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2010 Mayoral Candidates Responses by Candidate

2010 Mayoral Candidates Responses by Candidate

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Published by Green Sudbury

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Published by: Green Sudbury on Feb 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Good Green Questions” Written SurveyResponses from Mayoral candidates, organized by candidateOctober 4, 2010
Click on a candidate’s name to link directly to their answers lower in this document.
Mayoral Candidates
 Ted Callaghan 
 Zack Gauthier* Dennis Gorman* Marianne Matichuk* Ed Pokonzie*
David Popescu**John Rodriguez Derek Young 
*No response received. We were unable to contact Dennis Gorman, as no contact information was available.**Note that David Popescu hand-wrote his responses. For those interested, hisresponses can be clicked on as a separate file.
Ted Callaghan
What are your top environmental priorities, what do you see as the main barriers to implementingthese priorities, and what will you do to overcome these barriers?
Maintenance of water qualityThe Living with Lakes CentreSource Water ProtectionStorm Water managementLake Stewardship initiativesBio-solids ProjectLandfill Management and maximizing the Blue and Green Box programsBarriers to implementation include cost; public will and understanding. As Mayor, I would continuethe City's work with these important projects/programs in order to continue strong Council andpublic commitment to them.
What is the biggest gap you see in the City’s policies or activities, related to the environment?
Funding issues centered for the most part on communicating an understanding of the complexity of issues, expense related to implementing viable local solutions and how difficult it is to financeenvironmental projects from property taxes which is a very regressive form of taxation.
In your opinion, what are the most important objectives and actions in EarthCare Sudbury’s LocalAction Plan, and how would you, and the city, accomplish them? Which would you personallychampion?
From Earth Care Sudbury's Local Action Plan the more important objectives for our community isto "Enhance the environmental health of Greater Sudbury – to improve the quality of our air, land,water and living systems – and in so doing, improve the social and economic well-being of futuregenerations". I would see to it that the Earth Care Committee continues its good work and wouldmonitor their work and recommendations closely
(a) Which of the following City documents have you read and are familiar with (please highlightthose that apply):
As Councillor, I have drawn on all of these documents as necessary.
What are some specific actions arising from these plans that are a priority for you?
Affordable housing, clean air and water, and Sustainable Mobility are priorities.Green Jobs
Would and how would you champion reliable funding and support for: (a) growing our greeneconomy; and (b) success of local businesses? Which specific green job projects would you helpmake happen?
Funding for growing the green economy is going to be difficult to fund and implement withoutprivate sector involvement and funding. The Provincial Green Energy Act could createopportunities that the City may wish to examine and possibly support.Refer to Question #1.
Bearing in mind the provincial Green Energy act, and EarthCare Sudbury’s Local Action Plan: (a)what specific actions should the city take to conserve energy and produce renewable energy oncity properties; (b) how can city policies encourage property owners to add energy efficiencies,and facilitate renewable energy production on private property?
Council and city staff should be open minded to new ideas related to energy savings and theproduction of renewable energy.Our professional Planning Staff should remain supportive of new ideas put forth by owners of private property.
Would and how would you champion reliable funding and support for: (a) improving walkability;(b) safe cycling infrastructure; (c) increasing transit ridership?
I would support recommendations made in the Sustainable Mobility Plan on page 80
What will you do to ensure that the objectives of the Sustainable Mobility Plan and the BicycleMaster Plan are implemented?
I would support the creation of a staff position to oversee and assist with implementation of theSustainable Mobility Plan.
Roads is a perennial topic in Greater Sudbury. The roads budget is currently a very largeproportion of the City budget, yet needs for road maintenance still often go unmet. In youropinion, how should the roads budget be managed in terms of: increased or reduced spending;creating new roads versus maintenance of existing roads; the amount relative to spending on othermunicipal services; and budget allocations for pedestrian and cycling infrastructure?
Defining and establishing road budgets and road spending priorities continues to be challenging forany municipal City Council to deal with, including the CGS. Opinions and solutions vary and areresolved thought debate and policy directives established by a combination of community demands,municipal staff’s professional and educated directives and Council’s final decisions.
Explain how you view the balance between growth/private interests, and the protection of agricultural lands and the natural environment, including our many lakes. What changes, if any doyou believe are necessary in terms of protecting natural areas in the City of Greater Sudbury?
I concur with the recommendations made in the Earth Care Sudbury Action Plan (2010) that states:The City of Greater Sudbury will:• Lead the development of a Greenspace Strategy for Greater Sudbury• Uphold the municipality’s Natural Environment policies as stated in the Official Plan• Enforce the new Topsoil Removal and Site Alteration By-Law
How have/will you support local agricultural and the local food supply chain/distribution?
Encourage increased investment in local food systems.Continue to support local programs like Sudbury’s Farmer’s Market.
In your view, what is the role of the Official Plan and the Provincial Policy Statement in municipalplanning decisions? What changes, if any, would you like to see put in place in the upcomingOfficial Plan review?
The Official Plan guides all development activity in the City, and its policy and directives requirefinal authorization from the Province.

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