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200812 American Renaissance

200812 American Renaissance

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American Renaissance December 2008. What Happened in Austria?; White Slaves; Ron Paul was Never the Answer; Calling the Election for Obama; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters
American Renaissance December 2008. What Happened in Austria?; White Slaves; Ron Paul was Never the Answer; Calling the Election for Obama; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters

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Published by: American Renaissance on Feb 04, 2011
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American Renaissance - 1 - December 2008
What Happened in Austria?
Vol. 19 No. 12
There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.
Thomas Jefferson
December 2008
American Renaissance
Another victory for ourpeople.
by Rüdiger Halder
ust a few weeks beforeAmericans voted in ablack socialist as presi-dent, Austrians rocked theEuropean political establish-ment by handing a stunningvictory to nationalists whoopenly oppose non-Europeanimmigration and the loss of sovereignty to the EuropeanUnion. It was a breakthroughunthinkable in any English-speaking country, and againconfirms that the brightestpolitical hopes for our peopleare in the nationalist partiesof small European countries such asBelgium, Denmark, Switzerland, andAustria.The numbers were dramatic: In theSeptember 28 parliamentary elections,Joerg Haider’s new party, the Alliancefor the Future of Austria, increased itsshare of the vote from 6.59 percent to10.4 percent, while his old party, theAustrian Freedom Party, went from11.04 percent to 17.54 percent. If thetwo nationalist parties had been a singleparty, their combined total of 28 percentwould have made them the number-twoparty in Austria. As it was, the Allianceand the Freedom Party achieved some-thing nearly unprecedented:
nation-alist parties dramatically increased theirsupport in an election in which theycompeted against each other.On October 11, euphoria on the rightwas dampened when the charismaticHaider died in an automobile accident,but this did not change the assessmentof the results by the pro-establishment
Wiener Kurier 
: The general electionswere “the biggest move to the right inthe history of the post-war republic.”“This is madness, what this means issimply appalling,” wailed Erwin Wurm,one of the country’s best known sculp-tors. The
 Daily Telegraph
in Britainfretted that “from the outside, it looksat best distasteful; at worst, downrightsinister.”How did post-war Austria, a cozy,Alpine country better known for Mo-zart and skiing than for politics, cometo stand for the worst in “right-wingextremism”? Is this a success that canbe repeated elsewhere?The story goes back to 1986, whenthe Freedom Party transformed itself by choosing the young, ambitious JoergHaider as its leader. The party, earlierknown as the League of Independents,had started as a grab bag of socialliberals, free marketers, pan-Germannationalists, national socialists, andalmost anyone who felt unrepresentedin Austria’s political system long domi-nated by the mildly liberal Social Demo-cratic Party and the mildly conservativePeople’s Party. The Freedom Party wasthus little more than a movement of eccentric protest against a system thatrepresented a career in politics and “jobsfor the boys” rather than deep politicalconviction.Haider quickly gave a sharpfocus to this collection of gad-
ies. He was intensely skepti
-cal of the European Union andhostile to non-European im-migration. He argued that thetwo major parties’ ineffectiveand lackluster politics allowedoutsiders so much controlover Austrian policy that thecountry might eventually dis-appear as a sovereign state. Hedownplayed pan-Germanism,and gave the party a more spe-
cically Austrian tone.
No doubt most important, Haider wascharismatic, likeable, and knew howto exploit the growing feeling amongvoters that the two major parties tookthem for granted. He spoke franklyabout problems the establishment par-ties ignored, such as the cultural threatposed by immigration, and the menaceof non-white crime.
Accusations of “Nazism”
Haider, originally from the southernprovince of Carinthia, concentrated hispolitical efforts there, and was electedgovernor in 1989. It was in a debate inthe provincial parliament two years laterthat he famously observed that Hitlerhad had a “proper employment policy,”unlike that of his political opponents, theSocial Democrats. Haider also raisedhackles when he said that “the Waffen-SS was part of the German military andbecause of that it deserves every honorand recognition.” In the land that wasHitler’s birthplace, mild observations of 
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It was a breakthroughunthinkable in any Eng-lish-speaking country.
“Social security for our people. They are againstHIM because HE is for YOU.”
American Renaissance - 2 - December 2008
 Letters from Readers
Sir—It looks as though not enoughpeople took Reilly Smith’s advice inthe November issue—we just got ablack president-elect. I now wish thethick-witted white gas bag had won, if only to spare us the self-congratulatoryshrieking and babbling that has greetedThe Messiah.Not even the real Messiah could liveup to the expectations our new presidentfaces, and it won’t be long before blacksnotice that nothing has changed. Willthey blame him for it? Of course not.Persistent black failure despite a half-African chief executive will be yet morecompelling evidence of the hideouspower of white racism. I’d say whiteycan expect to be called to account duringthe summer of, say, 2010 or 2011, andit will be worse than the riots we wouldhave seen if Mr. Obama had lost. Youhave plenty of time to stock up on am-munition and canned food.Carl Anderson, Milwaukee, Wis.Sir — I visited a local Barack Obamacampaign headquarters and was struckby how few blacks I saw. I taught sociol-ogy at Florida State University and saw
rst-hand how years of academic pro
-paganda about race can turn whites intotrue believers. I walked away wonderingwhat it would take to awaken their racialconsciousness. Whatever it takes, I hopeit happens soon.Phillip Blood, Worthington, OhioSir — How appropriate that the No-vember issue of AR debating the meritsof voting Republican arrived minutesafter I read a news report about John Mc-Cain resisting calls to make an issue of Barack Obama’s relationship with Rev.Jeremiah Wright. His advisors know thatthis is the only shot he has of winning theelection but Mr. McCain won’t budgefor fear of being called a racist.The October 15 Politico.com story
quotes a McCain ofcial as saying: “Mc
-Cain felt it would be sensed as raciallyinsensitive. But more important is thatMcCain thinks that the bringing of racialreligious preaching in black churchesinto the campaign would potentiallyhave grave consequences for civil soci-ety in the United States.”Sam Francis didn’t call them theStupid Party for nothing.Michael Hart and Reilly Smith makegood points in their articles advocating avote for McCain/Palin, but the Politicostory shows that Jared Taylor is correctto not support either ticket. McCain isnot our friend and neither is most of the GOP. Republicans have repeatedlyturned their back on their base (whitepeople) and richly deserve to lose thiselection.David Diaconu, New Haven, Conn.Sir — I am astonished to read in theNovember issue that you are indifferentto the outcome of the presidential elec-tion. Besides the gruesome symbolism
of a black president and rst lady, let
me list just a few of the things BarackObama will try to do with the help of aDemocrat-controlled Congress.He will push for amnesty for illegals.He will raise your taxes to pay for so-cialized medicine and to “distribute thewealth,” as he likes to put it. He willpromote homosexual marriage, and doaway with the regulations that preventopen homosexuals from serving in themilitary. He will suspend the deathpenalty because it is “unfair to minori-ties.” He will want women in combat.He will introduce “equal pay,” whichmeans that heavily-female professionswill have their wages set artificiallyhigh by the government. He will vastlyincrease foreign aid to Africa. He willpromote the “fairness doctrine,” whichwould introduce a nightmare of Soviet-style regulations to talk radio. He willsupport statehood for DC, which willmean two black Democratic senatorsand a black Democratic representative.
He will ll the Justice Department with
“civil rights” sharks who will sue everycompany that does not have a pain-fully “diverse” workforce. He will tryto decriminalize marijuana use. He willappoint radical, Lani Guinier-types toevery opening on the bench, and theycould eventually approve “hate speech”laws that will make it impossible for youto publish
 American Renaissance
. Andat every turn, he and his snarling wifewill glorify and promote blacks.And you think John McCain isequally bad? Open your eyes, man, forthey must be very tightly closed.Edward Nelson, Belchertown, Mass.Sir — I enjoyed the November reviewof Mark Krikorian’s book on immigra-tion. Aside from the grotesque argumentyour reviewer pointed out—that today’sThird-World immigrants would have
made ne Americans if only they had
showed up 100 years ago—this seems
to be a good book lled with good argu
-ments. In fact, many of the argumentsMr. Krikorian makes are irrefutable, sowhy do our rulers ignore them?I have long thought that if today’suneducable, crime-prone, disease-ridden, unnecessary immigrants werewhite English speakers, we wouldhave no trouble pitching them out. It is
because they are non-white, andbecause race turns otherwise rationalAmericans into simpletons that we putup with them.Susan Speace, Bloomington, Ind.
American Renaissance - 3 - December 2008this kind invariably prompt accusationsof “neo-Nazism.”Haider was therefore a controversial,
internationally-known gure by the time
of the 1999 general elections, in whichthe Freedom Party won an astonishing26.9 percent of the vote, catapultingit into second place behind the SocialDemocrats and just ahead of the moreconservative People’s Party. Like all“far right” movements, the FreedomParty had been in political quarantine, soit was out of the question that it shouldgovern with the Social Democrats, butto the horror of much of the “civilized”
world, the People’s Party nally agreedto a coalition. “Extremists” were nally
in power in a European country.Although as leader of the larger partyin the coalition Haider should, by rights,have been chancellor, he stayed out of government entirely, and let the leader of the People’s Party, Wolfgang Schuessel,take the top job. Despite this importantconcession to “respectability,” the Eu-ropean Union put Austria into the deepfreeze, as politicians made themselvesridiculous trying to see who could mostinsult the Austrians. At a February 2000meeting in Lisbon of European Union
ministers—the rst to be attended by a
Freedom Party representative—so manyspeakers rose to condemn the Austriansthat Portuguese Labor Minister EduardoRodrigues had to tell them to stick to theagenda. The usual welcoming ceremonywas scrapped to spare the anti-Austriansthe discomfort of having to appear in asocial setting with “racists.” “We willnot accept anyone who attacks the basicprinciples of European civilization,”sniffed Portuguese Prime MinisterAntonio Guterres.At a February 28 ministerialmeeting in Portugal, André Flahaut,the Belgian delegate, skipped lunchto protest the presence of AustrianDefense Minister Herbert Scheib-ner. “I don’t eat with fascists,” heexplained. Belgian foreign ministerLouis Michel went so far as to saythat Europe “does not need Austria,”and other Belgian ministers com-plained that the rules for expulsionfrom the EU were too vague. PrinceCharles of England and pop musicianLou Reed canceled trips to Austria. Ital-ian fashion designer Guglielmo Mariottoexhibited a skirt emblazoned with apicture of Joerg Haider, a swastika, andthe word “No” written in red.Chancellor Schuessel calmly stoodhis ground, and gradually the Europeansstopped behaving so childishly. Mr.Schuessel later claimed he had decidedto involve the Freedom Party in the
responsibilities and “demystication”
process of government before it becameany stronger, and that tactic seemed tobe working. Haider, who believed hecould control the Freedom party mem-bers in the cabinet from his strongholdin Carinthia, found the job of puppet-master harder than he had expected.Government at the national level, espe-cially coalition government, requiredcompromise and poise. The old handsin the People’s Party outmaneuveredthe Freedom Party, which found itself racked by internal squabbles. In 2002,two Freedom Party cabinet membersresigned, and the coalition broke up.Chancellor Schuessel seized this op-portunity to blame the Freedom Party forsabotaging the government, and called asnap election. It was, as he well knew,perfect timing for himself and his party,and the worst possible moment for thedivided Freedom Party. Mr. Schuesselpresented the People’s Party as serious,prudent statesmen and the FreedomParty as querulous, destructive, anddisunited. Support for the Freedom Partycollapsed from 26 percent of the vote to just over 10 percent, and Austria wentback to another version of the stale oldPeople’s Party/Social Democrat com-bination that had run the country fordecades. Many Austrians believed thatthe right-wing bogey had been laid torest for good. The Greens were advanc-ing steadily, and at nearly 10 percent of the vote seemed poised to overtake theFreedom Party.In the aftermath of this setback, inwhat could have been a mortal blow toAustrian nationalism, Haider and someof his top lieutenants decided to start anew party, the Alliance for the Futureof Austria. The reasons for the breakup
were complex, but personality conicts
between Haider and a former protégé,Heinz-Christian Strache, appear tohave been one reason. Mr. Strache, whosoon took over the Freedom Party, is aremarkable man in his own right (seesidebar, page 5), and now that Haider is
gone, he is the key gure in the Austrian
nationalist movement.In the next elections, in 2006, manypeople expected Haider’s Alliance, like
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American Renaissance
Jared Taylor, EditorStephen Webster, Assistant EditorRonald N. Neff, Web Site Editor
Haider (right) with coalition partnerWolfgang Schuessel.
Mr. Strache steered evenmore to the right thanHaider, and leftists sawthe party’s slogans asthinly-disguisedracialism.

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