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hot pipe bending

hot pipe bending

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Published by yamtar7835

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Published by: yamtar7835 on Feb 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thefive back slatson Fortune’s signature chairsare bent on ahot pipe.
his is  vr s tchiqfor bdig thi stripsof wood to virtll  shp. Bttr t, th simplpprts is md from fw hrdwr-stor prts. yo hold  strip of wood gist sctio of mtl pip htd b prop torch. O th sid i cotct with th pip, th ligi bod btwth wood fibrs is softd b thht til it is plibl ogh to bdprtill rod th pip. ulik stm-bdig, thr is o d to costrct 
Getting set up
Slot for templatePropane torch withfan pattern head2
-in.-dia. holeHand screwprevents torchfrom rolling.Block of wood raises thetorch to the correct height.Cleat screwed to uprightkeeps the assemblyfrom rocking in use.Upright,
in. thick by6 in. wide, andlong enough tobring the pipeto chest levelFiberglassFlangeSection of 2-in.-dia. black pipe
Insulate the wood.
  A layer of thick fi- berglass under the pipe flange keepsthe board from burn- ing. Cut away thefiberglass outsidethe flange (above). Sand off any protec- tive coating (right) or heating the pipe willcause a lot of smoke.
All the metal parts can be bought at yourlocal hardware store, and you can make thebending jig in less than an hour.
lrg stmbox or sbsttilbdig forms.Th crvd sids of msiclistrmts sch s gitrs d violis hv trditioll b mdthis w, bt I s th tchiq tobd door plls, crvd moldigs, sldtogs (show t right), bck slts forchirs, d m othr itms.
Most woods bend if the piece is thin
ulik stm-bdig, whr ol domstic hrdwoods bd to  pprcibl dgr, o c s th hot-
 The magic of hot-pipe bending 
master class
Photos: Mrk Schofild; drwigs: Joh Ttrlt
COPYRIGHT 2009 by The Taunton Press, Inc. Copying and distribution of this article is not permitted.
Light it up.
Oncethe bending jig iscomplete, light thetorch and slide thehead into the pipe.
The right tempera- ture.
A stovepipethermometer is acheap and accurateway to tell when the pipe has reached200ºF, the right temperature tobend wood.
pip mthod to bd  brod rg of spcis. as with stm-bdig, stright-grid wood tht hs b ir drid will bd fstr, to tightr rdii, d withfwr brkgs th kil-drid wood. yo c s kil-drid wood, jst xpctto brk  fw pics d to tk logr. Woods tht bd wll o  hotpip icld rd d whit ok, sh, wlt, lm, hickor, d bch. Woods tht bd with lss sccss,prticlrl to tight rdii, icld chrr,mpl, astrli lcwood, Mcssrbo, imbi, est Idi roswood,mhog, domstic softwoods, dsoftr domstic hrdwoods sch sbsswood d poplr. avoidbdig crl or figrd wood d brls; th brk sil.Th thickst pic thtc b bt is
i., dth ol to  gtl crv.This is d to th limitd dpththt th ht from th pip ptrtsth wood. Htig both sids wo’t hlp;it will jst corg th otsid fibrs tostrtch d fil.It is importt to hv cosistt gricross th width of th pic. yo mightgt lck d fid  wid bord withcosisttl flwlss gri, bt I’v fodtht 3 i. is bot th prcticl limit i width. yo d to mk th blk ol bot
i. widr d
i. thickr
Check your progress.
Fortune attaches thebending templates to the top of the hot-pipebending jig, making it easy to see when theworkpiece has reached the desired radius.
Wet the wood.
To encourage air-dried wood tobend, soak it in water for about three hours.Fortune uses a section of roof gutter as atrough.
Hot and pliable.
Once at the critical tempera- ture, the wood is easy to bend around the pipe.For bends close to the end, grip it with Vise-Grip pliers designed for sheet metal.
Hot-pipe basics
May/June 2009
COPYRIGHT 2009 by The Taunton Press, Inc. Copying and distribution of this article is not permitted.
fibrglss i th middl of th flg. Ifold th fibrglss bck d stpl it toth dgs of th hol. This protcts th wood from ht.Th ht sorc is  prop torch,fittd with  hd tht shps th flmito  f pttr. Vr littl propis sd. Th vlv o thhd is vr opd fll,v wh th pip isbig htd, d 
-i.-log flm is sfficit tomiti th 200ºF oprtigtmprtr of th pip.Hv th tk sit t bot60º to th bch with th hd boto-third of th w ito th pip.Scr th tk with  wood hdclmp, if cssr sig  block of  wood to brig it to th right hight.Mk sr th tk cot roll or slipot of plc. a cotrolld flm hso plc i  workshop.
Coax the strips around the bend
Bfor lightig th torch, I mk profil of th shp I d from
-i.-thick hrdbord or plwood.It is th s to ovrbd th woodstrips d lt thm sprig bck to fitth pttr. With prctic, it bcomss to jdg jst how mch d whr to bd. If o r ot siggr wood, it hlps to sok th stripsthoroghl for bot thr hors bforbdig thm.th th dsird fiishd pic,bt if th pic is to b bt tth ds, it shold b bot ich logr t ch d to givlockig plirs  plc to grip.
Build the bending jig
I fid it bst to hv th srfc of th pip t bot chst lvl. This w it is s to s th wood bd withot striig or bck. So, thlgth of th pright, which clmpsito  bch vis, is dtrmid b th hight of th workbch d or ow hight. a clt scrwdcross th bck of th pright rstso top of th vis d limitsth tdc for th jig to rock sprssr is pplid to th pip.I dvis strtig with  2-i.-di.pip d workig dow to tightrrdii s o gi xpric. Do ots glvizd pip bcs it willgiv off  toxic gs wh htd. usrglr blck pip, scrpig or sdigoff  protctiv lcqr or shllc.Ct  hol i th pright
i. lrgri dimtr th th pip. Th htdflg mst b sprtd from th wood with  gskt. I plc  2-i.- to3-i.-thick wd of fibrglss isltioovr th hol d th comprss it sI scrw th flg to th wood. aftrcttig rod th otsid of th flgto rmov th srpls fibrglss, I trth pright ovr d ct  X i th
Create the next bend.
Being careful not toreheat the first bend, work on bending the second section.
Right all around.
Check the second bendagainst the template. By the way, this handleworks on doors and drawers.
Check the first bend.
Verify your accuracy by placing the first bendagainst the template.
Create a double-bent door handle in two stages
Holding a piece of nylon webbingon the outside of a piece reducesthe risk of the outside fiberslifting and causing a split.
ulik lmitig or stm-bdigtht rlis o  form to provid thshp, this tchiq rqirs tht ohd-form (cox, rll) th prt bigbt to mtch th pttr. This c tkfrom s littl s  fw mits for
-i.-thick strips to s log s 10 mits
master class 
COPYRIGHT 2009 by The Taunton Press, Inc. Copying and distribution of this article is not permitted.

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