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First News Feb 4th-10th Issue 244

First News Feb 4th-10th Issue 244

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Published by Neville Stephens

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Published by: Neville Stephens on Feb 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Working with
4 – 10 FEB 2011
IssuE 244
First News
supportschildren’s charities
The weekly newspaper for kids 
D yuknwhw tbe safe?Rememberingthe HaustIn Jaan andIndnesiaI’mamazingat hess!
 The photos have just been released by Survival Internationalas part o its campaign to protect the territory o tribes like this. They say that an increase in logging in Peru is starting to orcetribes rom the area over the border into Brazil. Experts earthat this could lead to conict between the tribes.“The illegal loggers will destroy this tribe,” says SurvivalInternational’s Stephen Corry. “It’s vital that the Peruviangovernment stop them beore time runs out. What they needrom us is their territory protected, so that they can maketheir own choices about their uture.”For more pictures and an explanation o this main image,go to 
. To read more about this and similar tribes, you can head toSurvival International’s new site:
. The tribe in the pictures is also eatured in the ‘Jungles’episode o BBC1’s
Human Planet 
by Ian Eddy
THESE incredible pictures show one o the world’s last uncontacted Indian tribes living in the jungle – but they are in danger.
to read more
Polar bear swimsnonstop for nine days
A polar bear swam nonstop or more than nine days over426 miles because it couldn’t fnd any ice to rest on.
Scientists say huge trips like this are happening because o climatechange. Polar bears swim rom land to sea ice oes to hunt seals butmelting ice means they have to swim urther.Geof York rom animal charity WWF says: “As the Arctic ice continues tomelt, it is likely that polar bears are going to have to swim longer distances.
Painting sells for ££££s
A 450-ya-d pantng  Madnna and Chd y Ttanhas sd  £10.7mn ($16.9)n Nw Yk.Auctn Hus, Sthy’s,sad th  n canvas atwk had changd hands ny sxtms snc t was pantdaund 1560.
Who’s listening?
CelebriTieS say nwspappts hav n stnng tth m phn mssags tty t gt a gd sty.Nw thy a takng th
News of the World
nwspapt cut. invstgatns ganwhn a pt was caughttyng t stn n n phn casy mms  th ya amy.
NHS protests
ProTeSTerS dmnstatdutsd paamnt ths wk. Thy a nt happy wthGvnmnt pans t makchangs t th NatnaHath Svc.Aund 120 ptcans hav md a gup na d t mak su chdn a a t mak thght dcsns aut th mny as thy gw up. Th gup wants sch chdn t hav ssnsaut spndng and dts at a ags and stags anng. Thy want t hp chdn  thygt nt dt, whch mans wng mny t anks,th gansatns  t pp. Th ndngs cam m a suvy  6,000 pp y th Cmmuncatn Tust  th aunch  th Hcampagn  th natna ya  cmmuncatn.on n th pants sad thy’dn cncnd aut th wayth chd cmmuncatd and manythught t was caus chdnspnt t much tm n nt  scns. Th Tust say that aund tw th chdn n ach cass havdcuty wth cmmuncatng andthat th pms a nmaysmthng thy hav n n wth.A spaat ostd study undyung chdn w statngnusy sch una t spak andstn ppy.it sad tvsns that w n a thtm, nsy ths and ssts andasd vcs w gttng n th way  chdn’s anguag sks.
For more headline news, pictures and videos go towww.frstnews.co.uk/news
Shckd tavs gt caught up n ptstsn egypt’s capta cty, Ca, and sad thy hadn vy ghtnd.Davd lws, m Manchst, sad: “it ddnt tak us ng t as t was nt sa t ut n th stts. W w yng n dat nght hang shts, kng ut  thwndw sng gups  mn wth stcks nth hands tyng t ptct th hms.”Pp n egypt’s maj cts tk tth stts ths wk t ptst aganst thcunty’s gvnmnt. Many pp n egypta vy p. Thy  ady tatd y thgvnmnt and thnk m shud  dnt mak th vs tt.Hundds  pp a thught t havdd and thusands hav n astd sncth tu gan ast wk. Th gvnmnt cut f th ntnt andm phns at u days  ptsts, tmak cmmuncatn dcut  ts.egypt’s Psdnt Muaak wnt n tvsna n th wk t say h wud stat tmak changs n th hp that t wud stpth ts. As h spk, h had n ung thcunty  30 yas ut ptsts sad t wastm  hm t stp dwn.
Egypt in crisis
by editor Nicky Cox
Too much TV to talk
BRITISH holidaymakers arriving back rom Egypt say they are relieved to be home.A SURVEY has suggested that spending too much time in ront o televisions and computers is afecting children’s speech.
First News 
IssuE 244
4 – 10 eb 2011
Thousands of Egyptiansgather in Cairo’s TahrirSquare to mark a weekof protests calling forPresident Hosni Mubarakto resign
Teach pupils about money
STUDENTS should be given lessons about managing money, says a group o MPsrom all parties.
 Th Grnbttl was nvntdy Martn Mysrcugh rmSulk atr h was shckd yth numr  plastcmlk ttls h saw at hs lcallandll st. Th ttls ar lk papr-mach wth a shll  rcycldpapr cvrng a thn plastclnr t str th mlk. Th grn ttls can rcycld agan r thrwnaway. Thy wuld dcmpsn a w wks, cmpard tnrmal plastc ttls whchtak arund 500 yars tdcmps.Martn gt th da rm hssn’s papr-mach alln.ASDA xprmntd wth thgrn ttls n n ara andhav dcdd t us thm allacrss th cuntry nw. Th rstns wll  sn n Crnwallths wk.
For more headline news, pictures and videos go towww.frstnews.co.uk/news
Climber survives300m mountain fall
Milk is going green!
Editor Nicky Cox MBE
IT seems like there is trouble inmany parts of the world right now.
Sm  th trul s man-mad, lkth vnts n egypt. Sm s natural, lk thvlcans n Japan and indnsa. And, as i amwrtng ths, thr s nws that a hug cyclns hadng r Australa.And thn thr’s ur rnt pag stryaut th tr  indans phtgraphdn dtal r th rst tm n th brazlan jungl. i was struck y th lk n thr acsas thy lkd up at th hlcptr rmwhr th phts wr takn. on  thmn s shwn pntng at t.What wuld thy hav mad  ths hugfyng machn? Ths tr has nvr n cntactd y thutsd wrld r. i wndr  thy wndrwhat s ut hr. Crtanly th hlcptrwuld hav gvn thm a clu. Thy wll knwnthng  th trul n egypt, r  clmatchang. but th sad thng s that th llgallggrs may suddnly mak thm vry wllawar  ssus n th g, wd wrld.
on 5 ruary 1953 th ratnng  cnctnry ndd atr tn yars, wthschlchldrn rst n th quu r asmany swts and chclat as thy’d lk.
Henry Cavill
 Th brtshactr haslandd thlad rln th nxt
 lm. Hnrywll  th rstnn-Amrcanvr t playSuprman.
Mcrosot has dscovrd a faw thatcould act th scurty o around 900mllon popl usng intrnt explorr.
First News 
IssuE 244
4 – 10 eb 2011
RESCUERS feared the worst after a man fell 300mdown a mountain.
but thy und Adam Pttrstandng up and radng a map! Th 36-yar-ld rm Glasgwwas takn t hsptal wth justcuts and russ.Whl h was allng, Adamsays h thught h was gngt d. but th rdal hasn’tput hm  hs hy. H planst clm Munt evrst, thwrld’s hghst muntan, n “acupl  mnths”.
A NEW eco-friendly milk bottle is set to go on sale insupermarkets nationwide.
 Japan’sbiggest volcanoeruption in 50 years
SCHOOLS have been closed and houses evacuated aftera volcano erupted in Japan.
Shnmdak vlcan gan t spw ash atr t awk rm a52-yar slp.Ppl hav n annd rm gng wthn a ml  th vlcann th Krshma muntan rang and 1,000 rsdnts hav n tldt nd smwhr sar t g.exprts sad a dm  lava was grwng largr nsd th vlcan’scratr, ut t was nt crtan whthr th dm wuld grw nught spll vr th rm and crat larg fws dwn th vlcan’s sds. Th Japans slands ar vlcanc n rgn and dzns  actvvlcans rupt rgularly acrss th cuntry.it’s nt th nly vlcan ruptng n th ara. Munt brm nindnsa startd t spw ash t. Wrshpprs clmd t th cratrt gv rngs t th gd  th muntan, prayng r th saty  lcal ppl.

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