Some of the abilities listed in this section are “Universal Special Rules” and operate as listed in the Warhammer 
40,000 Rulebook. Certain abilities also modify specific skills or characteristics as listed in your particular army
codex. The remaining abilities are described in the “Special Ability List” and are “
for identification.
“Dedicated Reserves”
+1 Weapon SkillMove through cover +1 Ballistic SkillSkilled Rider Slow and PurposefulSkilled Flyer Counter Attack 
Tank HuntersFurious Charge FleetHit & Run FearlessStealth Stubborn
“Tactical Response”
“Committed Reserves”
“Improved Hit and Run”
“True Counter Attack”
“Frenzied Charge”
To gain this ability, the unit must already be “Slow and Purposeful” 
"Committed Reserves” 
+1 or -1 to unit reserve rolls. Announce +1 or 
1 beforereserve roll is made. This ability is not applicable on the firstgame turn. The unit must already have the "DedicatedReserves" ability.
 The unit never takes dangerous terrain tests, or anywounds from exploding vehicles. The unit is allowed to takecover saves from any shooting attack in which a cover save
is not normally allowed due to the weapon‟s type or 
"True Counter Attack" 
The unit automatically passes the Leadership checkrequired for launching a counter attack. In addition, theopposing unit that declared the assault must pass aleadership check in order to gain any bonus attack for initi-ating an assault. (This does not apply if the unit that de-clared an assault also has "Counter Attack") The unit mustalready have the "Counter Attack" ability.
"Tactical Response" 
In response to the first declaration of an assault on the unit,but before any measurement is made, the unit may moved6" in any direction. The unit must then "Go to Ground".
"Improved Hit and Run" 
 The unit adds +2 to their Initiative test roll for the purpose of "Hit and Run" attempts. The unit must already have the "Hitand Run" ability.
While declaring an assault, but before any measurement ismade, the unit may add d6" to their assault move. The unitis still effected by terrain as normal. If the assault issuccessful, the unit hits at Initiative "1" during the firstplayer turn of combat.
"Frenzied Charge" 
The unit adds an additional +1 to their Initiative andStrength to their Furious Charge ability. The unit mustalready have the "Furious Charge" ability.
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