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Invest Like Warren Buffett

Invest Like Warren Buffett



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Published by Harry
This is a short document I wrote to collect my ideas and thoughts about the stock market and to look at what strategies helped Warren Buffett to grow wealthy. I wouldn't take the advice in it though.
This is a short document I wrote to collect my ideas and thoughts about the stock market and to look at what strategies helped Warren Buffett to grow wealthy. I wouldn't take the advice in it though.

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Published by: Harry on Aug 17, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Harry J. Chong
IntroductionWarren Buffett is a simple man. He likes Coca-cola, he eats at McDonald’s, andhe loves baseball. The only real difference between you and he is – is about fiftysomething billion dollars. To say the least…that’s a lot of money. But how did heget that way? How did he get so rich (furthermore how did he stay so humble)?Well it’s elementary my dear Watson…investing. Warren Buffett is a fantasticinvestor. His investments return a brain busting 24% compounded annually!Does that sound like a lot (24%)? Let’s put it this way. If you had invested$10,000 in the stock market today, added nothing more, and got the same rate of return for 25 years – you would have $2,165, 419 (you would be amultimillionaire).I know twenty five years is a long period of time – but it’s nothing to scoff at,especially considering 80 percent of people who invest (on their own) lose their money and don’t even breakeven. The reason though, why they lose their money, isn’t because they are stupid or incompetent or even unlucky. The reasonwhy they lose is because they have a terrible investment strategy (if any at all).People who lose money do not go about investing patiently and wisely. They takegambles and make excessive unnecessary risks. Above all they don’t educatethemselves. That is the main reason “small fish” lose out. They don’t form or have a proper strategy for investing. It is for that reason, why I wrote this book.To teach you what I know and what I have learnt. By combining Warren Buffett’swisdom and using knowledge from my own personal experience I have created asimple and effective strategy for investing wisely in the stock market.Now I know the first thing you’re asking yourself is, “Who is this person and whatdoes he know about the stock market?” Well to tell you the truth I’m a nobody. I’mnot a big trader. I’m not on TV. I am not Warren Buffett (I wish). What I am thoughis a small fish – like you.I don’t have instant access to information like the big boys do. I’m not a megamillionaire. And I don’t have a team to analyze all of my investments. Suffice it tosay, I’m certainly no Peter Lynch.…Is this a turn off to you? Maybe you want to put this book down. Maybe youwant to tell me how foolish I am for writing this. But in all honesty I am proud of being a nobody. I think it’s great that nobody knows who I am. Do you know why?Because I can give advice to the regular guy who doesn’t have hordes of moneyor mounds of time and I can genuinely help them to prosper in the stock market.For you see my trading strategies don’t come from having a silver spoon in mymouth – they come from experience, trials and tribulations and losing a lot of money. That’s right. I’ve lost a lot of money. It wasn’t an instant success. But you
know what? From losing all that hard earned cash and all that experimentation, Ihave learnt a powerful safe no nonsense way to make money in the stockmarket.It doesn’t require you to have a ton of money, it doesn’t require you to trade backand forth every minute and it doesn’t require a lot of time to learn. It’s simple andeasy to understand.Now I’ll be honest with you. You have to know a bit about the stock market beforeyou begin using this strategy (not that it requires a great deal of knowledge). It’s just that the things I speak about may be over your head if you don’t fullyunderstand the terminology. So before you purchase or borrow this book andstart investing, please get familiar with the basics. If you’re not, there’s a sectionthat covers some of the terminology, however it may not be everything you needto know (it should be though).Oh and if you need someone to screen your picks or help guide you the firstcouple of months – I’m here for you. I mean that literally. If you purchase thisbook today you will find an e-mail address at the very end which you can use tocontact me personally.Now, keeping in contact with readers is a strange thing for an author to do. Youmay be asking yourself, “Why I am giving you my contact?” Why am I doing this?Why have I written this book? Simple. Because I want to help you. I want tomake sure you don’t lose all of your savings and furthermore that you make agood amount of money in the stock market. I really, really do.So happy money trails and please read on!

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