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parkinson's disease with aspiration pneumonia

parkinson's disease with aspiration pneumonia

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Published by Jetherz Zamora
hope it would help! ^_^
hope it would help! ^_^

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Published by: Jetherz Zamora on Feb 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pathophysiology of the Disease ProcessEtiologic FactorRisk FactorHost Genes Caucasians Age (60and above) Male Headtrauma Decliningestrogenlevels FarmerAgent Herbicide Pesticide Fungicide Drug byproduct Cyanide Carbonmonoxide Mercury Copper Decreasedlevels of Vitamin BEnvironment Rural area Used of water wellfor cooking,and drinkingDestruction of pigmentedneuronal cellsDecreased dopamine storesDegeneration of thedopaminergic nigrostriatalpathwayImbalance of excitatory andinhibitory neurotransmitters inthe corpus striatumImpairment of theextrapyramidal tracts controllingcomplex body movementsDegenerationSystemsAffectedGenitourinary Urinaryincontinence Impairedsexuality BladdercontrolPsychological Dementia Depression MoodalterationsMuscular Tremor Rigidity Akinesia Expressionless Slurred speech Posturalchanges Shuffling gait Dysphagia Choking andASPIRATIONDigestive Constipation

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