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Published by hayasaka

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Published by: hayasaka on Feb 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Nuts and Bolts of Meditation
Unleash your Quantum Brain!
by William (Bill) Cozzolino
 The Nuts and Bolts of Meditation
by William (Bill) Cozzolino.
Table of ContentsIntroduction3The Brain 
How it works
The Quantum Leap
What’s ‘out there’
Putting it all together 
Scientific proof from many sources
Power Boost
From the professionals
Copyright © 2006 - Raissa PublishingUpdated March 10, 2006This book is published free to the public and may not be sold under anycircumstances. This book may be bundled and included in its entirety in paidfor material, but no charge for this book may be added to the bundle.Portions of this book may be used in other publications if the clear reference toRaissa Publishing,www.Skyhero.comin print and as an active hyperlink onweb enabled electronic publications, is included on the page where thereferenced material is seen.Additional material, voice chat room, forum and support at:
Please pass this eBook along!
If we follow a river upstream, we will eventually come to itssource.Throughout the ages, beginning with the obvious earth, air, fireand water observations, scientists have been following the ‘river’of the physical universe. Science endeavors to explain how the physical world works by making observations, drawingconclusions, and designing and conducting experiments to provetheir conclusions. Each new scientific discovery leads to another question, and each new conclusion leads science further upstreamtoward the source.
When we discover how things work, we gain mastery over theprocesses involved.
We could have stopped anywhere along our river of discovery, but our built-in need to know has kept us goingright down to the atom, basic building blocks of the physicaluniverse, and beyond! Our knowledge and understanding of the processes involved in our physical world has given us the ability tocontrol those processes and to change the way we live.
Evidence of the Quantum Power of the brain is all around us!
Great scientists like Louis Pasture, Thomas Edison and AlbertEinstein made quantum leaps in understanding seeminglyovernight. The mental powers found in some savants can include a phenomenal ability to calculate numbers and dates, total recall of written material, visual information and the spoken word,automatic assimilation of other languages and the ability to playmusical instruments without ever learning to play that instrument.Are all brains created equal, or is there something else going on,some ‘hidden ability’ that allows for these seeming exceptions?
Discovery TV recently aired “All you need to know about thebrain” in which they reveal that scientists can place anelectromagnetic probe inside an average brain and produceinstant savant abilities!We can now look at what is happening inside the brain!
The human brain is a physical organ that produces a steady flow of electrochemical activity ending in an ‘ocean’ of consciousawareness. Modern scientific instruments can display and record3

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