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200811 American Renaissance

200811 American Renaissance

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American Renaissance November 2008. Sarah Palin — a Candidate We Can Vote For?; How to Avoid Future McCains; Why Vote for McCain?; A Matter of Perfect Indifference; Common Sense Uncommonly Well Put; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters
American Renaissance November 2008. Sarah Palin — a Candidate We Can Vote For?; How to Avoid Future McCains; Why Vote for McCain?; A Matter of Perfect Indifference; Common Sense Uncommonly Well Put; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters

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Published by: American Renaissance on Feb 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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American Renaissance - 1 - November 2008
Sarah Palin—a Candidate We Can Vote For?
Vol. 19 No. 11
There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.
Thomas Jefferson
November 2008
American Renaissance
Reasons to vote for theMcCain ticket.
by Reilly Smith
e face a choice inNovember betweena white amnesty-pro-moter and a black socialist.Many race realists have arguedthat neither Barack Obama norJohn McCain deserves our sup-port, and that we should stayhome or vote for one of thethird-party candidates. Someracially aware whites will actu-ally vote for Mr. Obama, in thebelief that “worse is better.” Iwill vote for Senator McCain.I believe his selection of SarahPalin as running mate actuallygives race realists someone theycan vote for instead of just sit-ting out the election.Needless to say, Mr. McCainwas among the worst of theRepublican candidates. For me,his stance on immigration ruledhim out from the beginning, andI voted against him in the Illinoisprimary. My candidate wasCongressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado, who came the closest to myviews on race, immigration and the needto support Western Civilization. Unfor-tunately, he dropped out of the race tooearly to have much impact.By all means, let us encourage moreTancredos in the next election. But fornow we are stuck with what we have,and faced with the prospect and sym-bolism of an Afro-Leninist in the WhiteHouse, versus a white veteran and afertile “hockey mom,” I reconsideredmy anti-McCain stance. I have begunto think that with Sarah Palin next inline behind an aging president, the cul-tural, political, and racial landscape of America has been reshaped.
I was amazed, rst of all, that John
McCain chose Mrs. Palin. The
of the Right and former darling of the liberal media actually reached outto conservatives with this selection. Iwould have bet money Mr. McCainwould choose Governor Tim Pawlentyof Minnesota, who was elected twicein a state that traditionally goes toDemocrats. The Republican conventionwas held there, and a safe, Midwesterngovernor who appeals to the religiousRight could possibly win Minnesota forMr. McCain.But Gov. Pawlenty would have beena very ho-hum pick, a one-day newsstory like Mr. Obama’s selection of Senator Joe Biden. When I turned onthe television and saw an attrac-tive, white woman standing nextto Mr. McCain I had to admirehis savvy. Mr. Pawlenty mighthave helped Mr. McCain inMinnesota; Sarah Palin can helpin all 50 states. The polls swingup and down wildly, but there isno question Mrs. Palin has rein-vigorated the race and changedits dynamic from a race-realistperspective.Even if Mrs. Palin’s selectionsmacks of tokenism, and evenif she turns out to be wrong onmany issues, it won’t matter. Theanti-white, leftist rage against heris based on her conservatism, herwhite fertility, and her muscularevangelical faith, which partlyexplains her family’s willingnessto have a large family.Whatever one thinks of abor-tion in the context of race real-ism, it is clear that the Left wantsto convince white women thattheir babies are disposable. Mrs.Palin clearly thinks otherwise, and thisannoys them. She did not have one childthe way feminist heroine Hillary Clintondid—or two—but
, and seems suc-
cessful and happy. The Left is terried
at the thought that young white womencould start thinking of babies the wayMrs. Palin does. The idea of four yearsof that big, happy Palin family on thenational and international stage makesthe anti-white Left shudder.Mrs. Palin’s unmarried teenagedaughter Bristol is pregnant, but atleast she is engaged to the father. Whatif white women got the idea that they
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Mrs. Palin is an implicitappeal to whiteness, andeven if most whites arenot conscious of it,blacks are.
American Renaissance - 2 - November 2008
 Letters from Readers
Sir — I wish to commend
 American Renaissance
for the interest it takes inthe destiny of South Africa’s Afrikanerpeople, including the informative articlein the September issue by Arthur Kempon the Battle of Blood River.
However, the nal part of Mr. Kemp’s
piece argues that the use of non-white la-bor alone led to the demise of Afrikaner-ruled South Africa. Without disputingAuguste Comte’s famous dictum, “de-mography is destiny,” I feel one shouldbeware of simple truisms that explainpolitical and social change. Writersas diverse as Arnold Toynbee andFriedrich Nietzsche emphasized the roleof the will in determining outcomes.
Not so long ago, ve million or so
whites in South Africa had the will todefend their sovereignty and their landagainst 30 million blacks inside thecountry as well as 500 million (now600 million) in sub-Saharan Africa. Inthe same way, the classical Egyptians—who were probably a Caucasian race—ruled over a slave state for thousandsof years. The Spartans held their ownamong the Helots who outnumberedthem ten to one for 300 years. In feudaltimes, European aristocrats managedto maintain their supremacy and bloodlines for centuries.In the end demography takes its toll,but we Afrikaners are today strangers inour land because of political, diplomatic,and even military action taken by otherwhite nations. Some of those nationsrepresent exactly the type of all-white,homogeneous societies advocated byMr. Kemp!In April 2004, the Swedish ambas-sador to this country boasted during a
radio interview that without the nancial
and diplomatic support of his country,Nelson Mandela’s African NationalCongress (ANC) would never havecome to power in South Africa. In fact,the Swedish parliament voted a secretfund of up to $100 million per year forthe ANC, which it used to bomb super-markets and bars, and to set up guerillacamps in Zambia and Angola. It alsofunded the hate campaign against SouthAfrica in the global media.It seems that an all-white societydoes not necessarily produce whiteconsciousness and can even lead to anti-white policies like those of Sweden inthe 1970s and 1980s. Also, what is theuse of an all-white country if its peoplehave traded its classical Western culturefor one that is black in all but name,with white youth taking drugs, wearingsneakers and baseball caps back to front,and listening to hip-hop?Up to some limit, culture and will aremore important than racial demograph-ics. Alain de Benoist also once saidthat the borders of blood were far morefundamental than geographic ones.The greatest struggle for a nation is toretain its sense of cohesion and kinshipand to refuse absorption by another race,even in times of demographic and politi-cal domination. This is the challenge weAfrikaners face so acutely today.Dan Roodt, Johannesburg, SouthAfricaSir — I admire Arthur Kemp enor-mously as a great speaker and writer inthe cause of white survival, and we herein Britain have been very fortunate tohave him among us. At a recent meet-ing his speech brought tears to my eyes,something I don’t recall happening sinceI was aged about eleven!That said, I hope he will not mind mychallenging one assertion he made in hisarticle, “When the River Ran Red,” inyour September issue. He writes: “Thosewho form the majority population of aterritory will rule that territory, no mat-ter how powerful a ruling elite may be . .. . A majority-European population will
create a society that reects European
values and norms.”Surely as matters now stand the op-posite is true? Nowhere in the worldis there now a white-majority territorywhere the ruling elite has failed to im-pose essentially
-European and even
-European values and norms. Unlessa colossal pro-white counter revolutionsweeps the Western world within thenext few decades, no majority-Europeanpopulations will even remain.Anthony Young, London, EnglandSir — After reading your articleabout Malaysia (see “Preferences forthe Majority” in the October issue), letme say that I have great sympathy forthe Malays. The Chinese are interlopersbrought in by foreign imperialists fortheir own purposes. Left to their owndevices, the Chinese would dominateMalaysian society and the Malayswould become second-class citizens intheir own land. This applies to our owncountry. I recently accompanied my sonon a tour of a University of Californiacampus. One would have thought wewere in Peking! The 1.5 billion Chineseand their overseas progeny have morethan enough students to dominate uni-versity systems built for our children,and the same is happening in Australiawith the blessings of the Australian elite.I no more want my state or country tobe dominated by the Chinese than dothe Malays.Name WithheldSir — I think you make a good pointin your article on Malaysia, cleverly us-ing the strife in Malaysia as a warningto the US. However, it makes perfectsense for the Malays to run their countryin their own interest. They must alwaysoutnumber the non-Malays living intheir country, and deport foreign felons.Anyone who is not Malay and living inMalaysia
“lucky to be in their coun-try.” Americans should never have lostsight of this attitude.Name Withheld
American Renaissance - 3 - November 2008could get married and have children ata young age, like Bristol? Even the factthat Sarah Palin’s youngest child hasDown Syndrome carries a pro-whitemessage—it reminds careerist whitewomen in their 30s that once they arein their 40s, the chances of having aDown Syndrome baby rises rapidly.It’s best to get moving if they want ahealthy family.
Implicit racial appeal
The package Mrs. Palin presents—small town, conservative, Evangelical—is an implicit appeal to whiteness, andeven if most whites are not conscious of it, blacks are. Whoopi Goldberg thoughtMrs. Palin’s Republican conventionspeech sounded pro-Nazi: “I just foundthe whole thing . . . very much like aBund rally, but maybe that was justme.”PBS correspondent Gwen Ifill’s
cousin, Sherrilyn Ifl, is a law profes
-sor at the University of Maryland. Shewrote: “It’s hard to be an average work-ing mom, really hard. And when womenwho are privileged present as thoughthey have it all together,it’s offensive to blackwomen.”Some black men seemto be just as afraid of Mrs. Palin. Black rap mu-sic celebrity “P. Diddy”posted a YouTube inter-net video, in which hecowers at the thought of Sarah Palin in the WhiteHouse:“Sarah Palin—shescares me. She reallyscares me. . . . Sarah Pa-lin: You scare me. Youcould become the presi-dent of the United States.. . . John McCain is 72.Sarah Palin could be the president. Boysand girls, vote, please, I beg you.”Black liberal columnist Mary Mitch-ell wrote in the
Chicago Sun-Times
:“Sarah Palin makes me sick. I hatethat she was able to steal BarackObama’s mojo just by showing up wear-ing rimless glasses and a skirt. . . . SarahPalin makes me sick because althoughblack Democrats have been responsiblefor giving white candidates the boostthey needed to beat their Republicanopponents in tight races, these votersare now being insulted by feminists whosay they will cross over into the McCaincamp because of her.”Palin-haters who are white are usingthe usual technique of sifting every wordshe says, looking for “code.” She recent-ly attacked Mr. Obama’s associationswith 1960s-era bomb-thrower WilliamAyers, arguing that “our opponent . . .is someone who sees America, it seems,as being so imperfect, imperfect enough,that he’s palling around with terroristswho would target their own country.”She added, “This is not a man who seesAmerica like you and I see America.”Associated Press writer DouglassDaniel thought these words put so muchdistance between Mrs. Palin and Mr.Obama that she could
have beentalking about the fact that he is black,and the headline of his October 5 articlewas “Analysis: Palin’s Words CarryRacial Tinge.” Mrs. Palin was obvi-ously attacking her opponent’s politics,not his race, but she is, herself, such anembodiment of whiteness that the APman could see little else.Mrs. Palin’s racial appeal has notescaped race-realist commentators.The web site, the Occidental Observer,wrote in en editorial thatshe would:“further the racial po-larization of Americanpolitics—a prospect thatis certainly welcome forus at The Occidental Ob-server. The image of Pa-lin endorsing small townvalues and surroundedby her white children onstage at the Republicanconvention is absolutelynauseating to the hege-monic left. . . .“Needless to say, thisimage of white fertilityand small town valuesis not going to appeal toblacks or Latinos either. . . . Palin is a
personication of what [UC Long Beach
professor] Kevin MacDonald termsimplicit whiteness. She has a white
political and cultural afliation even
if there are still taboos about saying soexplicitly.”All of this, of course, made her thetarget of lefty viciousness that it isimpossible to imagine the media pour-ing out on a non-white. Vitriol—someof it approaching the pathological—
began to ow immediately. Hollywood
leftists sneered at her, and actor MattDamon said she was “like a really badDisney movie.” Former Saturday NightLive performer Chevy Chase urged hisfellow comedians to “decimate” her.“Comedienne” Sandra Bernhard mused
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American Renaissance is published monthly by theNew Century Foundation. NCF is governed by section501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; contributionsto it are tax deductible.Subscriptions to American Renaissance are $28.00 per year. First-class postage is
an additional $8.00. Subscriptions to Canada (rst class) are $40.00. Subscriptions
outside Canada and the U.S. (air mail) are $40.00. Back issues are $3.00 each. Foreignsubscribers should send U.S. dollars or equivalent in convertible bank notes.Please make checks payable to: American Renaissance, P.O. Box 527, Oakton, VA22124. ISSN No. 1086-9905, Telephone: (703) 716-0900, Facsimile: (703) 716-0932,Web Page Address: www.AmRen.com
American Renaissance
Jared Taylor, EditorStephen Webster, Assistant EditorRonald N. Neff, Web Site Editor
P. Diddy.
Sherrilyn Ifl.

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