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Published by Bob J. Zehmer
All lyrics in Blue Opera Rock
All lyrics in Blue Opera Rock

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Published by: Bob J. Zehmer on Feb 04, 2011
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All lyrics inBlue Opera Rock
byBob J. Zehmer
Copyright © 2009 Bob J. Zehmer. All rights reserved.No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, typing, or by any information storageretrieval system, without the permission in writing from the authorCover by E.P. De JanaLyrics extracted from the novel Blue Opera Rock Bob J. Zehmer, © 2009, all rights reserved The book was published by Eloquent Books, USA, ISBN: 978-1-60860-976-5 The author may be reached at www.bobjzehmer.com
If I’d come with strengthless arms one day My broken face by old age and no one on my way  With my sun setting and limbs shaking ‘cos of running lifePlease, don’t you take me inside your houses painted of whiteShe seems to know where I’ve been Will you smile on me? The thunder, the rainbow, the sun and the rain And rock and rock and rockaway…I happened to hear a father saying, son your brainis drawing back eating itself,Don’t flog yourself to death The poacher’s got bright wings of iceI don’t wanna be caught in the last scenes of a crystal nightDon’t run too fast lest you should get to a dark station To meet a cold, cold train hamstringing your elation Along with beggars and tramps I’ve been kicking around And now I’m gonna dig up a spell which blues every soundSend me across, we’re doing right today  And rock, and rock, and rockaway…
Thank you people, thank you very much You are great tonight, I’d say weird Do you know that we appear to this world nice as it can be?  And we got a plenty of luck? Born with sight but put it off too soon Billions of stars give room to the heart and light to the mind  A soil so colored and rich of generous emotions Still we spend our time to build shells we use to hem in  And got us cut off and so what else we have to do but again Rock, and rock and rockaway Slow, slow and soft, ok, this way, gently…Rock, and rock and rockaway...Fear is kind friend to any good slaver We need angles to hide and edges to fight backWe’ve been told what to do but we forgot pretty soon We keep plundering on, trusting Mother Nature’s patience would be enduring 

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